Losing Your Hair Hurts More than You Think

Before you make a comment on someone's receding hairline, think again.

Losing Your Hair Hurts More than You Think

Everyone takes their full head of healthy hair for granted. Only once you start losing it you’ll feel the emotional pain and stress.

Well, it never seems like such big deal when you’ve got yourself thick hair. I remember making fun of one my best friends for his receding hairline. I never thought it could hurt him. It was just for fun. And it seemed he took it that way, so my behaviour repeated.

For some, balding may not be an issue and some might be great looking with a bald head. But for the majority of people balding is a tough phase, especially if you start to lose your locks in your twenties. There are some medications available to treat baldness but the effectiveness is not guaranteed and for some potential side effects are worst.

How Losing Hair Affected My Life

First of all, let me tell you that I am not bald (not yet, at least). But I started to lose my hair when I was 21. It was sudden. I got out of the shower and dried my hair using a towel just to see more than 20 hair strands on it. I was shocked and numb. Slowly the hair loss affected my hair texture. My hairline was not receding but there was diffuse thinning. I could no longer use gel or creams on my hair because that would reveal my scalp too much. I am 24 now and let me tell you what I went through during this phase of my life.

  • Sadness: I’ve cried at night thinking about how bad I would be with a bald head at such a young age.
  • Social Withdrawal: I have tried to avoid many events, especially the ones in broad daylight, where I would sweat and my hair looks worst.
  • Desperate: I have tried many oils, homoeopathic, and Ayurvedic medicines.
  • Fear: Yes, every time people start to talk about hair, I get afraid they’d make a comment on my hair. My hairdresser once told me that I have lost so much hair and I was depressed the entire day.
  • Fear of Rejection: I was also afraid that girls I find attractive would never feel the same towards me. Rather, they’d go for the boys with great hair!

Yeah, almost everyone in their twenties with hair loss will be concerned about the above problems at least a little bit. For me, it was too much.

Now, I never make comments on a bald head—nor on any physical characteristic of a person. I am starting to accept the fact that I may be moving towards a bald head. I am trying to turn it into something good. I have joined the gym. I am eating healthy. I am taking care of my skin. So once I am bald, I’ll be better looking than I ever was.

When people make comments on my thinning hair, I just smile and nod along. It hurts a bit inside. They’d never know until hair loss hits them.

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