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The 10 Most Beautiful Tarot Card Decks You Can Buy

by Iggy Paulsen 2 years ago in spirituality

Do you love gazing at beautiful tarot card decks while you meditate? This list is for you.

If you are a fan of alternative medicine and meditation, chances are that you are also a big fan of tarot cards. People have been using tarot cards to explore their spiritual sides, learn about themselves, and guide themselves towards healthier lifestyles for centuries.

The most common tarot deck on the market is the Rider-Waite deck, and it's typically viewed as the standard for beginners. Fortunately for you though, it's not a mandatory choice. You can easily find decks that speak to you on a more personal level, created with unique artwork that is more geared toward individuality.

Honestly, the Rider-Waite deck is kind of plain compared to other decks out there. If you're a tarot reader who needs extra beauty during your moments of self-exploration or spirituality, then you're going to want to snap up one of the most beautiful tarot card decks on the market right now.

Are you looking for a deck that looks like it belongs in a faerie's hands? Do you love the nice, ethereal look of pastel colors and hand-drawn illustrations? Then the Spiritsong Tarot is going to be a smash hit with you.

This was created by Paulina Cassidy, who designed the Paulina Tarot Deck. If you tend to rely on colors and animal guides as a way to look inwards, this peaceful deck will provide you with amazing results.

That said, this isn't a deck that adheres too closely to the original Rider-Waite. So, if you need Rider-Waite imagery to work your tarot journey, this may be more of a collector's item.

Named after the pagan holiday centered around the Vernal Equinox, the Ostara Deck is equal parts nature and high art. This is one of the most beautiful tarot decks to come with a complete guidebook, which makes it an excellent choice for beginners that want to read outside the box.

This deck is very heavy in both traditional and modern symbolism, so if you're looking for a very heavily nuanced deck, Ostara will not disappoint. The bright watercolor designs will leave you spellbound, and make this a deck sure to receive compliments.

The cards come with a beautiful silver edge and strong backing. Heavy use? No problem with these babies.

No one is shocked to hear that there's a very heavy overlap between people who love fantasy games and people who enjoy using tarot for their wellness journey. I mean, it is a classic Renaissance Faire activity.

For people who enjoy adding a little bit of their geeky side to their tarot flair will find the Dragon Tarot to be an amazing companion. These cards are very far from your typical Rider-Waite, but come with a special guidebook that shows you how to interpret this deck your way.

This is a great deck for people who enjoy dragons and just love the idea of their favorite fantasy books coming to life, as well as people who feel a spirit connection to dragons.

Some tarot card designers really know how to put their vision into a card, and that's exactly what went on with the Dreams of Gaia. This is one of the most beautiful tarot decks you will find that channels classic Wiccan imagery on every card.

This deck is meant to be used to channel your inner strength and encourage you to get closer to nature. Modern yet at the same time old school in its archetypes, this is a great tarot deck for intermediate readers who are just getting ready to branch off from Rider-Waite readings.

How trippy do you like your tarot? Are you looking for a deck that is colorful, psychedelic, and at the same time incredibly thought provoking? If so, you'll want to give the Starman Tarot a look.

The Starman Tarot is a deck worthy of a Burning Man invite. It's trippy, tye-dye-y, and absolutely striking when it comes to its artwork alone.

One look at any of the cards will give you ample reason to buy this deck. Starman is the tarot you should bring to your next festival, inspired by David Bowie, and a collector's item for sure.

The Hermetic magick tradition played a huge role in the works of Aleister Crowley, as well as many other modern routes of magical study and fortune telling oddities. Hermetic symbolism itself is known for being heavy in sigils, symbolism, and ancient backgrounds.

This tarot deck was specially reprinted to celebrate the Hermetic tradition, and is currently considered to be one of the most beautiful tarot decks to feature black and white cards.

Most beautiful tarot decks cost an arm and a leg, but not the Fountain Tarot. This gorgeous deck of cards rests under $30 a pop, and features some of the most gorgeous artwork you're going to find anywhere.

Much like other decks on this list, the symbolism is far from your typical Rider-Waite. That being said, each deck is different, and will have its own nuanced interpretations. This one will definitely yield years of spectacular use.

Finding intuitive tarot cards that have a dark edge without being cliche is hard. Really hard. That's what makes the Night Sun Tarot such a great pick for people who want to have a dramatic, dark flair to their readings without appearing hackneyed.

The illustrations are more aligned with standard tarot symbolism than most other decks on this list, but still retain a beautifully individualistic flair. It's a great deck for people who are conflicted about their role in life due to the way it plays between dark and light intentions.

Cats and paganism go hand in hand, don't they? It's unsurprising that there are several decks modeled after everyone's favorite witch's companion. The Tarot of Pagan Cats is one of the most beautiful tarot decks dedicated to felines—and a perfect gift for the cat lover in your life.

It's close enough to Rider-Waite symbolism that you won't have to worry about needing a guidebook, and is a great gift for beginners who want a tarot that reflects their personality.

Sometimes, the best way to feel a connection to the most beautiful tarot card decks you could use is to incorporate one of your favorite hobbies into it. That's why a lot of otaku readers tend to fall in love with the Mystical Manga Tarot.

This anime and manga-centric tarot deck is one of the most beautiful tarot decks to encourage self-exploration. It's a wonderful statement on how to achieve spiritual wellness through tarot as well as embracing your inner geek. It's an even better choice for people who love to flaunt their love of graphic novels.

Kawaii, desu ne? (Translating from Japanese to, "It's cute, isn't it?")

Iggy Paulsen
Iggy Paulsen
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