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Nike Training

Working out has been a challenge for me, like it has for everyone else. I know of things to do, but it's hard with such little time. Everyone struggles with different areas of working out, but for me it has a lot to do with timing. I've been looking for a good app that will help me stay motivated and keep me on track since I am always on the run and when I am home I am only available at home. I’ve tried to find a good app that will help me get to where I want my body to beat. I’ve looked through so many apps and so many apps say they're free yet you have to pay for it the moment you want more difficult workouts. That's what's frustrating me the most when I see workout apps.

I lost all hope and just started stringing things together at home to make sure I do some workouts every day. When I got my apple watch I started to do more research to see what apps can be displayed in the app. That is when I found Nike Training and Nike Run Club. This is such a great app because it helped me map out my daily routine every week with rest days. I played with it for a while and then found that they have training inside of the app as well. There are three workouts that you can work on and what I love the most was that they targeted your muscles and you were truly feeling the burn.

I have almost finished a full month of training and I can see myself coming back for another training session. Throughout the month or training they have you do the same workout in a month so that you can come pair your workout times and calories along with taking your effort. You are able to adjust the workouts from beginner to high intensity. After every workout you rate the exercise from 1-10 so that apps can see how difficult it is. Each session is made to keep you active and focuses on different areas of your body each day. What I also seemed to love what that it incorporated running in your training as well, so you are able to work yourself up to running every day.

Since I have only used this app for a while. I want to use it some more to see what other changes and adjustments, it helps you with throughout time. What I am really interested in is what happens after the first workout training month is completed. Are they going to give more difficult workouts that will make your body ache more? Will the workouts be longer in time to have a maximum amount of body fat? I want to be able to see my body weight have gone down, but I also want to know that my body fat is decreasing as well. I want to be able to control the fluctuation of my weight from going up and down.

What I will say is that Nike did a great job on this app. You can see they want people to be active and become healthy in their own lifestyles. Which is a great thing because people can actually work for themselves without worrying. People are not able to get to the goals because some of us are barely beginning in this area. What is nice to see is that there are apps that are trying to help people get healthier and on track. This makes me happy and wonder what else Nike has in store to help people get to their goals.

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