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Mental Health And Your Mind

by Karly Krull 5 days ago in meditation

By: Karly Krull

Mental health is a topic that even in the year 2021 still makes people uncomfortable. Many people avoid this topic by changing the subject or telling a person, "Everything will be fine and you will be okay." Not saying that advice is not true but, many people dealing with a serious mental health issue need better guidance and advice than that. In recent years, people have thankfully begun to take mental health more seriously. In this article I will be talking about mental health and how to heal your mind.

Many people who smile and seem happy could be suffering on the inside. This is actually the case a lot more often than people realize. Remember that old saying, "Things are not always as they appear"? Well, that statement absolutely applies here. Some people have suffered with mental health problems from a young age or some people start to suffer with mental health as they get older. As a child mental health issues may be caused from being bullied or dealing with emotional/physical trauma at home. As an adult mental health issues can be caused by a huge variety of things such as, stress with work or school, paying bills, and the typical problems.

Some people like myself have suffered with mental health issues their entire life and adulthood has only made these issues tougher to deal with. I do cope by seeing a therapist and it helps. A lot of my depression as a child happened from different traumas and experiences at home and in school. These issues have followed me into adulthood and I have actually been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The usual stress of paying bills, raising a child and such have made my past even harder to cope with. You may be wondering, why I am telling you all this well? Let me tell you.

Over the years, I didn't find a therapist that truly helped me keep my mental health under control and this led me to be suicidal. Back in 2015, I finally found a therapist who has helped me keep my depression and PTSD under control and help me feel better. My therapist has in fact made me feel like a better version of myself. I do feel better and kept my thoughts and feelings under control but, therapy or medication can only help so much. A huge thing that has helped me is meditation, not medication. Medicine I take does help me but, meditation has taken it to an entire new level. I was first introduced to meditation by my old vocal instructor and I used it before going on stage to cope with the stage fright. He taught me to focus on something and imagine yourself in that place. He taught me to release my thoughts and feelings and put myself in a calm state of mind. This interested me to look further into meditation so, I did. After searching meditation I came across many tactics Buddhists used and I tried them. I was happy I did!

Meditation is basically training your mind to be happy. It does not work for everyone but, it has worked for me immensely! One of my favorite Buddha quotes I came across was, Budda was asked, "What have you gained from meditation?" The Buddha replied, "Nothing at all but, I have lost sickness, anger, depression, insecurity, the burden of old age and the fear of death." This quote really stood out to me because, these are all truly things people want to lose and get out of their mind. Many people fear aging and death but, if you think about it is just natural and nothing to be scared of. Why feel insecure when you have this life to live and you must live it to the fullest? After I tried meditating on these concepts instead of just how to cope with stage fright my mind reached an entire new level! A level of feeling at peace of mind.

I then took things a step further and tried yoga. Yoga is basically exercising your body and mind. When I first tried yoga I had no idea what I was doing and could barely stretch or move my muscles. Yoga can improve strength, balance, back pain relief, heart health, help with sleep, stress and make you feel overall better and happier! It has done all this for me. Since I have been doing yoga I am more patient, relaxed, my back hurts less and I sleep better. I also feel happier after a yoga session. I continue to do it everyday and meditate because, it helps me feel healthier mentally and physically. I still see my therapist to keep my thoughts and feelings under control but, meditation and yoga have helped me take things to an entire new level.

Meditation is a practice people have used for centuries and I highly recommend trying it if you suffer with any kind of mental health issues including, depression, anxiety, PTSD and many others. Meditation once a day for even ten minutes can improve your state of mind so much and if you do yoga you are not only improving your mental health but, your physical health as well. I am not telling anyone to do or try anything they do not want to because different things help different people. I hope this article has at least made you consider a new way to help your mental health and even your physical health!

Karly Krull
Karly Krull
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Karly Krull
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