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Runners Selfie

by Ellie 2 years ago in fitness
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A Picture of Pure Exhaustion & Delight

Let’s celebrate running. An activity that completely tires and exhausts you, yet you continue to love it and engage in it every day. We’re not crazy, right?

There are 3 types of runners: Speed Demons, Clock Artists, and Distance. Personally, I’m more into the distance and time running. I’ve never been big into running for speed. I’ve never been much of a runner in general, so I focus on endurance.

I love my speed demon friends. They’re way too fast for me to ever run with them and they would die if they had to slow down for me. But they serve as great inspiration to keep going. No matter what, I have to keep going. I always have more training, more boundaries to cross, more goals to crush. I’ll never be on the Usain Bolt level. And that is totally okay. We can, however, use that level to keep us pounding. Hit the ground, no matter what.

Then you have the clock artists. Back in November of 2019, I ran my first ever 10k. It was brilliant. It was also the longest run I had ever done clocking in at about 62 minutes. While my goals are to run more 10ks and eventually build up to a half marathon, I can’t imagine running longer than 62 minutes. Someday I hope to, especially if I want to run a half marathon, but that seems so far away. The crazy thing is, there are individuals who habitually run for much longer periods of time than my 10k run. That was a “special run” for me, yet for some it is merely a warmup. Just as I look to my speed demon friends for encouragement to keep going, my time runner friends inspire me to keep going. If they can run for more than an hour at a time, I can work and train myself to do it too. I might look like a walrus running after a piece of fish, but I’ll keep going!

This last group is where I fit in: distance runners. The irony is that I don’t run that far, in the grand scheme of distance running. Yet when I run, I don’t push too hard for time or speed, I just want to finish my mileage. That’s why this is my favorite group (hence why I’m in it). You just run. No specific requirements must be met to run for distance. If you so happen to run it in a decent time at a decent speed, awesome. If it takes a bit longer, no big deal.

No matter what group you consider yourself to be a part of, remember to never give up. Keep pounding the ground!

I’ve been seeing a lot of inspirational posts on Pinterest about running. They echo this idea to keep going. Every step taken, every time you pound the ground, you are becoming the person you want to be. You might not be there or even close, but you’re closer than you were yesterday.

That’s what I love about running. There is no “right” way to run. You just run. Even a “crappy” run is better than nothing. If you run for time or distance, do it. Maybe you’re a speed runner and that’s cool too. Running is for everyone. There aren’t any limitations on who can run and what type of running is appropriate.

It’s great cardio. It’s a great humility test. It’s a great way to see the outdoors or explore the dawn. Running has a ton of perks both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I can’t tell you how many problems have been solved while I’m running. It’s like this magic vault door is unlocked while I’m running so all the best ideas and solutions come pouring out.

Interestingly enough, there is research looking into how exercise affects your cognition. Does studying during or right after exercise increase your understanding and comprehension? Maybe, maybe not. It’s a cool idea though.

I’ve been able to work through school projects and presentations, work issues, future planning, personal emotional problems, and so much more. My head is so clear during my early morning runs that I actually look forward to running just so I can work through any problems I’m having.

I live for the feeling of exhaustion at the end of each run. I know I did something awesome and pushed through when my body got tired. That exhaustion is like a drug. You'll learn to crave it every time!

There are so many awesome benefits to running. I can’t stress enough how good it is for your physical and mental health. No experience required!

Celebrate your body’s ability to do amazing things. Let’s see all of your running selfies! We’re all running through life together.


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I'm Ellie, a Health Coach, healthy lifestyle advocate, dog mom and chocolate connoisseur.

I'm super passionate about health and fitness.

I love trying new things and traveling to new places!

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