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My Favorite At-Home Tool To Improve Focus & Memory

by Rose Martin about a year ago in wellness
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Everyone wants a silver bullet that stops the effects of old age.

Forgetting somebody's name, not remembering a place you’ve been before, or even something as simple as where you put your keys can all be concerning, if not a little scary. We all know the “Golden Years” are not always what they're cracked up to be. What can we do to slow the progress of time and have a good quality of life? Taking care of yourself, staying healthy and active, including keeping your brain stimulated, is the best we can do.

To that end, I gave LiFTiD Neurostimulation a try. I am a confessed workaholic.

Staying on top of my game is very important to me. I’ve been using the LiFTiD for a while now, and I think I've noticed a difference. I wear the LiFTiD when reading, working, and learning the piano- (one way to force me to practice regularly.) To date, I’ve found wearing the LiFTiD while I’m at the piano has created a flow of music I’ve not had. I have no idea if the LiFTiD is supposed to help your piano skills specifically, but my fingers are hitting the right notes way more often than they used to. I definitely retain more when reading and watching TV, but these results can be subjective.

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It’s effortless to use; I love the fact they provide instructions, a measuring spoon, and a bottle to make the saline water you need.

The saline water is just a little table salt, some warm water, and boom, and you have your solution, no running around for unique ingredients. The systems come with 6 foam pads that you wet with saline water and place in the cups on the device. I’ve found the foam pads get hard even if you rinse them after use. But not to worry, just soak them under hot water for a second, and the life comes back to the foam. Squeeze out the excess warm water and add the saline solution. It could not be simpler. I’m a couple of weeks into this now and still on my first pads. I’m expecting to get 6 to 9 months before I need to replace the pads!

Getting the LiFTiD in the right location 2 fingers above your eyebrows is easy, but I still check it every time. If the on-off button is not showing when you look into the small mirror they provide, you have the device on upside down. (See, I did read the instructions!) When you hit the start button, it beeps at you to tell you it is on; check for the led light to be sure. That’s it, do anything you want for the next 20 minutes. One night I went outside and was surprised how bright the LED light was. You could actually see the blue light reflect on the ground.

Charging the device is just the same as charging a phone. I’ve not had to charge it more than once in the last few weeks. So, I was very pleased that the battery life was able to maintain itself. They give you a USB cable that is the same as many of the other devices.

The carry bag the device comes in just like a small makeup or toiletries travel case. So easy to pack, and it all stays together in one case.

If you have seen my Instagram account, you know, I don’t promote something unless I believe in it.

I researched TDCS devices and their effect on your cognitive abilities. As we have learned, there are always many studies. Some prove it works, and others are not so sure. Testing on teenagers and young adults at university will get you different answers than those for us with many years of wisdom (an excellent way to say we're getting older).

These studies typically looked at four major cognitive domains:

1) Attention

2) Error Awareness

3) Episodic Memory (these are our life memories about times, places, events that happened in our lives they help make us who we are)

4) Working Memory (things like remembering a series of numbers for short a time)

For me, give me numbers, and I will remember them for a long time. Heck, I still remember my college ID number. Your name, not so much. I’ll remember the face and where, but not the name. Some things never change, but if this helps with remembering names, add it to the list of why I’m all for LiFTiD.

A side note: one of the studies talked about atrophy of the brain, and I found it was kind of scary. As a child, I broke my arm. For reasons I won't go into, I had the cast on for over 16 weeks. When the cast came off my arm, there was nothing but skin and bone. The muscles had atrophied from lack of use. I thought of this when I thought of brain atrophy. Our brains can do the same thing with a lack of stimulation. As we get older, we are no longer at work problem solving or continuously interacting with others, that daily stimulation can start to decline. Just another reason why I’ll use this device, our brain needs stimulation, and the more we provide, the better it gets.

We want to slow down the process of aging or at least do it gracefully. We are not our grandmothers or even our mothers. We are active, vibrant individuals with places to go, things to see and do. I, for one, want to keep adding to those episodic memories, not have them slowly slip away. I want to remember the day my kids were born and how happy I was. I want to remember my wedding day and all of our vacations. Losing my memories is one of my greatest fears.

Will I continue to use the LiFTiD device? ABSOLUTELY. I need more piano practice, more story retention when reading, more focus when working, and a better way to manage the brain fog I sometimes experience. When I wear LiFTiD, it seems to help. Suppose I get even a tiny amount of increased brain activity; that is all that matters. It will have slowed the aging process, and I will have done it with something that is non-invasive, without chemicals, and really simple to use.


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Rose Martin

I'm a wife, mom,grandmom and model I'm passionate about living my best life from the inside out. I believe the better you treat your body the better it will treat you.

I blog about beauty, fashion, self-care, and much more.

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