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The Soul

by Gail S. 9 months ago in spirituality

many search, few find

The Soul
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One of the few things that no one seems to agree exists. You either believe we all have one or you don’t. Either the soul goes on after we die or we are just gone, never to be seen or felt again. I had an interesting conversation about the soul with someone I believe to be the only person I know who really “gets it.” He is the reason for this story. I made the comment that, in my lifetime I have known a lot of beautiful looking people who yet, had ugly souls. Which led into souls not caring what the external body looks like. I believe the soul is our essence, our very being. All that we are lives in and through our soul. My beliefs tell me that everyone has one. Some are beautiful and giving, loving and kind. Some are ugly, spiteful and nasty. I think it has to be one or the other. You can’t “kinda have a good soul” or “have a bit of a bad soul.” That of course is just MY opinion and anyone is free to disagree. That is the beauty of choice. With that said…

I believe a soul is much like an aura. Everyone has one. It’s the energy that you give off. A vibration that can be seen and felt by many. Some keep theirs hidden away and others let it shine! We have the ability to self preserve, so sometimes we keep that soul light tucked away for safety. We may expose it to a few close people but mostly we protect it from injury. Those who are allowed to get close enough to that soul, truly have been given a gift. The gift of insight into someones very being. Most who have contact with that soul will certainly fall in love with it. It is an attraction like no other. It is like a bright light drawing you in, beckoning for you to come closer. Much like a moth to a flame. The light, the beautiful light is the attraction and once that soul has touched you, you will never be the same.

IF you are one of the very few lucky ones, to connect your soul to theirs...it is an overwhelming connection beyond words. It defies all logic and is totally unexplainable. You will ask yourself time and time again what is this? Why is this? Trust me, you will not find an answer. IT JUST IS. Call it destiny, karma or fate, it could be all three or it could be none of those. Maybe you are not meant to know the reason behind it. Maybe you should stop questioning it and just go with the flow. To find that other soul that reaches into the depth of your being and touches you in a non physical way that no other has, that grabs your heart and takes your breath away, is the most enlightening experience. It goes beyond emotions, beyond what common sense may tell us. It is simply beautiful.

I believe every time we hug someone is when we become close to the person's soul. If you hug a lot (like me) we meet a lot of souls. Some for the first time and some we have known for years. We meet, our souls say “hello” and we separate. Some souls linger with us for a while or ours with them, we get that warm fuzzy feeling. We hope to send that good energy home with them for a while to aid them in their times of need. That caring, loved feeling but for the most part, we temporarily connect and then move on. Some souls are very old, have survived many hardships and endured. They have evolved and continued to exist. Those are the souls that long for another old soul connection. The one that has overcome and is still shining bright. The one that no matter the distance or time apart, you just know is always there with you. On the good days and the bad. That little voice that you hear telling you “I’m here, it’s ok.”

We make many connections in our lifetime. Some stand the test of time, others burn out quickly. Every soul is brought into our lives for a reason. To teach us something or lead us in a particular direction. Some hang out and make us feel better and some we wish we didn’t have to encounter but all for a reason. BUT...to find that one, that one and only one, that is not like the others, I believe is the truest gift. Some people go a lifetime always searching for and never finding that soul. If you should be one of the lucky ones, do whatever it takes to keep that soul in your life. Big ways or small ways. Never let that soul slip through your fingers. Keep that connection strong and intact. It happens when you least expect it and will hit you like a sledgehammer to the face but you will know it when it does because THAT soul, that one single soul will change your life.

Much love, G


Gail S.

I am complicated, confusing and misunderstood but I am real. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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Gail S.
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