Pandemic or plandemic?

An invitation to question the authority and think for yourself.

Pandemic or plandemic?

Relatively recently I wrote an article talking about conspiracy theories whose veracity has been proven, and at the end I attached two documents about the covid issue. As far as I could see, few people ever opened them, and yet they wrote harsh criticisms.

In this article I want to leave you with the most irrefutable evidence I have, and ask you to please look at it and reflect on it before answering. In the end I will leave links for you to check the information about the pcr tests and the World Bank's trading. That said, let's go with the evidence.


One of the most important. The number of infections, as well as the causes of deaths, are determined by this type of test, but are they reliable? The answer is a resounding no.

To begin with, the creator of the pcr test himself denies its effectiveness in measuring viral loads. But let's go further, do this exercise: search pcr test in Google and you will see that even in the official media they talk about alarming numbers of false positives.

With this information you can deduce that a pcr test is approximately as accurate as flipping a coin, so it definitely should not decide the future of an entire country.


I don't think any further clarification is needed.

The disease was named during 2020 and yet two years earlier they were already buying and selling material for it. If with an evidence like this you still believe that they are not hiding anything from you, honestly, you should meditate a little and ask yourself what you believe, anyone has the capacity to reason, and this is simply undeniable.


At the beginning of the pandemic, respirators were used with all patients, as indicated by WHO. However, Italian doctors discovered that it was thrombi that was causing death.

What was the doctors' reaction to that discovery? To continue to use a protocol that doesn't work instead of applying anticoagulants to victims, as they should (and they knew it, it was proven by those Italian doctors).

Such negligence should be unforgivable, yet the media did not cover it.


Another piece of information that has been unfairly silenced. Just look at this chart and think for yourself:


The development of a vaccine normally takes years, even more when it is a new type of vaccine never used before. However, this one is being developed in months.

I am not going to go into the risks of an RNA vaccine and transhumanism because I already attached information on this in my previous article, but I invite you to reflect on this.


Finally, the most important thing. All research outside the official version, including alternative treatments, risks associated with the use of masks and similar issues, is immediately censored.

This leads one to believe that they are hiding something. To make matters worse, no media talks about methods to strengthen the immune system, such as the Wim Hoff method or healthy eating. However, they are dedicated to constantly instilling fear with figures inflated to be alarming, as well as messages psychologically designed to terrorize people.



World Bank:

I hope you find this information useful and that you reflect on it. Keep in mind that what I explain here is only the tip of the iceberg.

For those who want to receive more useful information, I recommend a telegram channel. Unfortunately it is in Spanish, but it is the best I have found, so if you don't speak Spanish I recommend that you check it out using the Google translator. It is really worth it. Here is its link:

Please share this news, and let's see if we can get more people to reflect and see what's going on. Thank you for your attention.

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