Stress-Free Mornings

by Kaye M. about a year ago in lifestyle

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Stress-Free Mornings

Several hours of not having anything to write about will give you such a headache. Wrong. Several hours of not writing down words or thoughts will leave you with a jumbled up mess of anxiety in your mind. This statement is very true to me. This will usually result in going insane, and/or going borderline absolutely crazy. If you are like me, you may find it just as hard to do daily tasks, as it is normally when you choose to start venting to those you love, or try therapy, or just find your own way of venting. My way of venting is writing but it's hard to find the time to write when I become so depressed that I actually start to sleep in, and create some type misconception of the time that I have been allotted to live on this earth.

I have a job that takes up large amounts of time, and I get days off throughout the week, so that I can have some days to enjoy a nice hustle, but sometimes this isn't always worth the amount of struggle that I am willing to put up with. I acquire a bunch of back pain, and the weight of standing on my feet all day doesn't suit my style well. This usually results in my focusing on the negative, and creating a false perception of the job that I do. It's not all that bad but since I endure so much pain, it seems like the worst thing to do with my time. I do it all for the money though, to be honest. I hustle for the funds I need to be able to live a healthy life. Sometimes this is hard to do, yes, but it's all worth it somehow on payday.

Each morning I try to take a shower. I do something for an hour (usually writing) to help go at my day with a clear mind. This is normally done while drinking a hand-crafted cup of coffee. I also normally wait an hour after I wake up in the morning to eat breakfast, so I can get focused. No one likes to get at their morning hungry. I try to do this all before eight AM, so it's not like I am waking up, and going straight to work. Though if you spend time working at a job you hate, it's easy to drink after, and sleep in, in the morning. That leads to a life full of nothing, but working and hardcore body destruction. This would be something I would love to avoid.

It's very easy to go through a day, and focus on the worst things in life, but it's going to take a very strong, and courageous person to find the great things. This is why I would highly recommend going through your day after spending an hour in the morning doing something you absolutely find comfort, and joy in. For me, it's writing, but for you it may be sitting on the porch, and reading a book, or video gaming, or even jogging in the morning. Something that helps you find the calm before the storm, so that you may go through the day without having a massive mess of chaos on your mind.

So there are about four things I would highly recommend doing in the morning. Starting with waking up between the hours of six AM to eight AM every morning, so you have the most time in your day. Spend an hour doing something you love to do shortly after. Then break for breakfast, before tackling the rest of your day with a clean and clear stress-free state of mind. It’s been working for me, so I bet it will for you too.

Kaye  M.
Kaye M.
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