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The Best Indoor Plant for Busy People

You don't even need a green thumb for this one.

By Candice GalekPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

Keeping plants alive is hard, I am secure enough with myself to admit this. It would be a frick ton easier if I didn't go out of town for a month at a time, but that's unlikely to change. So here's what happened:

I adore plants but have never had a properly thriving jungle oasis in my home. Recently I was feeling like I wanted that energy to wake up to each day, so I went about acquiring plants from here and there. After a couple of weeks, I was loving how my project was turning out. 

I had vines wrapping around floor lamps, had a bunch of bushy planters blocking my windows, and had begun propagating some of my pothos in cute little thrifted vases all over the apartment.

I then proceeded to go out of town for a month and left my poor little plant babies to shrivel up and die. When I returned, all of my plants looked to be past the point of no return, except for one!

My potted pothos plant was droopy, but not brown or crispy. Woo-hoo! I swiftly put it in the shower and gave it the best watering of its life. All of my little cuttings in vases were perfectly spry. 

It was then that I decided if I was planning on not being home for extended periods of time, that I either needed to have someone come to water my plants, or I needed to have harder plants to kill.

The Best Indoor Plant for Busy People

You might be thinking that a cactus is probably the easiest plant to grow indoors, and maybe you're right. The downside of a basic dusty ol' cactus is that it doesn't grow and change very much. It kind of just sits there staring at you as a reminder of how much you suck at this whole gardening thing.

What I like about pothos plants is that they are always growing new leaves and vines, so you really feel like you're doing this whole plant sanctuary thing right.

All of my cuttings that I put into vases have grown quite a bit in a short period of time. Having a little natural light definitely helps in that regard. I would be careful if you're planning on adding some sort of liquid fertilizer, definitely read up on it first.

That's kind of how I killed my venus fly trap just two days after getting it. Apparently, they don't want TLC, just crappy sand and no attention does them good.

If that wasn't convincing enough for you, here are 5 benefits of growing pothos at home:

1. Pothos plants are a natural air purifyer

2. They have calming effects

3. They can grow in little to no light

4. They're easy to plant and maintain

5. You can grow them in water

Thinking back to one of my favorite places I have lived in my life, I recall a condo with high ceilings and lots of natural light. In the living room there was a balcony with a sliding glass door that was almost always open. Above that door was a nook under a giant window and that is where our pothos plants sat.

Their long vines draped down the wall and made the room feel like a jungle. I would water them with a pressurized spray canister with a long hose since they were so high up. They weren't particularly interesting or rare plants, but they were vibrant green and grew like weeds. I enjoyed how they elevated the space and made it feel more like home.

If you're the type who was gifted with a naturally green thumb then you can probably handle the responsibility of owning a variety of plants. I am happy for you, but just leave the pothos for us poor undeserving souls, thanks.


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Candice Galek

Miami based entrepreneur turned environmental non-profit founder. Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree. Inc. Magazine columnist. Always learning.

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