Seven Things to Keep in Mind While Practicing Yoga

With every passing day, more and more people are switching to yoga after realizing its infinite benefits. But there are few things you need to keep in mind while practicing yoga, and here we are giving out the list.

Seven Things to Keep in Mind While Practicing Yoga

When we hear yoga, we picture someone calmly sitting somewhere close to nature and practicing or enjoying the ancient art. Yoga is truly an exciting practice with hundreds of body, mind, and soul benefits. This ancient practice is rapidly witnessing an increase in popularity in the western world, and today more and more people are switching to this incredible fitness regime. Some are even traveling to far off places to achieve their certification like, yoga teacher training in Goa, Rishikesh, Nepal, etc.

Many of us still wonder how a practice that involves stretching can be a solution to not only physical issues but also mental, emotional, and spiritual? If you’re curious about that, then you have landed on the right page.

Yoga is a perfect blend of exercise, a healthy diet, meditation, quality sleep, and more; it’s more like a lifestyle. To maintain a healthy balance in and out, yoga is the best option.

While a lot of people think yoga is easy, and some assume that we need to become human pretzels during practice. But yoga is completely different from what we assume initially, and there are a few things you need to keep in mind while practicing it.

#1 Start with the basics

Yoga has different forms and styles, and there are a lot of asanas too. If you’re tapping for this incredible fitness regime, it is always advised to start light, and once you master the basics, explore other asanas and yoga forms. The same goes when you indulge in pranayama and meditation practice, to gain wholesome benefits.

#2 Watch what you’re wearing

Though many of us just ignore this point, clothes hold huge importance when it comes to yoga. While you practice yoga, wear the correct kind of clothes, which should be a combination of comfortable and airy. Don’t wear too tight or too loose clothes, so that you are able to perform tricky poses with utmost ease without fearing about discomfort or wardrobe malfunction.

#3 Health is priority

Always keep your health in mind while practicing asanas, and make sure that you’re getting wholesome benefits with the chosen sequences. Yoga is a healthy practice, but not all asanas are meant for you. Some of the asanas are not right to practice if you’re suffering from an ailment. So, whether you can perform the chosen pose, know whether everything about the asana, because at times it can do all wrong instead of good.

#4 What you’re eating matters

Yoga endorses healthy eating and suggests that diet plays a huge role in overall fitness. When you practice this ancient art, it is also important for you to consume a balanced diet thrice daily (preferably vegetarian) and in the right amount. While you’re eating, check what’s on your plate and make healthy food choices. Remember to practice you on an empty stomach to avoid uneasiness.

#5 Stop Competing

Do not compete; one of the major and foremost rules to keep in mind while practicing yoga. We wish to master poses and move to another one, while practicing in a group, we may see others progress faster than us, etc. All these things compel us to push our boundaries when not required and lead to body tension, dissatisfaction, and unnecessary competition. Always remember, when you practice yoga, practice to achieve calmness of the body-mind. There’s no need to hurry.

#6 Grow and Rise

Learning, practicing, and rising with yoga is essential for attaining the right kind of health. Take baby steps, master it, and then move further to grow into the practice. You need to explore gradually, get out of your comfort zone, and reach your set targets. Take deep breaths, relax your body, and focus your mind on what you’re doing.

#7 Dig Deep before Yoga Training

Of course, the next big step of this ultimate yogic voyage is indulging in soulful training of yoga. It is important for your growth, but as we already suggested, do it gradually. Before you take 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa, give time to your home practice, learn more about the art, and then pursue it.

The holistic practice of yoga is a soulful way of restoring health and bringing back the lost internal peace and happiness.

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