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Running for a year, what changes will the body?

Night running or morning running?

By CustoPublished 8 months ago 10 min read

Mr. Wang, 44 years old, works as a project manager in an insurance company. Because of his work, Mr. Wang often has to work overtime, and drinking and socializing are inevitable. After a long time, Mr. Wang can feel his body is different, often climbing a few floors on his breath not to mention, he usually also often feels weak, recently this period also has had a significant decline in appetite.

In his wife's repeated suggestions, Mr. Wang decided to go to the hospital for a medical checkup. After getting the physical examination report, Mr. Wang could not help but frown, the report showed that his blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure, and several other indicators were significantly over the limit, but also checked out for a mild alcoholic fatty liver. In addition to the above, Mr. Wang's body shape was also quite unattractive, and his weight exceeded the health standard by quite a bit.

Mr. Wang knew that if he didn't change his habits, his health would deteriorate again and again, but as a middle-aged man, he was more or less helpless, and he needed this job very much. His wife suggested that Mr. Wang could try running, and if he didn't have time during the day, he could run at night. So, Mr. Wang began a year-long night running program.

In the beginning, Mr. Wang could only run a few hundred meters, and later he could run the next kilometer intact, followed by two kilometers, and three kilometers, and now he has to run five minutes a day before he is willing to stop. So, after a year of insisting on night running, what exactly has changed in Mr. Wang's body?

Running for a year, what changes will the body?

The first thing you can gain from running is the enhancement of your heart and lungs.

The importance of cardiopulmonary function is self-evident, especially for middle-aged and elderly people, only when the cardiopulmonary function goes up, they are less likely to suffer from various cardiovascular diseases, and the quality of life and life expectancy will be improved. Running, as the most classic aerobic exercise, is very helpful for the improvement of cardiorespiratory function, because the heart rate rises and oxygen uptake increases when running, the cardiorespiratory muscle will also get the corresponding exercise.

Secondly, the overall temperament and image of the runner will be improved. Running helps burn excess body fat, once the body fat rate decreases, the body will be more proportional and beautiful; running can also improve the metabolism, which is conducive to the discharge of toxins accumulated in the body, acne, acne and other skin problems will naturally be improved accordingly; insisting on running can also improve a person's essence, so that people exude a unique temperament.

In addition to the above two points, the health condition of runners will also be significantly improved. Take Mr. Chen in the case, he originally suffered from mild alcoholic fatty liver, and the pathological process of fatty liver is reversible as long as it has not developed into hepatitis or more serious liver cirrhosis.

The most effective intervention for alcoholic fatty liver is to stop drinking and reduce fat, and it is only a matter of time before the alcoholic liver is cured by insisting on running and limiting alcohol.

The benefits of running for health are not only improving fatty liver.

When you insist on running, your metabolism will be raised and your immunity will increase accordingly, making you less likely to get sick; insisting on running can also effectively improve the strength of your lower limbs and stimulate the absorption of bone mineral salts in your bones to prevent osteoporosis; insisting on running can also promote the peristalsis of your gastrointestinal tract, preventing the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases and helping the discharge of toxins and metabolic waste from your body.

Finally, if you insist on running for a long time, your mood will be more relaxed and your sleep quality will be improved. This is directly related to the improvement of metabolism and the discharge of toxins and metabolic wastes in the body. In addition, running can also improve a person's perseverance and determination to overcome difficulties, the benefits are too numerous to mention.

However, for many friends, the benefits of running are indeed known, but there are some difficulties in choosing the time to run. Running enthusiasts are usually divided into two camps, one is the morning running enthusiasts, and the other is the night running enthusiasts. The two camps are divided into two camps, one for the morning runners and one for the night runners. So, which time should a novice runner choose to run?

Does night run or morning run? Don't be entangled

In the choice of running time, morning running enthusiasts generally believe that morning running helps to develop a good habit of going to bed early and waking up early, and the air is better in the morning; while night running enthusiasts believe that night running is more in line with the modern routine of life and freer. But in fact, the difference between night running and morning running can be much bigger than imagined.

First of all, it fits in with the work and rest habits. For the modern workplace, overtime is the norm, back home disposable time is often very little, and early to bed and early to rise is not realistic, so night running is more appropriate.

The morning run certainly helps to develop the good habit of going to bed early and waking up early, but for some groups who are occupied by work and study too much, night running is undoubtedly more in line with the work and rest habits, as in the case of Mr. Chen.

