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The Soul’s Temperature: Trap Frequency

How to meditate with modern rap/hip-hop

By Lawless LanePublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Each of your chakras, or concentrated energy points in your body, have frequencies and vibrations, that when opened, bring us closer to spirituality and our essence.

There are plenty of people that want to open or cleanse their chakras, so they can vibrate and connect with their higher selves, but not everyone likes the mantras, yoga music or guided meditations.

These are effective, but old methods. You do not have to use meditative mind music, or decalcify your pineal gland with humming sounds. As a matter of fact, you can use the music you like, and are drawn to, as long as the music vibrates at the right frequency.

The standard frequency for today’s music is 440Hz, which is a frequency known to make people feel more anxious. That may leave you wondering if everything on your playlist is blocking your chakras and pushing you into the abyss.

Not every artist uses that frequency. There are many popular songs that still use the miracle frequency, or 432 Hz. This frequency gives a person a strong relaxation sense. A 432Hz frequency in music ensures the brain is tuned to the earth frequency. It is also the intuitive frequency, which can open your third eye chakra.

This is what I like to call the everyday use frequency. You can use it to repair your mind, cleanse your chakras and even charge your crystals.

Now that you’re sold on meditation again, you may be wondering what modern artists you can fill your playlist with.

Here are just a few that I know of and/or listen to myself, that you may or may not have heard of:

Juice WRLD (who was a confirmed empath, by the way)


Lil Uzi Vert

Playboi Carti


Mac Miller


YNW Melly

I can assure you there are plenty more. You can google a song you like, to find out if it is a 432 Hz song.

Once you find the tunes you like, make a playlist of 6 or more songs. Find a quiet place, relax your body, ease your mind, breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth.

The practice of meditation isn’t as much about controlling as it is about letting go and just being. Meditation is a relaxing experience that is not exclusive to anyone.

Vibing is the state of being that you’re seeking when you’re meditating with rap/hip-hop or any modern genre. When you can let the wave of your favorite 432hz song take over, and let your chakras flow, you’ve reached a state of vibing. It feels so incredible and so soothing.

Another thing I like about meditating to modern rap, is tuning into my manifestation energy. If the song has a theme about getting money, or being the envy of all your enemies, it will raise your vibrations and inspire you to follow your own dreams. You may even find yourself quoting your favorite line as your new mantra.

You can even try making playlists with a purpose. You can group all your songs about money and success on a manifestation playlist, or you can group all the happy songs into a positive/recharging playlist. This will depend on how each song resonates with you.

Once you’ve made it a habit, it won’t even feel like meditation. We all listen to music to clear our minds, relax, or lift our spirits. Now, you can take it to the next level.

There are other frequencies as well, and once you dive into the practice, you’ll probably start doing your research and learn how to find what works for you.

The key is to breathe, ease your mind, and just be.

Most importantly: Don’t let the gatekeepers tell you how to let your energy flow. This is your unique spiritual journey. You go ahead and vibrate at your best trap frequency.


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