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Things You Need To Before You Hit 30

Brief guidance for youth

By Greg RSPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Things You Need To Before You Hit 30
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What to do in my 20's?

There is no single answer to that question as everyone's life is different, but organizing your time, activities and relationships in your youth can have a significant impact on your overall well-being.

So, let's just begin into the answers (do's)

1. Start saving now!

Money has never been more powerful than it is today. This means that if you want to live like a millionaire in 10 years, you need to start making money right away. If you don’t have much saved up now, then you won’t have enough to retire. Most people are just starting out now, but they should really be saving money consistently.

2. Buy real estate.

There are some great opportunities in real estate investing. However, you don’t technically begin to earn until you sell. Thus, waiting until you’re 30 to buy property isn�t too late. Just make sure that you’re fully prepared before you jump into the deep end.

3. Find your passion

In life, we are given many opportunities to find out what we are passionate about and find our calling - your purpose. When you're young, this journey can seem daunting but it's never too late to start. Take time right now to reflect and make sure that your passions align with yours.

4. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

If you've been doing something for years without much change, then it might be best to try some new things. This could mean trying a new job, moving to a different city or even starting a business. Whatever you decide, just remember that taking risks helps us evolve into who we really are.

And, now let's just move into the "don'ts"

1. Not being able to accept other people's opinions

You know what? We are not all born perfect! And we do have a tendency to get really caught up in our beliefs about who we think others should be...or how they ought to act. That's fine. Some people just like to live their life out loud; but if you're always trying to fix someone else's mistakes or constantly judging them for something you don't understand, then you'll never be happy in your own skin.

2. Trying too hard to impress everyone

It's easy to feel like you need to keep up with the Joneses. You start going through the motions and doing everything that you believe makes you look good, only to find yourself falling short at some point in time. But even though some people can be quite annoying at times (hello, Facebook), it's okay to take care of yourself first. If you want to improve your life, stop worrying about impressing everyone and instead focus on being the best person you can be.

3. Expecting things from others without offering help

This goes back to accepting that we aren't all perfect. This is especially true in relationships. There's a difference between wanting to be needed by someone and expecting that they need you. Most humans thrive off of receiving love and attention from those around them. When you expect that of someone else, you are essentially telling them that you are incapable of giving that same kind of support to them. They may not realize that until you force them into a situation where they need your help, forcing them to ask for it, and then they finally realize that they've been depending on you all along.

So, that's all from me, and I hope this story could have a big impact in your 20's and could prevent regret in your 30's :)


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Greg RS

I write about self-development, business, and more. I also share some worthy insights :)

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Comments (1)

  • Erica Martin2 years ago

    If you can buy your first house in your 20s, more power to you. I didn't buy my first house until I was in my 40s. Of course, I probably would have been able to buy my first house in my 20s had I not made a series of stupid mistakes with my life. Oh well, at least I'm on the right track now...

Greg RSWritten by Greg RS

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