Then we will talk about other differences between morning running and night running. In terms of air quality, night running is better. This may be a little subversive of some people's perceptions, but that's the truth.

First of all, the oxygen content of the air in the morning is not high, after all, plants will absorb the oxygen in the air at night, like animals, and then exhale carbon dioxide. Before sunrise, after a night of photosynthesis by surrounding plants, the oxygen content of the air is often the lowest of the day.

In addition to the poor oxygen content, the concentration of pollutants in the air tends to be higher in the morning due to higher air humidity.

In contrast, the oxygen content of the air at night is much higher than in the morning and the air pollution is not as severe. Therefore, if the air pollution in your area is heavy or there is more vegetation around, it is better not to choose to run in the early morning, you can move the running period to later, which is more beneficial to your health.

In terms of safety, morning running is more advantageous. At night, there is not enough light, visibility is poor, and this time running will have a certain degree of danger. Therefore, night running must be selected in an open and well-lit environment, and wear more eye-catching attire, some clothing made of reflective materials and red clothing (red light wave is the longest, the most eye-catching) is often the best choice for night running.

But in addition to more light, morning running also has certain safety risks. Modern people generally have the habit of not eating breakfast, if you get up in the morning on an empty stomach, the blood sugar reserves are not high enough, prone to hypoglycemia and even fainting. Therefore, before the morning run must eat something, carrying some high-calorie snacks is a good choice, such as candy, and chocolate.

Finally, some detailed differences between morning running and night running. The metabolic level, hormone level, muscle flexibility, and other physical indicators are different between morning and night. The metabolic level of the human body is often low in the morning, the cardiorespiratory function is poor, the muscle extension and flexibility are also poor, and the hormone level (such as testosterone) that affects explosive power and speed has not yet reached its peak.

However, these conditions will improve in the afternoon and at night, and the differences may be related to the regulation of the body's biological clock, the temperature effects of the environment, and the body's perception of light. But this does not mean that the morning can not exercise, of course, you can exercise in the morning, but pay attention to the load and intensity, like running such as aerobic, high-intensity exercise, it is best to act according to the strength, otherwise, it will affect the final exercise effect.

Overall, night running is better than morning running, both in terms of its suitability to work and rest habits and its impact on health. However, this does not mean that morning running is necessarily inferior to night running, the above-mentioned differences between the two can only be used as a reference, and the choice of running in which period should be combined with their actual situation.

However, for middle-aged men like Mr. Chen in the case, it is good to focus on physical exercise, but how to exercise, but also can not be sloppy. The following is to talk about how physical exercise is safer and more effective for those middle-aged men who are over 45 years old.

The principles of exercise that middle-aged men should not know

Middle-aged men over 45 years old are different from young men, their physical functions are no longer at their peak, and their physical indicators have significantly decreased. Take the muscle, the human body after 30 years old, muscle loss at the rate of 1% per year, if not focus on physical exercise, muscle loss will be more serious.

But because the flexibility of the muscle is reduced, if you are in a hurry, and often prone to injury in the process of exercise. Therefore, middle-aged men in physical exercise must follow the following principles.

(1) pay attention to the warm-up before the exercise

Warm-up before exercise is sometimes more important than the exercise itself, the human body's muscles are often in a relatively tense state before exercise, then if the direct strenuous exercise, the muscles are easy to strain, and the joints are also easy to twist. Therefore, before exercise pulling the legs, and twisting the waist can effectively avoid sports injuries, but also enable the body to adapt to the state of exercise in advance, helping to burn fat efficiently.

(2) Sports action as standard as possible

Even if it is a seemingly simple exercise like running, there are certain requirements for the action. For example, the amplitude of the arms should not be too large during running, the weight of the lower limbs should be placed on the knee joint when running, the center of gravity should be pressed down as much as possible, and the feet should not land on the ground with only the palms of the feet, etc. Focus on the standard of action that can effectively avoid sports injuries, fat loss, fitness, and other purposes will be achieved with half the effort.

(3) pay attention to the load and intensity of exercise

For middle-aged men, due to the decline in physical function, the load and intensity of exercise should not be too high, and some strong confrontational types of exercise should also be reduced as appropriate. For middle-aged men, a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise is recommended, such as cycling, rowing, hiking, jogging, and so on.


"Life is exercise", for those who are over middle age is even more so. There are various ways to exercise, but running is undoubtedly the most classic one, it is both simple and easy, and the fitness and fat loss effect is also very good. Long-term adherence to running, cardiorespiratory function, and physical function will be improved, personal image will also be better.


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