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The Low Carb Diet

by Rebecca Weiner 4 years ago in diet
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And Why It Is a Great Way to Lose Weight

Whether it’s chocolate, potato chips, McDonald’s french fries, or any other unhealthy treat, most of us can admit that there is some sort of unhealthy food that they probably enjoy just a little too often. That’s okay! There is nothing wrong with enjoying the foods that are out there. The problem arises when these indulgences affect a person’s everyday life. This could mean waking up to a faceful of acne, feeling lethargic at times when the person normally wouldn’t feel this way, or, the experience most people dread happening to them, gaining weight.

I don’t mean just a couple of pounds. I mean enough weight that clothes begin feeling tight, buttons and snaps pop open, and seams begin to rip. I mean when you plan to wear your favorite dress to a party, only to discover that the zipper is no longer able to reach the top. This is a situation that I myself have dealt with more than once in my life. I can admit to having weeks where my stress eating becomes out of control, and, ultimately, I pay the price for this.

While there is no magical weight loss solution, I myself have had a lot of luck with low-carb diets such as Atkins. Unlike other diets, this diet doesn’t require the counting of calories, so going hungry is never a problem. This diet has four stages, all defined by different amounts of carbs the dieter can eat each day, with the first part of this diet aiming for only twenty carbs, not including the grams of carbohydrates coming from fiber. This may seem difficult, and it is understandable how staying at this level can be a struggle for people, but there is a large variety of foods a person can eat! Most proteins and green leafy vegetables are completely allowed to be enjoyed. People on this diet are even able to eat foods like bacon, cheese, sausage, butter, and other foods generally avoided when dieting. During this first part of the diet, which often lasts about two weeks, people can lose anywhere from 6 to 14 pounds! For people who enjoy high fat, savory foods, this diet can be especially enjoyable!

Vegetables That Can Be Enjoyed on This Diet

This diet is also used by people with a variety of digestive problems. Surprisingly, this diet is relatively easy on the stomach and can lead to relief of IBS or other digestive disorders and conditions.

Now, I get it. Cutting out bread and sugar is hard, but there are alternatives to these foods! There are recipes for desserts using zero-carb sweeteners and low-carb flours such as almond and flax flour. Taking advantage of this can make successfully completing this diet much easier for people with hard to ignore sweet teeth! Diet sodas that don't contain carbs are also a delicious way to get the sweet taste needed without throwing off the diet plan.

For me, I use this diet after gaining a few pounds after a week of poor eating. It is an easy way to take off those pounds, and sometimes a few extra, without having to think about it too much.

I can’t discuss this diet without talking about the negatives from cutting carbs. Going into ketosis, which happens when the body begins burning fat instead of carbohydrates, can hit some people harder than others. Some people have experienced foul breath from the excess ketones. This, however, can be avoided by being sure to drink plenty of water every day. This diet is also a problem for people with certain kidney problems. Because of this, it is important to ask your doctor before starting this diet.

Overall, I think this diet is the solution for many people looking to take of 10-15 pounds. When done correctly, it can be an enjoyable way to lose weight and feel good!


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