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Revolutionize Your Home Workouts Without Equipment To Build Muscle With These Easy-Peasy

Just breathe. It will be easy.

By Mary Poppins PursePublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Revolutionize Your Home Workouts Without Equipment To Build Muscle With These Easy-Peasy
Photo by GMB Monkey on Unsplash

Contrary to the image the fitness industry is trying to sell, you can build muscle at home and you need no equipment other than your body’s own weight. Simple, cheap, and effective, home workouts are great for beginners that don’t want to invest in a membership or hire a personal coach. Doing fitness at home is quarantine-proof and there are virtually no impediments.

Choosing home workouts without equipment to build muscle will put you in poll position to obtain the body you dream of, keep weight gain in balance, and obtain the countless health benefits deriving from an active lifestyle.

Begin with push-ups to burn the fat

The first tip we would like to share regards the easiest home workouts without equipment. As you probably guessed, push-ups are first on the list. Simple and effective, they will train the entire upper body (arms, back, chest, and shoulders). Push-ups are stable training in the military exactly because they work wonders in time, and require absolutely no equipment. Of course, you could go for some handle-bars to have a better grip, or at least for some form of padding on the ground. Push-ups are not all made equal and multiple variations exist. The secret of this exercise is to focus on correct posture first, rather than on number of repetitions and speed.

Crunch the fat away

Crunches are next on the list as the most widely known forms of home workouts without equipment to build muscle. Few people can claim with a peace of mind that they have the abdomen they dream. You can work towards reducing the fat deposits in that area by doing crunches. All you need is a flat surface. We also recommend using some furniture or employing the use of a family member to immobilize the legs. Using an exercise mat does not mean you will be breaking the no-equipment rule.

Bump the jams

Make your home exercise more enjoyable by listening to your favorite music (high-rhythm music is advised for a maximum uplifting and encouraging effect). For sessions when you want to take your time, watching a movie also works. Anything that distracts your mind even a bit from the effort can have its positive contribution. Even an audiobook works fine, as long as you are not listening to something that requires extra thinking. Keep in mind that your brain is hungry on calories and you would want to save those for the aching muscles.

Tracking your daily workouts is something you must do if you are looking for fitness to become your long-time friend. Nothing fuels motivation than looking back at the impressive number of hours you logged in your app. Knowing that you pulled off successfully so many workouts will encourage you to complete your next, a self-reinforcing cycle that will get you to your ideal body weight or muscle-gain goal.

Start with easy exercises

Always start with the easier exercises first. Home workouts without equipment to build muscle are no exception when it comes to warming up before more complex repetitions. Even though you are not using weights, your body is still prone to injury if you rush from couch to that complicated position you just saw on YouTube. Treat your body right and it will reward you.

Reward yourself often

Don’t forget to reward yourself. It is much easier to build positive habits by dangling a carrot in front of you, instead of fearing the stick. Set aside a small tasty treat after each daily workout, or buy yourself something brand new each time you complete a longer fitness goal, like logging a certain number of hours each month. Your brain is set in a way that will seek to repeat the action if it is associated with the reward. Technically you will know about it, but, on the long term, you will be surprised of how automatic the whole behavior will become.

Home workouts don’t have to be solitary retreats. With today’s video sharing software one can coordinate with friends on apps like Zoom and have fun seeing each other’s progress. Preaching your newly discovered healthy activity might not be as addictive as the typical things you do with your friends, so count yourself lucky f you enlist a handful of disciples.


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