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Long-term wear "silver bracelet" can suck out the body toxins?

How to clean and maintain sterling silver jewelry blackened?

By CustoPublished 8 months ago 9 min read

Jewelry is almost a daily necessity for the female community, especially sterling silver jewelry, because of its cheap price and exquisite style, which not only women love, even many men often wear, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and accessories. to

Sterling silver jewelry is beautiful and fashionable, and the sales of sterling silver products are also given a high value. Our folklore often spreads the word of ghosts and gods, and silver jewelry is believed to have the effect of warding off evil spirits. It is said that the ancient people like to customize the silver collar for the newborn baby, to keep the child from evil spirits and to bless the child's healthy growth, and this has become one of the selling points of the business in the sales process.

In addition, silver needles are also considered to be a good test for poison. Since silver can be chemically reacted with many toxins, resulting in the blackening of silver, both ancient and modern, some people like to use silver jewelry to test the toxicity of food.

And it is this role of silver, some people believe that silver can absorb toxins in the body, so this point is also used by some businesses, exaggerating publicity of sterling silver jewelry's health benefits.

So, sterling silver jewelry is so magical?

The more you wear sterling silver jewelry, the darker it is, and the more you can really "drug addiction"?

In life, many people wearing silver jewelry have appeared when the silver jewelry black situation, then silver jewelry black because of the absorption of toxins in the body.

Silver is a chemical element, the symbol for Ag, and is a very important precious metal. In nature, silver usually exists in ores containing silver compounds, its chemical properties are relatively stable, low activity, and the price is relatively lower than gold, in ancient times silver is usually used as a coin second only to gold to use.

Silver also has thermal and electrical conductivity, is not easy to corrode, its texture is relatively soft and extremely ductile, and because of its extremely high reflectivity, silver is mostly made into jewelry or handicrafts for sale in the market.

Although silver has many advantages and can identify toxins, it has not yet been scientifically proven to have the ability to absorb toxins from the body.

Today, silver is only a beautiful and common piece of jewelry, and the use of gold is the same. And the human body's toxin discharge mainly relies on the body's metabolic function and wearing jewelry is not necessarily related.

Toxins are a product of human metabolism, the liver in the human body has a strong detoxification and detoxification function, as long as the body is in a healthy state, toxins can be metabolized through the circulatory system, such as through sweating, urination, and defecation, breathing, etc.

Why sterling silver jewelry after a period of wear will become black, is entirely due to the silver material having a fatal flaw caused by, that is easy oxidation.

Sterling silver jewelry if exposed to the air for a long time, it is easy to be oxidized by the sulfur ions in the air, producing sulfur oxide, this substance will reduce the luster of silver so that the color of the silver darkened, black, and absorption of human toxins have nothing to do. Therefore, we should not be deceived by this kind of propaganda made by the merchants, the most important thing is to look good, as for the other efficacy role, or separate theory is better.

In addition, many people may also find that some people who wear silver jewelry for a long time will not turn black, which is actually due to living habits and each person's maintenance of jewelry. Some people use the jewelry finer, often wipe the jewelry every day, and pay attention to the preservation of the jewelry, so maybe the silver jewelry sulfide cleans out so that the silver jewelry has been keeping its bright luster.

In addition to the silver jewelry being often clean, want to always keep the silver jewelry shiny, you can also try the following ways.

How to clean and maintain blackened sterling silver jewelry?

As we all know, silver jewelry will blacken, thus affecting the beauty of the person wearing it. To keep the silver jewelry bright in color for a long time, then daily maintenance is very important.

First of all, silver jewelry should not be set aside for too long, but should be worn often. Some people think that silver jewelry is easy to oxidation, so do not let silver jewelry have too much exposure to the air, and only occasionally wear it. This way will be easy to let the silver jewelry oxidation.

Often wearing silver jewelry can make silver jewelry maintain a long luster, this is because the body's oil secretion can be well attached to the surface of silver jewelry, forming a protective film, effectively slowing down the oxidation of silver jewelry. Therefore, the best way to keep the silver luster unchanged is to wear it for a long time.

