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Protecting the Pandemic while Reducing the Aging Process

by Sarfraz Hussain 2 years ago in aging
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No, Old Age is not biased

Many women aged 70 and over often complain to me, "Old age is an old habit".

Usually, my answer is, "Well, yes, old age may be a bitch, but it doesn't have to be." It's just a matter of saying, It's true.

Old age may seem like a bitch due to ill health, loneliness, financial problems, or you may not have looked, but here's the reality: if you can still complain, you can change. You may not be able to do enough, but often you can do more than you think you can if you make up your mind with TRY. The act of effort only consumes energy.

Let's think about things that are said to plead for the elderly - and what to do about it.

"I'm a victim": Maybe we have more than a few noncompos mentis, but if we're smart enough to be on a computer, then we're smart enough to smell a phishing scam miles away. Who would pay good attention to an email from Nigeria or anywhere else promising millions of dollars from a dead uncle (which we never had) if we send $ 500 to remove a government lock on the money?

What to do Instead

If you have $ 500 to spend, buy a few shares of McDonald’s stock and watch it grow. It's easy to get started. Open an account at Schwab or another investment firm.

(Early in life, when I was poor but optimistic, I invested $ 200 that I could not afford in McDonald's' stock. It grew and is constantly growing. I gave shares of your grandchildren and the stock is still worth a lot more than I paid for it. The price will go up and down, but as the TV ad for the chicken frying suggests, "Set it and forget it." No, no it makes it too late to buy your old age.)


Many lonely seniors who are looking for love go on a dating site in the hopes of finding a perfect partner. Can? Of course. Likely? Dr. Phil is more than a few shows showing how older adults looking for love get a financial journey into their lives. It's sad, but loneliness can lead to despair .

What to do Instead

Volunteer to help others who are more emotional than you. In giving of ourselves, we may find the love we need. We receive so many unexpected gifts when we help others.

Living Life in Memories

Many older adults do not have memories to keep them occupied. They do not realize that they can volunteer or get a job if they are mentally and physically competent. It doesn’t matter what the job is as it provides emotional satisfaction.

I remember a Shark Tank TV episode in which a young woman knitted purses as a business and was looking for women to help. She went to a nearby retirement community and found a treasure trove of older women who loved knitting and were employees on excellent wages. It was a win-win for everyone but especially for retirees who have found a new purpose in life. Not only that, but their personalities came back to life. They looked and felt better because they were useful. They were grateful that they were provided with a "nudge" to return to the flow of "real life."

What to do Instead

Get a job, any job that will give it outside of yourself. Retirement is a government building focused on leisure that inevitably leads to decline. Never underestimate the value of work for your mind and body. Use it or lose it.

Misery Loves Company

One of the many things I dislike about retirement communities and government programs for seniors is that there are too many opportunities to find “unfortunate company loves” companions. While it may promote friendships of all kinds, it is not healthy.

What to do instead

Develop your own “senior center” of like-minded rebels with a positive, determined spirit to survive and help each other overcome the obstacles of life, and welcome the benefits of advancing age, and meet “heaven” -members. " Yes, in so many ways, old age can be a bitch. But it doesn't have to be. If you are mentally competent, there are so many things that can be done to make “old age” better and even more joyful for you and others. Never think or believe that you are "too old" to do what your soul and psyche are urging you to do. Be brave and be bold. You can do it!

Protecting the Pandemic while Reducing the Aging Process

The issues on the minds of many people these days are mainly related to eradicating the pandemic, followed by the aging process, creating radiant health, and expressing abundant love.

And, strangely enough, the solution to these issues is freely available - and has been for centuries - but deliberately suppressed by vested interests; their approach to such things, from the outside rather than the way of Nature to be inside.

But it is all the more surprising that these ancient scriptures claim this miracle that has been freely available for countless ages: three guns "(more on this later).

Here We Have The Secret

So here we have the secret of disease-free health, abundant love, vivid happiness, and ageless consciousness staring at us for the liver.

But, alas, reading these life-changing scriptures is not enough. That is to say, to have direct experience of this Potent Elixir, in its purest form - as intended by the ancient sages - requires a personal level of participation, as we shall see.

