The Science Responsible for the Success of GenF20 Plus

Everybody is looking for the fountain of youth.

The Science Responsible for the Success of GenF20 Plus

Everybody is looking for the fountain of youth. Adults all over the world, regardless of numerical age, are looking for the elixir that will keep them young, vibrant, active, and ready. The women’s market tends to look at skin products for their pursuits. It’s all about the creams and the face tightening. But men? Men know inherently that their youth comes from within. We don’t want to trade our marks of character so much as see them in a whole new light. This is why men choose HGH release technology. We want to bring back that vibrant and bold state that naturally dissipates with age. But out in the wild, wild, west of the supplement industry, who is to say what works and what doesn’t? What’s stopping someone from pitching on some gas station pill promising you the world between “vegan” capsules? The sad thing is that there’s only one way of knowing, and that’s sticking with what works.

Enter GenF20 Plus.

GenF20 Plus is a new supplement that combines the most powerful ingredients to provide a potent punch needed. In this article, we’re going to explore the science and human body application that allows this to be, and continue to be, the most effective human growth hormone supplement out on the market today.

Why Increase HGH?

Oftentimes, we plan out so much for our retirement. We work our whole lives so that we can enjoy our twilight years. That’s just how Western society dictates things. But more often than not, the wear and tear of decades in the workforce leave us weaker than we want, and a bit grayer than we’re comfortable with. Now, with GenF20 Plus, aging in this manner is entirely a matter of choice. We can take charge of our life by increasing the very hormone in charge of keeping us young. Increasing your HGH to levels to that of a much younger man will give your body a jumpstart that you can feel. It tells virtually all the cells in your body to wake up and shake the dust. It’s the primary mover of repair and protein allocation, making it the top contender for anyone who wants to reverse the strange and uncomfortable side effects of aging. Aging as we go further and further into the future, is increasingly being seen as a choice. The number is what it is, but how you look, feel, and perform is entirely up to your willingness to move with modern science. Each and every one of us has a biological clock tells our cells where we are in life. Its degeneration of something called telomeres. Think of telomeres as a ski cap at the end of chromosomes. Its length tells us the rate of damage and regeneration the next batch of cells can take. The shorter the telomeres, the more damage our cells can take. As much as active measures to re-lengthen telomeres are speculative, what isn’t speculative is bettering your quality of life. Do everything you can so you can make sure you can perform at your best while you have time on your side.

What Exactly Is HGH?

With all this talk of HGH and boldness, and youth, you might be wondering: “what is human growth hormone and what exactly does it do?” HGH is a protein hormone that is released naturally in the human body. It’s synthesized by the anterior portion of the pituitary gland, right in the middle of your brain, by cells called somatotrophs. This is why human growth hormone is often called: “somatotropin.” Now, growth hormone, has two distinct effects on the human body:

#1: They attach directly to fat cells and get them to break down into their circulating form. At the same time, they prevent more lipid molecules from accumulating in the fat cell. The net effect is that you lose overall peripheral body fat. This is done through a process called oxidation. This process turns a person's fat into a pure energy molecule that every tissue in the body uses is called ATP.

#2: They attach to cells in the liver, making it release another hormone called insulin-like growth factor-1 or IGF-I. IGF-I, in turn, act on cells around the body. IGF-I which is seen most prominently in boys during the middle and late puberty stages, also known as “the growth spurt.” They play a hand in dozens of biological processes, most notably as a driver for skeletal and skeletal muscle healing in humans. IGF-I is essentially rocket fuel for recovery from hard exercise. They’re used in tandem with a higher protein diet for performance in many athletes. It’s truly an unfair advantage.

HGH is completely anabolic in nature, and we produce it naturally every single day. It signals muscles to take up amino acids and decrease breakdown of pre-existing muscle. That, in essence, allows you to build more muscle without losing muscle you already have. These serve as the primary functions the make HGH the best substance to restore your vitality on a cellular level.

What Can Naturally Increase HGH?

GenF20 Plus is less of a product and more of a system. It’s a regimented protocol that allows one to get the most out of their own system’s natural human growth hormone production. HGH has gotten kind of a bad rap over the last two decades because of massive bodybuilders with unrealistically large amounts of muscle on their frames. They’re the first ones to actually bring HGH into public light. But they were injecting the exogenous human growth hormone into their systems, throwing off their natural balance and levels. GenF20 is nothing like that. It’s a revolutionary new blend of natural amino acids, herbal extracts, and cognitive stimulants that promote young, healthy levels of HGH in your system. It’s not like some drugs that you inject in the gym. What it actually does is give your body the conditions to produce its own HGH. This is exactly why you’re not going to experience any of the weird side effects associated with people who take the injection. You’re pretty much getting a free pass to the physiologic fountain of youth.

