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The Computer Upgrade That Doesn't Always Cost A Thing

Except time, focus, and positive energy... That became a passionate obsession.

By Danielle DeutschPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
The Computer Upgrade That Doesn't Always Cost A Thing
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Yes, you read that title right but there is nothing to download here. Relieved yet?

What I'm talking about is the computer that is inside all of us, our heart and brain that is like the motherboard that paves the way for us to do what we do everyday.

By Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

But, have you ever stopped to consider how this works and how digital technology could actually be more trouble than it's worth? I mean don't get me wrong, I love to embrace the continuous upgrades of it... It's kind of a requirement in the field of photography or video (sometimes more than I think anyone needs or can keep up with though).

But still, for as long as I can remember there's been a small voice in my heart that doesn't particularly agree with our extended use of it. In my previous story on Vocal I talk about my passion for working unplugged regarding photography while balancing the digital work involved as a means to reinvigorate the creative juices that were on the verge of running dull.

In this piece I am opening up deeper in what I've learned about working unplugged and how it can open up creativity, focus, and efficiency plugged in or not.

I will start with asking, What if there was a way to get into the best shape of your life without treadmills or pounding the pavement everyday? If you asked me this five years ago I'd think it's a crazy idea because don't we all need cardio like that?

Well... What I've learned since then is slowly shifting that belief. Sometimes walking is often a better choice than running. I mean if you can run and not strain any joints than more power to you but if you're like me who usually struggles with stiffness somewhere or a sore knee or back than listen up...

When I talk about walking... I talk about it as potentially your next opportunity for a health and fitness breakthrough, not joking. I don't go out of my way to walk mile after mile everyday but rather I work to embrace and observe whether I'm walking heavy or not and what I could do to walk a bit lighter and taller. This practice engages the mind and body in ways that is sort of becoming lost or forgotten in today's "normal" with digital technology.

By Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash

I'm talking about a way of life that computer addicts and couch potatoes like what I used to identify with easily forget about until I see elite athletes, gymnasts, and dancers performing or even just walking on the street - upright, nicely balanced light with poise. When I see them I don't just see physically fit people that can do jaw dropping stunts but rather people who didn't stop training for efficiency after learning to walk, run, or jump but love to continuously push and expand their potential over time. They are people I see who typically have less injuries, aches, and pains because they discipline themselves to move more connected and less distracted (not always faster). I used to think this was unobtainable or that I didn't have a certain bone that allowed for this kind of alignment and posture until five years ago...

When I started hanging out with dancers, young and old who practice the Iyengar method of yoga I discovered things I could do that I hardly thought I would ever be able to experience (with a few blocks or strap props or just a wall and the ground) or question why I could do some things upside down but not the same thing standing upright... There is a precision in the method that coincides with achieving optimal human health and connection with the way we were designed. Precision, but less competition because the only competition basically whittled down to one, yourself before and after each practice. Even though I didn't have any prior dance or gymnastics training, the stress and anxiety that tended to hang over my shoulders in our highly competitive social society started to melt away when I learned to ground down in order to extend or reach taller.

When I go upside down all of a sudden my legs feel lighter and the spine extends with the low belly going up and in without me sucking it in forcefully as I feel I've been told to do in the past.

Like good training with a darts board my focus and path became clearer as I continued to apply the foundations learned in Iyengar Yoga with other activities and movement disciplines. After all, life is multifaceted. Additionally I learned that the glute exercises I used to think were boring or silly might actually be more useful and effective if I understand WHY I am doing them. It's not just about growing a larger booty.

That's about as far as I can go right now before falling backwards. :P

That is hardly what I cared about then or care for now. I care about activating what Google says is "sleepy butt syndrome" and learning to engage it to promote optimal movement and posture. After studying tons of articles, videos, and recommendations from friends, this video and some clever posts on Instagram helped encourage me that banded squats, clamshells and bridges weren't so boring or silly.

The splits to me isn't just some cool "party trick" but represents a person living and walking with the grace and upright ease that humans were designed to have.
By Marc A on Unsplash

If you're like me and are tired of moving stiff or constantly shrugging the shoulders down to find a release that feels elusive right now... You want to learn how to use what you were given before you lose it completely...

Consider joining me on Facebook and Instagram at Inflexible's Anonymous where it's not just a bunch of before and after photos but sharing and encouraging each other deep in the messy middle towards achieving goals and dreams!

Because where there's breath and life there's always hope... As far as I know there's no app for putting in the time of consistent hard work of precise pieces and awareness of the higher skills you dream of. Though I wish upgrading the computer system inside you was as easy as downloading an app or the latest software update.

By shraga kopstein on Unsplash

I'm Danielle Deutsch and I've never been a professional athlete, dancer, or gymnast but that isn't going to stop me from aiming to move balanced and poised like one. I hope you'll join me to cheer and keep each other accountable towards our health and fitness goals!

Inflexible's Anonymous: Facebook and Instagram


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