The Purpose of Life

"Now" is everything. The thoughts from the Source.

The Purpose of Life

How can one answer a question that has been asked by each person on this planet?

What is the purpose of life, of our being, of existing, of everything?

Let's assume that the purpose of all simply does not exist as it is an eternal creation and so could be called "eternal purpose." It is not frozen in time as we think and as we are always seeking for it, it is the process itself that is the purpose. It is constantly in a process of creation.

It can be described if we can imagine that the universe is looking at itself through our eyes. And as it is expressing itself through life. The purpose could be the experience of that expression, the creation process.

In such perception, we are also expressing ourselves through various things, every day, every moment. As some people express themselves through arts. For example the artists. The paintings are like the photographs of the universe infinite possibilities. As an artist, I can explain that expression as when you breathe in the air same with life breathing in the experiences and breathing out the manuscripts of your inner world in a material form of art. Sometimes I ask myself: what if there was just one color? Imagine everything around you including you is red. Now if you put other colors next to it and suddenly that red becomes a red color.

The conclusion could be made: we need the contrast to experience and appreciate something. Like we need to experience hate to experience love, sadness to experience happiness, darkness to enjoy the light.

Going back to the question about the purpose of life.

First, let's look at the history of the word purpose. The word "Purpose" means: "put forth," "move forward," "propose," "advance," "suggest," "intent." In Russian, the word "purpose" comes from the word "thought." This suggests that the purpose is to be the creator in the present moment of something that will exist in the future.

It is as we are in the process of experiencing everything that can ever be experienced in all the different ways. There are as many perceptions of the purpose as there are people in this World. However, the perception itself is the experience of the contrast. Everything that surrounds us, everything that is alive—is a purpose.

As the drop in the ocean could be a separated entity and an ocean itself, it might be just an illusion that we are separate, that we are not one. Same with the purpose, the word itself creates a feeling of separation of the purpose. The purpose has never been separated from us. The Purpose is us, the living beings experiencing life. In that sense, we do not need to chase it's meaning because we already reached it. We are moving through the present moment with it as we are surfing on the wave, that moves, that is alive—surfing on the process of creation.

The life itself is expanding through us, trying to understand the purpose. The purpose is to find the purpose, which might just BE. This is an Unknown eternity, it is unknown because it has not been fully experienced yet, it is being created in that exact moment, and it never ends because it is eternal. Purpose is not steady, as the life itself, as every moving cell in our bodies, as the planets moving in perfect proximity around other planets, as the universe itself—it is experiencing, evolving, expanding. The Purpose is the journey in the present moment. The purpose is in motion.

Have you ever wondered why is the word "present" the same word as "a present"?! The Present or "Now" moment is a gift that we all have but don't always realize the importance of it. It is our "Now" moment, a leading edge of our expanding universe, the answer to everything, the journey that you are already on. "Now" is the Purpose of everything. So let's enjoy and make the most of it! Let's live it, experience it, and have fun! Let's start living the Purpose now!

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