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Stillness, A New Years Resolution Only 2020 can create

by Vinny B about a year ago in advice

Taking lessons of 2020 into 2021

Stillness, A New Years Resolution Only 2020 can create
Photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash

Dear Vinny B,

In 2020, you were forced to be still.

The stillness has inspired you to achieve great things and forced you to acknowledge the not so great things about your life.

You remained still even when people told you to get moving and reaped the benefits of your decision.

As you think about the revelations that you received about yourself and the people around you in 2020, recognize how much stillness must be a focal point in 2021.

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution such as going to the gym, eating healthy or any other popular resolutions, make your new year’s resolution to incorporate stillness in your everyday life.

By focusing on stillness, it will put you in a position to tackle your many goals. By trying to tackle goals without stillness will have you making the same resolutions in January 2022.

I know you want to grow your businesses, be in better shape and to give your family a new house, which are great but be sure to focus on being still equally as much and those ambitions will come to life.

As you continue to battle through 2021, don’t forget the clarity that the two months of stillness during lockdown provided you.

Yes, you probably will never be shut down from world for that long again but I’ve provided 5 ways to ensure that you incorporate stillness throughout 2021, which will take you to your dreams and beyond.

1. Keeping my Faith first.

Keeping your faith will be the most important aspects of experiencing the full effects of stillness. When challenges present themselves faith will get you through. Instead of stressing or worrying about obstacles, keep the faith, and move forward.

2. Meditate at least once a day, preferably twice.

You’re a deep thinker and sometimes your many great ideas can send your brain in overload. Be sure to make a habit of meditating daily so that you can clear unnecessary thoughts and open a path for better ideas.

3. Have a day of silence at least once a month, maybe 2 if possible.

Sometimes in life, you find the need to talk yourself through things in order to come up with solutions to issues. But the reality is often times in life we need the exact opposite to fix certain issues. So instead of always finding someone to talk to through your challenges, take two days a month to have days where you don’t talk to anyone, a Monk-like silence. This silence will be beneficial to your mental health and will give you clarity you’ve never seen before. This will be challenging with two young boys but talk to your significant other you will be able to work something out.

4. Find a therapist.

Talking to a therapist isn’t always a dooms day scenario; you don’t have to have something terribly wrong to go see one. In 2020, you made great strides in identifying and dealing with issues that stemmed from your childhood, now continue to make progress by allowing a professional to assist you. Think of seeing a therapist as a sort of mental massage, it’s something that you may be able to manage without but it makes you feel a lot better after you’ve done it.

5. Talk less and listen more.

You love to talk and sometimes can do more talking than listening. This year make a conscious effort in listening to people more and doing less talking. You often love to talk when something interests you or you feel you know a lot about a subject, take this year to listen to others prospective in those areas. It will probably be tough to talk less on certain subjects but remember every single person in this world has something to offer so shut up and listen sometimes.

As you move forward with your mastery of stillness, remember it will be your foundation that will support your lofty goals. Your 2021 resolution of stillness may not appear as sexy as working on your six pack but your commitment to stillness will get you that and more.

Good Luck on your journey, the life you want is right here, step right into it.




Vinny B

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