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New Friends

Win the battle or crash and burn?

By Nicole PostonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
New Friends
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

As 2 people are slammed together, they have a rush of emotions ranging from excitement to fear. A bizarre and twisted chance of luck and faith, an undeniable yearn for life’s pains to be erased. What will transpire for these new friends? Will this be the beginning of something built to last or will they run away from each other like the ones from their past. Tragedy brings pain and love can certainly drive us insane. What starts as something amazing and great can end up feeling like a lifetime full of hate. What makes two souls fall so deep in love, can also be what rumbles the thunder above. The world is full of good versus evil; happy or sad, inspired or hopeless. Off they go to embark upon what the future may hold, will this rainbow lead to heartbreak and sadness or a pot of gold so rich it overflows? Only fate can determine the path and descions made by those involved can make that journey smooth or bumpy. Forecasts point towards the latter as history seems to repeat itself. But if two people are real and ready to put in the work, then beautiful days await. Nothing in life worth having comes easy. Every relationship takes work, it’s about finding the one thats worth the effort. Communication is key, if you can talk about issues with a calm tone, use constructive criticism backed by positive re-enforcement, while also having a partner who can receive it and grow and vice versa, then you can divide and conquer all of life’s obstacles. Just always think before you react, and ask yourself a question… This that we are arguing about, is it worth waking up tomorrow without the one you love by your side?

Don’t know how they had chance to meet, but faith twisted their lives together because they were incomplete.

As their story begins….

Two broken lives existing thru trauma and pain, their minds tormented by the psycho-insane.

The loves of their past couldn’t let them walk away, so they did everything they could to try and make them stay.

But these two new friends felt a breath of fresh air at last, they were finally free from the demons of their past.

Scared and bruised from the burns they suffered before, they helped each other heal and smile a lot more.

One day at a time to get them thru, they finally felt their strength renew.

Together they will rise in a tragedy so real, together as friends they shall finally heal.

With no promises engraved in the desert sand, they journey out together hand in hand.

What will tomorrow bring they wonder, will this make them fly or sink them under?

As they lock eyes and learn about life together, they give it a chance without promise of forever.

Today being with each other is amazing enough, that a chance on tomorrow is worth the other horrible stuff.

No drama, no fights, no tears; no limits, no worries,no fears.

Open hearts and minds will lead the way, and love will prevail and grow day by day.

Respect and patience is all they will need, to build a solid foundation from a mustard seed.

Two lives crashed together so fast, two lives possibly finding a relationship to last.

What will tomorrow bring for these two? They decide to let it roll and let faith persue.

Together for now and enjoying the day, maybe love will find them and show them the way.

But if not, a friendship is born trying to survive, they can only hope for happiness as their worlds collide.

Stay tuned to see what transpires. Will love win, lust conquer or hate be the TKO?

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Nicole Poston

Hello! I’m from North Carolina and writing is a passion and life long dream of mine. I write many different genres and styles. Please like, comment and share. It helps give me the confidence to share. Oh and please subscribe!!

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