So join me, if you will, as we develop the full import of these coded tenets that reveal the secret that not as old as we can get miraculous health benefits in our own lives, at any age, now!

Let us set the context for the common denominator of the two scriptures: the method of contact.

So, for example: turning off very loud music would leave us sitting in a quiet room. Conversely, moving away from stressful thoughts or compulsive ‘thinking about’ would leave us at peace of mind.

So, What's the difference?

The difference is: there are two minutes of silence at the same time but not in nature and the same. One is 'complete or pure transcendental silence', the other is 'Relative silence' through Absence of external sounds: one silence absence of internal noise, the other, Lack of external noise, or, one silence is transcendent (health / Aging of a non-cellular body) the other, 'of this world' (time/decay).

Relative silence Absence of external sound requires the other, pure transcendent silence, Lack of inner noise (Compulsory thinking). In a Scenario, hut requires something absent for their ‘silence’ experience.

Into either tuning ‘the still small voice’, or passing over the three Gita guns, a booth is referring to receiving direct contact with pure or transcendent pure silence.

But how can we tell the difference in silence?

That is to say, what distinguishes the silence of mental dialogue from you sitting in the quiet room? How can we say that we are not listening to a sharper version of ego - low chattering and assuming that silence is the voice that is still small (transcendent)?

So in the beginning - when in a spiritually asleep state - the mind lacks the ability and pure sense of silence to relate to 'the still small voice' as a way of experiencing in a transcendent way, where possible to be intellectual at this point.

Before spiritual awakening, the events of the external world, including relative sound, act as reminders to us of the need for the evolution of the soul from the state of born-out ‘noise’ spiritual ignorance. So the need for live external noise lessons until we accept the need to find a clean inner silence as a step to know our true heritage means pure silence or consciousness of perfection.

Like the metamorphosis of the car to a butterfly, we are all designed for a similar transformation to a knowledge of transcendent and total freedom in savory consciousness.

To help clarify what is: ego chatting or still a small voice, let’s look at the mental faculties at play in this area - nothing complicated.

Mind versus Intellect

First, the conscious mind is the function of ‘thinking’, followed by human intellect, the faculty that decides: it makes decisions based on what a conscious mind does or thinks.

During spiritual ignorance - the human or carnival stage - the conscious mind thinks through conditioning and previous or inherited experiences, and, based on that exciting conditioning, human intellect decides issues.

At this stage, due to the limited shallow thinking capacity of the conscious mind, the intellect has not yet been initiated to understand their spiritual capacity.

Thus, before some kind of mind-oriented meditation is practiced, alas, the repetitive mental conversation, be it loud, noble, or otherwise, is just to regenerate the history of the lower ego, and, so it is hindering cognitive awareness of the transcendental who still has little voice as a direct, meaningful experience, the lower human intellect is still in control of crucial decision - making - including health.

Intellect Resolute From Irresolute

Like the butterfly, when our meditation practice has made little progress then spiritual or transcendent intellect begins to form, maturing, dynamics that finally take over all of our decision-making when the resolute intellect becomes irresistible.

While this transformation from lower self-functioning to higher Self is from experience, the lowest ego-personality is as if it is ‘tortured’ - its cohesive matter - which facilitates the expansion of love in the heart chakra from which all revelations come. of the divine nature.

Thus, the transformation of irresistible intellect paves the way for the resolute intellect to function through the heart as the voice that is still transcendent in all cases, into or out of reflection.

That is, post-soul awakening, the spiritual intellect, and the heart chakra together serve as the Authentic Voice of our soul: a guide by cosmic standards rather than the false ego operated through the law of spiritual ignorance.

Extension of Mind and Integration

So in order to get to know the Transgender directly, the mind must extend beyond relative silence, so when transcendent silence is ingested in the nature of the mind, and that is how the mind is controlled. from thinking of unused energy safe ideas.

During reflection ideas naturally, come into the consciousness of integration. These ideas represent imprints of our latest history. The integration ensures that such imprints do not root the seeds of thought baggage in the future, therefore, integration is how the expansion of conscious capacity of mind develops. It is during this process of integration that lower dialogue is most likely to be heard, but such words do not come from the voice that is still transcendent, which is essentially wordless.

