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The Healing Power Of Colors

Exploring how colors affect our physical and mental wellbeing

By Noor Published about a year ago 4 min read
The Healing Power Of Colors
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Psychologically, colors have an effect on our social, physical, and mental wellbeing. Colors can have negative and positive effects on all living beings.

We may be able to utilize the healing power of colors to psychologically stimulate creativity, calmness and also reduce our heart rate, and aid in physical healing.

According to an article by Times of India:

Colour therapy is a non-invasive and holistic treatment that brings balance and health to your mind and body. The vibrations of the colour in colour therapy class improve your mood and overall health.

- Source: TimesOfIndia.com

Let’s explore the main colors and understand how they affect our physical and mental state.

A Few Words

- It is important to be mindful what are the colors we are incorporating in our decor, dress, and jewelry in order to help gently alter our mental and physical state.

- The effect of colors is unlikely to affect us from the first time, yet with consistent emphasis and exposure to specific colors, it can have physical and mood-altering effects.

- We need to be mindful of what our physical body and mental state need so we can properly utilize and incorporate the healing powers of color therapy to maximize our success.


Red is a strong fiery color that is known to affect us in a dramatic way.

It is stimulating and energising therefore it is helpful for tiredness and lethargy, to stimulate low blood pressure, to boost sluggish circulation. — An excerpt from ColorTherapy.com

  • Represents the element of fire.
  • It is believed to increase the heart rate, raise blood pressure and breathing.
  • It is mostly associated with inducing emotions both negative such as anger and frustration but also lust, passion, and drive.
  • Too much exposure to the color red is known to stimulate stress.

By DAVE NETTO on Unsplash


Unlike red, blue mainly in its lighter shades, symbolize calmness and gentle flow.

  • Represents the element of water.
  • Too much exposure to the color blue can cause mental anguish and sadness.
  • Has been known to suppress appetite yet slow the metabolism.
  • Historically, a darker shade of blue such as the one found in lapis lazuli has been used as a strong symbolism of wisdom and intuition by ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Greeks.
By Geert Pieters on Unsplash


It is known as a creative stimulating color.

  • Physically, yellow has been known to stimulate the release of serotonin in the body, thus inducing a positive mood. Now, excuse me for a second while I open another browser tab and buy myself a heck of a load of yellow scarves :D
  • Too much exposure to the color yellow may cause fatigue and is also known to speed up metabolism.
  • On the brighter side, yellow is known as a wonderful color that induces a pleasant and cheerful feeling.
  • If you realize that you have fatigue more than usual, then observe if the color yellow is prominent in your clothing and decor. Many people who have had success using color therapy swear by making simple changes and seeing a gradual improvement in fatigue.


Green has a soothing effect on the eye.

  • It's a lovely color that relax the body and have been known to aid vision.
  • It is known to reduce stress as it is associated with nature.
  • Historically, green is known as the color of abundance, wealth, prosperity, and health.


Purple symbolizes intuition, creativity, and spirituality.

  • Historically, it has been used in ancient cultures to increase intuition and spark creativity.
  • On the dark side, too much exposure to the color purple in all its shades can instill frustration and can evoke gloom and sadness.


Similar to yellow, it does symbolize creativity and energy.

  • Can stimulate our mental ability to focus and concentrate, a perfect addition to students and anyone working in a job that requires you to focus.
  • Can increase our appetite.
  • Orange colors stimulate the increase of oxygen in the brain.
  • It's important to incorporate some orange elements in the home to aid in creativity.

Have you tried color therapy?

What is your favorite color?


Color therapy has not been fully scientifically proven to work. All the information above is for informational purposes only. It is not designed to self-diagnose or confirm anything. There are practitioners specializing in color therapy that specifically make a customized plan to suit your goals.

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