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Self Control

by Gloria Nono 13 days ago in spirituality

Who or What Controls Us?

Self Control
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Summer School! Oh Summer School..... Im currently in summer school taking English. Suprisingly I actually like it. My English teacher is very cool, and the students are nice. In class today we were asked to choose a question on the board, and write down an answer from our own perspective. I chose the question: Who or What controls us?

This was the odd and most controversial question of all the questions on the board. Becuase I felt it has alot to do with the accomplishments and goals I wanted to achieve in my life, and general everyday life decisions. I decided to go with this question and my answer and opinion to this question is......

I believe there is a higher power, a supreme being, he/she, the Universe, whatever you want to call it. That has to do alot with the creation of humanity and creation of the world. I dont think we just magically popped out of the blue. We exsist for a reason. This is just my belief.

To answer the question I dont think anything in the world controls us except ourselves. We all as individuals were given minds of our own. To think for ourselves, and make our own decisions and choices. No one, anyone nor anything controls us to do anything. We all have the ability to take control of our mind, our bodies even our emotions. Unless maybe it's by force, meaning you have a gun pointed to your head or something, I know that's not the best example but you get what I mean. As human beings we all control ourselves and the choices we make.

Of course there are different factors I believe that can have an impact on the decions you make. I think that the decisions we make are governed by a complex of drives. Different eveloutionary drives can play a big part on individual actions. For example childhood trauma, genetics and culture etc. Some of these factors can impact the decisons people make, as our conscious mind is under control of our subconscious mind.

If you can get into the habbit and practice of tapping into your subconscious mind and have the ability to control natures of the conscious mind like your emotions and feelings that impact our day to day choices.

Take control! We all have ability to do so with focus and determination. No one controlls us we arent under someones control. We need to learn to tap into ourselves, our soul and face the things in our subscious that can sometimes empower and take over control of the concsious. Things like meditation and yoga can help with this, we all have the ability we all can feel in control.

I try to build a stronger relationship with myself everyday. So I am able to build strong relationships in my life with others. Like the saying goes "If you don't love yourself how can you love anyone else?" Of Course ask for guidence, and support when needed, we all need some support sometimes. Look out for each other and love your fellow beings. At the end of the day we know right from wrong so its all about making good choices. Only we make the decisons we decide to make. We control our own selves. Thats just my opinion!

I must say English class during Summer School was quite interesting. I found out I actually really like literature and writing, suprised me I didn't think I would. Ive learned a lot about myself during Summer School. All the things we learned in English class really helped me, not just pass English of course, but realize theres something I find very threapeutic and relaxing about writing, putting my thoughts down on paper. I never really had a journal before now I write in my Journal everyday.

What would be your answer? What do you think?

Gloria Nono
Gloria Nono
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Gloria Nono
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