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Reviewing Inflammation From Different Angles

Awareness of inflammation can make a substantial difference in our fitness and health

By Dr Mehmet YildizPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Reviewing Inflammation From Different Angles
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In this article, I share my experience dealing with chronic inflammation and introduce some practical methods that helped me eliminate it and improve my condition naturally.

Understanding the role of inflammation with informed awareness and taking necessary measures caused a substantial health transformation in my life.

We all experience inflammation. It is inevitable in our bodies. Inflammation is a healing process. When we experience excessive and chronic inflammation, a myriad of problems for our health occurs.

I have a long history of inflammation. My body used to produce excessive inflammation for unknown reasons in the past. This caused many years of suffering for me. The medical professionals failed to find an accurate diagnosis.

After years of investigations by medical specialists, the main culprit was identified. It was rheumatoid arthritis.

For many years, I was not aware of the significance of inflammation for health. I failed to see it as a life-changing factor. I saw it as just a normal condition and accepted it blindly. I remained a victim.

A medical doctor told me that there is no cure for arthritis. I was advised to use medication to cope with the symptoms. If symptoms became unbearable, they recommended having potent injections to decrease inflammation.

With naivety, I trusted in the advice given. After some regrets, I started searching for alternative solutions. I was determined to question and challenge the norms.

Based on studies of medical literature, my perception of inflammation dramatically changed. Besides, witnessing inflammatory conditions in my beloved ones motivated me to search the field with rigour.

I learned about the critical importance of inflammation for health. After my father died from a severe inflammatory autoimmune disease, I looked at the issue differently. I reviewed his lifestyle and used it as a case study to understand the causes of inflammation.

He followed a heavily plant-based diet. He used to refrain from red meat because of the perception of cardiovascular and oncological diseases. I remember his vitamin B12 levels were lower than average.

His suffering at later stages of his life encouraged me to investigate the issue even further. I found out that most diseases were associated with chronic inflammation in the medical papers.

I emphasize chronic inflammation. It is the type of inflammation that harasses the body for an extended period. There is also a good inflammation experienced in the short term. It is called acute inflammation. This desired type of inflammation is essential for healing. With acute inflammation, the body attempts to fix underlying issues caused by an injury. Acute inflammation is a proven healing mechanism in the human body. I experienced its benefits after intense workouts.

After learning about the impact of chronic inflammation and its side effects on health, I discovered ways to address the root causes of inflammation. I believed that addressing root causes would subsequently reduce the severe symptoms.

I used many tools and processes to deal with inflammatory conditions effectively. The most prominent ones were changing my diet, using my body fat as a primary energy source, and producing ketones as an alternative energy source.

As soon as my body produced substantial ketones, the pain caused by inflammation was relieved. My inflammation markers in blood tests showed significant improvement. I got checked CRP (C-reactive Protein), ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) and PV (Plasma Viscosity) regularly. All markers turned into normal ranges.

In hindsight, the main culprit of my inflammation was excessive use of carbs. I used to consume wheat bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and plenty of fruit and vegetable juices. My body had to release excessive insulin to cope with increasing blood sugar. In addition, my chronic stress and destructive sleep patterns added fuel to the fire.

After changing my diet, relieving my stress, and improving my sleep, I substantially overcame chronic stress. After further enhancements, a dry sauna, Epsom salts bath, cold therapy, and joyful workouts, my chronic inflammation disappeared. When I got rid of chronic inflammation, I was totally renewed.

Nowadays, with reduced inflammation in my body, I feel much younger, more satisfied, fitter, and healthier manifested as physical, mental, and spiritual improvements.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

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