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Science of GenF20 Plus

So what is is about the GenF20 system that makes is so effective in naturally raising your body’s HGH? The answer is in its patented formulation. The formula is specifically meant to stimulate your own natural production in ways that no other product has, or is even capable of. It being the most powerful supplement of its kind, it has to be made of something better than the rest. The secret is in its special blend of known growth hormone stimulators and its supporting ingredients. You take the best that the market has to offer, combine the ones that actually work, and then give it a scientifically proven base to work. Here, we’ll break it down one by one so you can see for yourself how exactly what you’re dealing with.

Tribulus terrestris is a middle eastern plant that is also known as the puncture vine. It’s a fruit-producer that’s covered in spines specific to its species. For hundreds of years, this plant has been regarded as one of the oldest herbal remedies for “tiredness” and common diagnoses of the sort. It’s been in recent history as an enhancer of athletic performance and athleticism. The effect of the plant on the heart, circulatory, and reproductive systems makes it a prime candidate for people looking for a holistic means to solve some common health issues. Its main clinical studies have focused heavily on lessening the symptoms of angina— a temporary hypoxic episode of the heart, and athletic performance. Those two have a single thing in common: they are both greatly influenced by something called vasodilation. Vasodilation is a physiologic function of your blood vessel’s inner layer called the endothelium. Muscles in your arteries contract and relax to accommodate blood flow throughout the day. But the effect of Tribulus allows the vessels to relax and promotes an all around increasing in blood flow. Tribulus has also been known to decrease your blood sugar. This, in turn, keeps your body from going into a full storage mode when it comes to building back muscle. It allows for the HGH to take hold and extract the aforementioned ATP from fat.

Mucuna pruriens is a bean-like plant. It’s also known as cowhage. Mucuna has been used, much like tribulus, for centuries as an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. It was actually originally used to treat Parkinson’s disease during ancient times. In fact, it’s still used to this day as a part of treatments that fall outside of the lines of western medicine. Its other uses are for the treatment of anxiety, arthritis, worm infestations, as decreasing a hormone known as prolactin. The most interesting detail about the mucuna plant is that it contains levodopa. This is how it can potentially treat Parkinson’s. Levodopa increases the overall dopamine content in your nervous system. On top of that, Mucuna pruriens has been shown to stimulate the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that’s attached to the dangling pituitary gland. The action that Mucuna has on the hypothalamus is an increased production of GHRH or Growth Hormone releasing Hormone, the chemical signal that tells the anterior pituitary to release a more natural growth hormone. This is crucial in keeping your HGH levels to that of your normal, younger self, and not that of a giant bodybuilder who injects a cocktail of exogenous steroids into their body.

Shilajit, also known as moomiyo extract, is a mineral composite found in the mountains of Tibet and the Himalayas. It’s high in an extremely complex and often mysterious set of compounds called Fulvic acids. It actually is made by billions of tiny microbes in the conditions of the Himalayas, working to breakdown natural organic material. This class of compounds has been used to treat kidney stones, edema, and chronic bronchitis. It’s mineral property has been known to lend itself to replenishing micronutrient deficiencies within the body and boost the immune system through these means. The conspicuous use of this compound it its ability to help the body get rid of toxic heavy metals. Heavy metals have been known to affect people’s hormone production by either slow poisoning or attaching to receptors that are meant for actual normal processes. Having hem cleared out gives your body the go ahead signal to produce and use natural hormones without any harmful impediment.

On top of having all of these amazing Ayurvedic herbs in the blend, it also has all the essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are the ones that your body cannot produce on its own. Therefore, it has to be taken in from external sources. These are absolutely necessary for survival, and even more important when it comes to human body optimization. Having all the essential amino acids in the blend ensures that there are no deficiencies and that you’re giving your body everything it needs to succeed. Also, remember the classification of HGH a few paragraphs ago? Bingo, it’s a protein hormone. This means that its composition is all amino acids— 191 to be exact. These amino acids combine to form a usable structure within the somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary. So having all the possible amino acids present in the formulation allows for a sure fire production of human growth hormone.

Alpha GPC has been used as a brain enhancer for decades. The reason is that it’s a form of choline. Remember when you were a kid and people used to say that liver was good for you? It still is. Why? Extremely high in choline. Choline is the backbone of some of the most important neurotransmitters in your nervous system. The Alpha GPC preparation works very quickly and actually increases the amount of acetylcholine in your body, the “partner” of Dopamine when it comes to human cognitive function and movement. Alpha GPC has been reported to stimulate, once again, the formation of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, the compound responsible for doing just that.

GenF20 is not your average supplement. It’s a power punch in the world of nutrition and age-defying supplementation. It’s the absolute best on the market simply because it uses your own body’s mechanisms for your benefit. It doesn’t flood your body with outside hormones that can throw you for a loop. It’s a scientifically proven protocol that promotes natural enhancement. Prepare to feel decades younger and perform the same way.

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