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by Courtney Keller about a year ago in product review


This article is to tell you all about Thrive and my experience with Thrive. First, let me tell you about myself. My name is Courtney, and I am nineteen years old. I have a little boy who is currently four months old. Before I was pregnant, I weighed one hundred and eighteen pounds. Right after I had my baby, I weighed one hundred and fifty pounds. I now weigh one hundred and thirty pounds thanks to Thrive. I heard about Thrive a few months ago through a friend of mine on Facebook. I do admit that I had some questions and doubts about Thrive. After I looked at her Facebook and I saw all her before and after photos, I decided I wanted to give Thrive a try. I am so happy I made this choice. Not only is it helping me lose weight, it is helping me be a better person!

Thrive is a company based on weight loss and nutrition. It sells products like; shakes, smoothies, bars, and patches. Everything is cheap and easy to use. I have told many people I know about Thrive, but I just wanted more people to know how amazing it is. I even introduced my mom into buying Thrive products! Before I knew about Thrive, I was trying so hard to lose my baby weight. I was working out every moment I could. I was eating healthy and I was breastfeeding. The reason I am mentioning breastfeeding is that people say when you breastfeed you lose weight. Yes, before I heard about Thrive I was losing weight here and there. The only problem was I would always gain it back! Thrive helps me lose the weight, and it helps me keep it away!

That is another reason why I love Thrive. When weight leaves, it stays gone. After I had my baby, I hated my body. I saw it once, and I never wanted to look at it again. I was extremely self-conscience. I never wanted to go out. I canceled my plans all the time. Now that I started using Thrive, I love my body! I have not canceled a single plan! I have not worried about what people think of my looks! I love my body!

As I mentioned, I am a breastfeeding mom. This means I cannot use multiple products with Thrive. I can use some of the products, and that is a great thing for me. I also heard of pregnant people using these products. Keep in mind I am not a doctor I would advise if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should ask your doctor! It is safer to ask and not make a mistake, then not ask and hurt you or your baby! I asked mine, and luckily I could use some of the products on Thrive!

I am happy with my experience with Thrive, and I am loving my results. I am hoping to continue using Thrive in the future. Keep in mind I have not stopped exercising because of Thrive. I stay active not only because I have a baby, but I know it is a healthy decision.

A lot of people have started using Thrive. They all have positive things to say about Thrive! It is an amazing company with amazing products!

If you are interested in using Thrive I have posted a link below! If you sign up with this certain link you will get twenty-five dollars in credit that you can use specifically for that website.


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