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by MCJ 2 years ago in decor
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Good morning- afternoon - evening - midnight! As a psychologist, I have been captivated by everything that radiates the human well-being. However, I never taught that plants would become an obsession of mine. Today's blogstory is inspired by a conversation between me and a few local surinam gardeners. During this conversation we talked about the importance of plants inside and outside the home in the past and now. They shared a lot of wisdom with me, especially about the benefits of indoor plants. So keep on reading because I will be sharing the tea right now!

1. Plants help improve air quality by ..

o Reducing carbon dioxide levels ( Carbon dioxide releases during deforestation, burning fossil fuels and natural disasters like volcanic eruptions. To much of carbon dioxide affects productivity and sleep)

o Increasing humidity (= the concentration of water vapor in the air ) ( An indoor humidity level between 40% -60 % keeps the air temperatures down and it reduces the change to getting a virus, allergy or any respiratory ailment caused by dust and other airborne pollutants. I will be explaining a few dust and pollutants types up next)

o Reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide ( Benzene is a natural part of crude oil, gasoline and cigarette smoke and is used to make other chemicals for plastics, resins, nylon synthetic fibers, rubber, dyes and more. Higher levels of bezene indoor can lead to cells not working properly. For example, it can cause the bone marrow not to produce enough blood cells, which can lead to anemia. Or it can damage you immune system by changing the blood levels of you antibodies which reduces the amount of white blood cells. Nitrogen dioxide comes from burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, especially from vehicles that use these fossils. High concentration of nitrogen will increase respiratory problems, due to inflammation of the lungs and it can also reduce immunity to lung infections. This can lead to wheezing, coughing , colds, flu bronchitis and more )

o Reducing airborne dust levels (Airborne dust can come from almost anywhere. Any human-activity can cost it. For example, from your fireplace , when you barbecue or construction activity around your house. Airborne easily travel through the nasal pathway to your longs and can cause a lot of damage. Which can lead to respiratory diseases, cancers and more .)

​A few plant examples:

Aloe Vera : Wil help you get rid of formaldehyde

Areca Palm: Will help with removing all indoor air toxins

Lady Palm: The lady pal has been especially powerful in get rid of cancer causers in your home

2. Plants help lower background noise

Plants can be used to reduce noise from busy roads and background noise inside buildings. Maybe your wondering: ‘how is that possible?’ Let me explain. Plants and their leaves absorb, diffract or reflect background-noises. There are a few plants that are particularly good at absorbing high frequencies.

A few plant examples:

Peace Lily

Rubber plant

Weeping fig

3. Plants save energy

Plants release oxygen into the air of your home and take up the carbon dioxide. Your home's air becomes naturally more beneficial for you. Also more oxygen means your body works more effectively. Your brain feels less fatigued and cloudy, meaning all the connections are improved. Which result in you having more energy.

A few plant examples:




4. Plants improve your learning abilities, concentration, productivity and creativity

Access to natural views, plants and the colour green increase visual creativity, productivity and creativity. Learning capabilities is certainly linked to productivity. Plants help to boost focus and mental clarity, which makes it much easier to focus on tasks at hand. Plants also help to keep the feeling of insecurities and overwhelm at bay. Because of their calming nature, a person can look and feel naturally calmer themselves. This then leads to improving the focus and ability to master a subject.There's also the factor of smell. The sense of smell is linked to bringing forward memories. Studies have shown that attentiveness is increased by 70% because of plants in the room. The more attentive someone is, the better they are likely to remember subjects, says Raymond.

A few plant examples




5.Plants help with improving the mental health

People who live around nature feel much happier than those that don't. Because plants help you feel less boxed in and provide a calming feeling. But also the scents help with your mental health. When you get a good smell, you instantly feel more relaxed and happier. Because your sense of smell is a powerful tool for memories, which almost always evokes the good rather than the bad memories. A paper from Charles Hall and Melinda Knuth agrees with this and shows that plants reduce anxiety, stress and depression, enhances happiness and life satisfaction and reduces of post-traumatic stress disorder

A few plant examples


Snake plant


6.Plants boost your immune system

It's not only your mental health that benefits. Your physical health does too. Plants help to give the immune system a much-needed boost. When you get more sleep and feel more relaxed, your immune system is able to work more. You'll find it much easier to fight off the bugs and viruses doing their rounds. But that's not the only way you gain.

Plants produce phytoncides. These chemicals have antibacterial an anti fungal qualities. So when you breath this chemical in , your body wil respond by increasing the activity of a white blood cell called natural killer cells or NK. These cells kill viruses and tumors that are trying to attack our body. Most of the time you won't physically feel the positive effects, except when you realize that you haven't been sick for a while!

Example of plants


Spider plants

Snake plants

7.They reduce other physical health problems.

Like tiredness, headache soar troaths, dry eyes and mouth, overheat and more dangerous illnesses. Plants release almost all of the water they take in. This is good news for you, because your body needs as much moisture as possible. So to reduce the chances of tiredness, headache , soar throats .. just add some plants to your bedroom, shower, hallway, kitchen, toilet and living room. Your plants will constantly release the water throughout the day , so your house and its air quality will positively improve your physical health.

A few plant examples



Bamboo palm

8. Plants improve your relationships

Plants give you a sense of compassion, because you have to care for it. You will get feelings of empathy for the plants, which lead to a sense of compassion and empathy towards others in your life. Plants are especially beneficial for those with few social circles, especially those who are housebound. They help to add something living, so a person doesn't feel completely lonely.

Melisa D.Halley



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