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Leave It "Aloe"

by Ashley Terrell about a year ago in health

The Versatile Green Remedy

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As a chef, scars and wounds come with the industry of culinary arts. Over the summer, a friend of mine gifted me a housewarming gift of Aloe Vera plants.

They were a god send especially since I burn myself in multiple ways while cooking and baking.

Aloe Vera plants can survive indoors, so I wanted to give the green thumb plants a try.

One night as I performed an Aloe Vera facial, I felt intrigued to explore other benefits the traditional succulent plant could store.

Aloe Vera, also known aliases "wonder plant", "burn plant", "lily of the desert" and elephant's gall".

The versatile remedy contains over 500 species of succulent plants. Aloe Vera, comes from Aloe barbadensis, and grown in North Africa. Aloe Vera has been used for traditional therapeutic properties in China, Japan, India, Japan, India, Greece, Egypt, and Mexico.

Here's a few remedies Aloe Vera can offer!

1. Lowers Blood Sugar

According to Everyday Health, studies found drinking Aloe Vera for two weeks could help lower blood sugar with people who have type 2 diabetes. It's also noted that triglyceride levels can improve as well, which is good for diabetics.

2. Relieves Constipation

No one likes filled bowels. 😑

When I learned Aloe Vera can relieve and treat constipation, I was shocked!

Aloe Vera plants produce aloe latex, which is the yellow bright pulp found in the outer part of the Aloe Vera leaf. This is ideal to treat constipation.

Aloe latex also produces aloin, an anthraquinone that provides the laxative properties. The latex properties can help with constipation.

3. Helps prevent cavities.

Dental hygiene products containing Aloe Vera are just as effective in preventing cavities. Aloe Vera contains anthraquinone compounds that heal and reduce pain with natural anti-inflammatory effects.

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4. Helps with irritations and burns.

Any one that enjoys the kitchen knows that an occasional burn or two happens. With Aloe Vera plants, the succulent has helped with the healing process of my wounds, scars and occasional burns.

According to Everyday Health, Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera juice are popular remedies to treat redness, cold sore, frost bite and skin irritation.

How can I add Aloe Vera to your daily living.

Very simple!

Today, Aloe Vera is available in various forms for consumption. As I previously stated, I have two Aloe Vera plants in my home. I enjoy the benefits with these indoor plants because they're low maintenance to grow and upkeep. In addition, Aloe Vera plants clean the air in my home.

Whenever I need ointment for a burn or skin irritation, I'll cut [starting in the beginning of the Aloe Vera leaf] a reasonable slice off my plant and apply to problematic area.

Aloe Vera plants are grown in warm climate. Forgot to water your Aloe Vera plant for a few days? No worries, a little dryness won't wither your plant away. Make sure there's enough room for the Aloe Vera plant roots to grow and breath.

Aloe Vera juice has become a lifestyle staple with various diet regimens. Whether it's in supplement form, food or antibiotic, Aloe Vera has versatile ways to be available for common ailments.

Have sensitive skin? Aloe Vera can be used as bar soap, cosmetics and sprays. Aloe Vera is a trending ingredient for soothing purposes for face masks and cleansing creams. Hair shampoos and conditioners with Aloe Vera offers soothing and healing benefits.

Which ways do you use Aloe Vera for your everyday living? Do you use Aloe Vera as an ointment? Do you use Aloe Vera as part of your multi-vitamin regimen?

Let us know below! We'll love to know!

Ashley Terrell
Ashley Terrell
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