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Intuitive Tarot

by Linda Paul 3 years ago in advice

Tarot Based Upon Your Intuition

I have been reading Tarot since I was eight years old. I had a Romanian Gypsy grandmother so reading Tarot was as natural for me as reading a book.

I actually learned to read using a combination of homemade Tarot cards and playing cards. Basically if you know what the suits and the numbers represent, you can read either deck just as easily. During my 50 years of Tarot reading I found that I liked a "people" deck the best. Seeing the actual people on the cards vs. just the suits and numbers triggered my intuition a whole lot more.

Reading Tarot is like interpreting dreams. Each symbol on a card can have various meanings. What the meaning of the card is in each reading can be very different based on the cards surrounding it, and most importantly... your intuition.

We all have intuition. It is intuition kicking in when the phone rings and you just know who is calling. Or, you may take another route to work that you normally would not take, only to find out that there was a bad accident blocking traffic on your normal route. How many times have you had a feeling about a person that you overrode with logic only to find out that your feeling was spot on?

The problem is that we have learned not to listen to our intuition in our high-tech, fast-paced world. We ignore the subtle promptings of that little voice in our head telling us to pay attention.

Intuitive Tarot is based on listening to that little voice. As you turn over the cards in a reading, your subconscious mind is automatically responding to the symbolism inherent in the cards.

There have been times when I was doing a reading and my logic told me not to say what I was feeling about the meaning of a card. I learned early on to shove the logic aside and just say what I was seeing. I can honestly say I have rarely been wrong in those instances.

I guess the best way to describe doing a Tarot reading for someone is that you are building a bridge between their subconscious mind and yours. Your intuition hears and evaluates that information and fills you in with information that is pertinent to the reading.

A good Tarot reader knows that a reading should stay positive and focus on the here and now. Tarot... contrary to some popular belief... is not about reading the future. It is about reading the present circumstances in someone's life and showing them alternate pathways that may be taken. Again, your intuition will alert you as to how much the client needs to hear.

Students in my Tarot classes always ask me how they can develop their intuition. The best way is to start listening to your intuition. When you are going for an job interview, listen to your intuitive guidance. The job might pay a lot of money or be convenient.. but is it something you really want to do? When you meet someone for the first time, reach out with your intuition. What is your first intuitive feeling about him or her? Look for synchronicity in your life. Intuition and synchronicity actually go hand in hand. If you keep seeing the same message over and over again on billboards, license plates and television than you should pay attention to that message. That is synchronicity. What to do about the message is where your intuition comes in.

I always tell new Tarot readers to do as many readings as you can for family and friends. Practice using your intuition as you turn over cards. Say the first thing that comes into your head, even if it seems silly or wrong, but, always remember to be polite, compassionate, and ethical.

A client should always walk away from a reading with a good feeling about their choices. That is what will make them come back to you again if they are having an issue they need to sort out.

So, pick out a deck that feels right for you, read the book that comes with the deck once and give it away, or use it occasionally for a quick reference guide. The worst thing a new reader can do is to become dependent on the book. It totally squashes the intuitive process. Then, go and find yourself a few folks that would love to have you give them a little guidance.

Happy readings!

Linda Paul
Linda Paul
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Linda Paul

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer. I tend to see life as a series of snapshots and magical moments. My six children are grown now, I am retired, and I would dearly love to pursue my love of the written word.

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