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The Pivot of 2020/2021

We can, we did, and we are grateful!

By Anthony WattsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
The Pivot of 2020/2021
Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

One of the greatest lessons from my past that had caused me to pivot with ease during this coronavirus epidemic is by showing gratitude. Yes, I know that something as simple as being grateful in this historic moment in time is not very informative to capture the attention of many, or is it? Allow me to enlighten you! Remember how we were all babies growing up through childhood into adults and we had just found out in our adulthood how many never would have made it through without love and gratitude?

Remember how we were grateful for many things our family, friends, nature, and the gifts of love and gratitude that our very first sweethearts have done and have given to us? Now think about how society teaches us to grow in fear of depression, obesity, unemployment, or all things that we deem to be politically incorrect according to the sometimes melodramatic media means. The feeling that we have always given and received in love and ingratitude is the overall feeling that helped us smile overriding those many moments of tears, fears, and shocks over the past few years. It is that very feeling that has helped me go from noticing and forgiving in myself and in others of how some seeming symptoms of depression and of PTSD were slowly and steadily creeping their way into my emotional state and my balance with my holistic wealth being.

I am a happy, healthy, holistic pescatarian. Love and gratitude are shown in everything that we do. Love and gratitude are shown when we breathe, eat, exercise, read, sleep, and dream. I have noticed how mine and millions of others pivot over the last few years was about remembering who we truly are in love and ingratitude.

The feeling from giving and receiving love and gratitude during states of happiness and during those less than happy states proved to be very pivotal in my focus. 2020 and 2021 have been years that we have all shared together. We do not know each other in a physical sense but know and understand the fact that together we stand and divided we fall as we go forward in exploring our new realities. Pivoting is transformational so we all have to transform our old reality into our new reality with love and gratitude.

Let's think about the life of a butterfly. A butterfly was once a caterpillar that had just crawled about the forests in search of green things to eat. The caterpillar suddenly began building a cacoon to hibernate into. It had built the cacoon out of love and gratitude which was received and given back to him in love and gratitude by transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

The caterpillar now is a beautiful butterfly with wings to fly about foraging on sweet nectar and not crawling about foraging on green things to eat. We as babies pivoted into adulthood as the caterpillar pivoted into being a butterfly with grace and divine time. In my personal pivot, I would like to add the fact how 2020 and 2021 have led me to further transform into my meditating habits, my morning written gratitude habits in my little moleskin black book, my eating habits as being a pescatarian, my exercising habits, my study habits, and my habits of owning my honesty with confidence. My pivot has allowed me to see beyond the facade of many entities into their truth.

We have all learned the essence of not only how the media wants us to transform but what feels true to us in pivoting into or new us. We all shared 2020, 2021, and the future years to come with love and gratitude. The reality of love and gratitude is our overall truth in history. Historically we can believe that or love and gratitude prevailed as light does over darkness.


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Anthony Watts

Hello, my name is Anthony Watts. I love tl being involved in the vocal community. Thank you all for your inspiration in your works and the needed push for more creativity from myself in growing.

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