When we think about it, without integration, the mind would accumulate unused baggage of thought indefinitely. Thus, while it is the dynamics that expand the capacity of the conscious mind, integrated silence frees from addictive layers of mind, including connection to greed, power, money, and obsession with material wealth and human control.

In this way, as consciousness expands, compassion, youthful love, creative insight into cosmic quality are our express norms.

Acclimatization Mind

If the conscious mind and the nervous system have not been silenced in spite of pure silence, pure taste, then it is often preceded by ego-nuanced happiness or central thoughts and thus corrupts the channel ways of knowing God directly. So, as the nervous system of the mind naturally succumbs to peace of mind, then the mind transcends the world of these contrasts - evil, hate - love, dislike, yours.

Gradually, after reflection, these vital inner faculties become pure enough to reflect a tangible divine presence: the transmission of love chakra heart in the form of a mercifully soaked calm - when the lake is still, the moon reflects perfectly.

As a conscious mind goes beyond meditation, it becomes clear that it is capable of meditating on cosmetics. Eternal vibration in the form of joyful silence is just as natural.

In this context, a heartfelt awakening of the heart chakra causes a kundalini to rise from the base of the marrow initiated through a pure touch of silence.

Our True Self is the True Consciousness, the authentic Independent Voice seen as an all-pervasive calm silence isolated from a world of external chaotic action - the calm that emotional storms never leave the lake of life.

The term ‘small’ voice is to differentiate it from the extensive lower air conditioning which, through ignorance, overpowering, and prisons of Transgender Nature, is the nature of the unconditional love of the soul.

Thus the axiom; 'we cannot express what we do not have in consciousness'. That is to say, we cannot express unconditional love without its direct presence in our hearts.

Secret Abundant Happiness

There is a wonderful scripture that says: "He who has, to him will be given more, but to him, that is least, even to him that loseth." As a face value, this seems downright unfair. However, in deep reflection, he emphasizes cosmic law: by expressing our current level of health happiness, we gain more health happiness, even though he/she loses what does not express health happiness. they currently have that level. As health, happiness, and aging intertwine, the sensible person, to build COVID immunity, expresses unconditional pure love and vibration of heart-felt peace at every opportunity, from the outside or into ourselves.

That is to Say, ‘use it or lose it.

So it is the surest way to express the vibrant health and consciousness of the youth in love, peace, and gratitude in all situations. When our consciousness is ultimately the voice that is still transcendent because love and happiness are health, whereas the transcendent silence embodies agelessness and eternal well-being. When all actions are done naturally through Immovable Being, You, as the Consciousness of God. Further demonstrating the fact that all our actions are considered 'right' - an act of divine Law.

The Great Transmutation

During meditation, the conscious mind and the five active senses come together in point awareness - the voice that is still small. Through regular daily practice, the mind begins to maintain this pure point-of-silence, a convergence that leads to a perpetual consciousness, Nectar of all meditations.

And while words may come to mind during meditation, the practice is ultimately about sexual integration of mind rather than hearing a voice of any kind.

The peace and self-healing happiness we seek from birth is already within pure silence and is easily achieved through daily transgression.

Meditation is about establishing the stability of intellect and transcendent consciousness at the same time when spontaneous Silence manifests permanently as the consciousness of the eternal today.

Because ‘Transgender Silence’ lies beyond the frequency of the range of the human mind, intellect, and senses, could I recommend the following technique of transcendence to pure silence?

Sit down, and quietly recite the holy mantra Aum or Om within. Extend Aum vibration for 5/6 seconds, then pause for 5/6 seconds after each repetition. Continue this repetition-pause sequence for at least ten minutes taking up to twenty minutes a day after a few days, then twice a day thereafter. This daily practice technique reflects “be without the three guns” in Bhagavad-Gita mentioned earlier, which means, the laws of nature, which are Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas - meaning, to be out of their daily influence in meditation.

Gradually, the major shift from a lower voice to pure Transgender Silence occurs as normal. When consciousness is ageless, disease-free, it becomes isolated from external activity or, as Heaven within.


About the author

Sarfraz Hussain

I am a professional journalist and I work as a writer and reporter in a national newspaper. The purpose of my life is to help people. Useful Tips on Health Care to Improve the Lives of an Ordinary Man.

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