If you can not do often wear, then it is recommended that you can prepare a sealed bag when preserving, it and then collect it in the jewelry box can be, which can effectively reduce the oxidation of silver jewelry.

In addition, in the preservation process try not to let the silver jewelry contact other chemicals, otherwise, it is also easy to produce oxidation.

If the silver jewelry is blackened due to improper preservation, then you can also master this tip, For a minute to bring the silver jewelry back to its luster, you can use toothpaste to clean it.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the palm of your hand, dip a small amount of water, and clean the silver jewelry, you will find that the silver jewelry will soon become shiny and translucent again, and then dry it with a jewelry cleaning cloth, sealed storage can be.

Finally, it is important to keep the silver jewelry dry. Try not to wear silver jewelry to swim, especially in hot springs and saltwater environments. Both of these will easily react with silver jewelry sulfide, thus making it black.

Silver jewelry is widely used in life, and although it does not have the effect of absorbing toxins, still has many benefits.

What are the roles of silver in life?

Li Shizhen is a famous doctor in history, according to his record in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", showing that silver has the effect of calming the five organs and tranquilizing the mind of the human body.

Modern medicine believes that silver ions can kill bacteria and inflammation, which is a miracle of modern medicine. Usually, an antibiotic can kill about 6 kinds of bacteria, while silver ions can kill 650 kinds of harmful microorganisms and effectively control recalcitrant resistant strains of bacteria.

Therefore, silver ions are very effective in the treatment of gastritis, malaria, psoriasis and oral infections, yeast infections, etc.; it can also be used to treat sepsis, rheumatic fever, arthritis, meningitis, and other infectious diseases, etc.; in addition, it is also effective in the treatment of other traumatic injuries such as burns.

So, can wearing silver jewelry or using silver tablets in daily life sterilize?

According to information, in ancient times, marching to war due to the lack of effective antibiotic drugs, and marching outside the treatment is not very convenient, therefore, if the phenomenon of wound inflammation, soldiers will be pocketed silver made of silver tablets, paste on the wound, to prevent wound infection and speed up wound healing.

In modern times, many women inevitably pierced ears, and it is not difficult to find that after piercing, they will generally wear sterling silver earrings. But modern medicine has confirmed that silver can only be effective in sterilizing and stopping wound inflammation if it exists in ionic forms, such as nano-silver, which can have this effect, so you can buy some daily.

Silver can also identify the poison. In ancient times, the royal family had a supreme status, and the struggle between members of the royal family was also extremely fierce, so the security of the palace was very important. Not only reflected in the military, but even life is also careful everywhere, even to the diet and living are very careful.

It is not difficult to find that in the ancient TV series, in addition to wearing silver jewelry, most of the imperial tableware of the royal family is made of silver.

For example, silver chopsticks, dining bowls, water vessels, and many others, this is due to the silver ions can be chemically reacted with many toxins, once the toxins are found, silverware will immediately turn black, is an effective and convenient way to detect poison in ancient times.

In addition, we have all heard the story of the ancient tea horse road, as a commercial and economic behavior, due to the distance, remote, and merchants carrying supplies and more valuables, to prevent robbers and robbers poisoning robbery, merchants will also provide some of their food used in silverware to prevent poisoning.

Silverware was made into tableware not only for poison prevention but also for food preservation. As we all know, in the past, due to the limited preservation conditions, food was very easy to spoil. Therefore, rich people like to use silver cutlery to preserve food. This approach still exists today in some of China's ethnic minorities, if you have been to the grasslands to play, it is not difficult to find the grassland nomads who like to use silverware as tableware.

Of course, this is not to prevent poisoning, but to preserve freshness. Especially important guests to the grasslands, the highest courtesy of the reception is to use silver bowls of horse milk wine for guests. The silver bowl not only symbolizes nobility and purity but also delays food decay and can well ensure the original mellow taste of horse milk wine.

Comprehensive above, silver jewelry to wear will absorb body toxins is nonsense, but silver jewelry in life also has some usefulness. In this regard, it is also recommended that you do not believe in the marketing schemes of businesses, but use a scientific and objective way to help their health.


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