Rock Painting: A Cure for the Soul

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The Most Surprising Way to Create Positivity

Rock Painting: A Cure for the Soul

Graham Greene (1980): "I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness"

Mental Health is equally important to physical well-being. A positive attitude and a general feeling of accomplishment can be just as beneficial as a healthy diet and regular exercise. While there are many guides to a healthy lifestyle, in magazines, blogs and websites, there has been a debate as to what truly benefits the mind.

In a scientific study, it was discovered that completing artistic tasks led to an overall increase in positivity (Petrillo & Winner, 2005). In the past, previous connections have been made between art and well-being. Plato believed music could calm one's soul, and others, including Kramer (2000) and Levy (1995) labelled visual arts as alleviating, in situations where aggressive feelings were experienced. So, If you were late to work again, lost your keys and missed one too many calls from your mother, art might be the cure.

There are so many types of art, but which is the best for you?

That question can easily be answered by the Rockstreet Collective group on Facebook, or if you're feeling shy, you can visit their website: If you're impatient to know, it's simple: Painting on rocks, sharing experiences with friends, and collectively encouraging over 3000 artists from all over the globe to relieve stress and improve their mood.

Painting on rocks is fun, cost-effective (you don't have to pay for canvases = bonus!!) and most importantly, it creates a new interesting artwork as each rock or pebble is different. So if you feel low or simply need a new hobby, it could be the perfect thing to start. Many artists have been featured by the website, and they have shared their wonderful stories, so why not share yours?

Christine Onward, the establisher of the group and the admin of the website has been encouraging everyone of all ages to join the movement that is positivity in a friendly environment, with all kinds of support from thousands of members. And, if you don't have a single artistic bone in your body, you can purchase any of the rocks featured on the website.

Every week, a new artist is chosen to be featured on the website. This can provide insight into their life, practice methods but most importantly, it can be a medium through which they can share their stories. The questions are asked by Christine herself, and they are personally tailored and edited before being published. While language could be a challenge, as the group is known for their multicultural members, it does not pose a threat; with our modern technological tools, translating is easy and quick. So don't fear being misunderstood, you and your art can show other people around the world your journey of improvement.

Happiness can come from many physical aspects of your life. Money, objects of value, and stability can help one to feel achieved. However, true happiness and accomplishment, the deep emotions felt only by those with real mental clarity, is rare. It is an aspect of life many never achieve. Expressing ones self artistically can guide you to a better mindset.

Still, if you're worried about the time you're spending painting and how that could have been benefiting you materialistically, you should know that members can sell their art on the website. You can make money while developing your inner sense of happiness and relaxation. That's something you could never do anywhere else.

Invest in a community that gives back to its members, and encourage others to do the same. Art therapy and the benefits of artistic expression could help somebody overcome grief, negative emotions, and pain. It's a great way to relieve stress and to bring friends to those who feel without company. If you give support it will always be appreciated, as the humbleness and closeness of those involved in Rockstreet is internationally known.

The emotional support and a deep sense of belonging within a welcoming community could be just the thing you've been waiting for. So don't hesitate, grab together all the excitement you can muster and start painting! Collect rocks, collage, sprinkle glitter and start telling the world your stories.

Who knew painting on rocks could be so beneficial? But think of it as a metaphor for your thoughts and who you are right now—paint yourself a better mindset and join the movement.

Support the Rockstreet group for the support they show each other and the artistic world.

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