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Natural Healing from Mother Nature

by Doors to Life about a year ago in mental health

Health Awareness: Essential Oils

Natural Healing from Mother Nature
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“When you release stress, you come home to yourself” (Donna Eden). There has been a rise in the usage of essential oils worldwide. These oils have been benefiting many people in positive ways that make their lives better. The oils can be made in many ways and each type serves a unique purpose. Essential oils are considered natural medicine as it relieves people from their mental health problems, aids in the healing of the human body, and is a type of relaxation tool to satisfy the body when it’s in distress.

Most people don’t take mental health as seriously as physical health (due to underlying issues and stigmas surrounding the concept) however, problems with mental health is a struggle just as physical health problems are. Those with sleep deficiencies, can use essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile to help improve their sleep. Cancer patients often go through chemotherapy and a side effect they get is insomnia (Reis & Jones, 2017, p. 18). The cancer patients who use those essential oils find successful results.

Many health care professionals recommend using essential oils for reasons like these. People with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression can use citrus type of essential oils to boost their mood. A test was done showing that those with anxiety, who had a room of sweet orange essential oil in the air and inhaled it “showed less anxiety as measured by the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory” (Reis & Jones, 2017, p. 18). Stress is a major problem all over the world.

However, when stress becomes severe it can often times lead to suicidal ideation. A study was done by Su-Jin, W & Young-Soon (2017), showing that middle school students who used essential oils showed less signs of suicidal ideation and a higher academic self-efficacy. Essential oil is a “natural healing method focusing on a concept of wellbeing” (Su-Jin & Young-Soon, 2017, p. 64). Essential oils help people who are struggling with their mental health because different oils have their unique purposes and properties for regulating emotions and other mental health problems.

When something abnormal happens or damage occurs to the body, it can take a long time to heal from the abnormalities (allergic reactions, nausea, etc.) or damages. Some of the essential oils enhance immune system and strengthens the nervous system. By having a better immune system and stronger nervous system, the body will be able to better protect itself from germs, viruses and will activate the neurons to work faster which aids in the process of healing injured nerves in your body. Lavender oil is a great way to treat a skin condition as well as heal from any burn or wounds, “lavender did not enhance the neurotoxic insult and improved viability of SH-SY5Y cells treated with hydrogen peroxide” (Victor, Birgitte, Maite, Maria & Anna K, 2017, p. 2). This means that the lavender oil helped the cells around the wound or burn to work better with additional help from the hydrogen peroxide.

Previously stated, cancer patients go through chemotherapy which has a severe symptom of nausea and vomiting. A solution was found in a study that has shown results of patients who ingested edible peppermint or spearmint oil showed a significant reduction in nausea and vomiting (Reis & Jones, 2017, p. 18). Essential oils can support the body by healing our wounds for example, “eucalyptus oil with respect to antimicrobial activity and wound repair promotion” (Saporito, Sandri, Bonferoni, Rossi, Boselli, Lcaro Cornaglia & Ferrari, 2017, p. 4). There are a variety of essential oils that can speed up the process of repairing damages done to the body and more.

When the human body goes through lots of work, it becomes tired and worn out. Relaxation is when both the mind and body are in a relaxed or calm state. Getting some all-natural relaxation supplies for the body such as lotions that contain essential oils can help the rejuvenate the body. Lotions that contain lavender essential oil, an anti-anxiety oil, can help relax the body as it also helps promote sleep (Reis & Jones, 2017). Edible lemon oil, a tonic, is good for calming down the body as it is a citrus essential oil it has properties to be happier (Reis & Jones, 2017). Edible lemon oil can be put into water or tea to provide a more flavorful drink. Finally, natural peppermint oil in lotion or sprays can relax muscle tension. A study was done to show if there was a connection between peppermint oil and respiratory disease with the Antispasmodic effect of Mentha piperita essential oil. It showed that “The present data suggest the involvement of prostaglandins in the peppermint oil-induced relaxation” (de Sousa, Soares, de Almeida, Maia, de Souza & Assreuy, 2010). When the peppermint oil encouraged relaxation to the body, it relaxed the inside of the body parts as well. Which is a good thing because if the internal body parts are constantly working in an extreme state, it can cause damage instead. More products containing essential oils are being made to help our bodies relax.

Although there are benefits to essential oils there are harmful consequences if they are not natural or used properly. Essential oils can, however, be dangerous and cause harm to the body if not careful. Specifically, Chinese herbal oils are harmful to not only the body but the environment too. Many spa centers have Chinese herbal oils and the “indoor quality in the environments using essential oils and health effects…in spa centers are an area of concern” (Hsu, Huang & Sheu, 2012, p. 231). The reason for this concern is because Chinese herbal oils are not always natural and by using them or being surrounded by the fumes of these oils can cause damage to the inside of the body. “Some essential oils may reduce or enhance certain drugs’ effectiveness…” (Reis & Jones, 2017, p. 18). For example, too much lavender can have a stimulating effect with other medications a person is taking (symptoms can vary for each person). The citrus essential oils must be carefully checked to make sure that it is organic because before creating the oil, the citrus plants that will be used for the oil could be sprayed with pesticides and can be toxic. These oils “should not be applied to skin areas where topical medications have been applied” (Reis & Jones, 2017, p. 18). Therefore, people need to be careful using essential oils because they can become harmful if they are used incorrectly.

Essential oils are a great natural medicine to relieve people from their mental health problems, support the healing of the physical body and is a type of relaxation tool to satisfy the body when it’s in distress. There will always be precautions when using them, but as long as the person who uses them follow the directions, gain knowledge and understand the type of oil that they are using, it should be a natural way to heal them and their inner self. Everyone needs a life that is less stress, more manageable and essential oils are the way to live that life.


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