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Know about 7 steps to your new life

by ROBINSON JAMES HERBERT about a year ago in lifestyle
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Seven free, and most importantly, really effective steps to a new life. Everyone who tried it - thank you, we hope it will come in handy for you.

Know about 7 steps to your new life
Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

Seven free, and most importantly, really effective steps to a new life. Everyone who tried it - thank you, we hope it will come in handy for you.

1. Hand out debts. Not material. Energy debt is any low frequency response to a person or event. So, the debt in our case is when you receive from the Universe in full: there are arms, legs, a roof over your head, food every day, loving relatives, and if you are really lucky, both your friends are real, and your arms and legs do not hurt, and relatives can't stand the brain, and you don't seem to notice it.

That is, you have it, as a matter of course, and it seems like the way it should be. Allocate for this practice one day of your life, during which you will RECORD everything that "does not belong to you", but which you can use.

It is enough to remember that you were born lonely on Earth. Naked. Completely dependent on others. And all that you have now is actually not yours, this is a kind of lease, because you will also be alone in leaving the Earth!

Give thanks.

Thank you for the laces on your shoes, for the hot water, for a functioning body, for clothes, for gadgets, for the air you breathe, for the asphalt on the road, for the smile of a passer-by - for everything that serves you here and now. My students, who did this practice responsibly, showed me a notebook of 200 pages covered in small handwriting! And the more fanatical you approach the process, the higher your own vibrations will rise, bringing you closer to your cherished goals.

2. Pay off loans. Not material. How is debt different from a loan? In the first case, you simply take something to give or pay. At a certain time or when there will be an opportunity. Nobody forces you to pay small amounts on a monthly basis and does not establish interest, penalties, as is the case with a loan.

In terms of energy, credit is once energy taken from a destructive source that sticks to you for a certain time in order to get energy. Much more than I gave. Everything is like in life. We considered the issue of energy sources in detail in the article Who takes my energy, and the topic is quite voluminous, so here I will just give an example.

The lender is always a low frequency energy funnel. Once upon a time, most likely in childhood, you enlightened that it (the funnel) is quite normal, it should be so and it should be. The simplest example is unrequited love. How many books, songs, poems, films on this topic! And how many millions of people live with a feeling of loneliness and needlessness, suffering for years!

This is a classic example of a funnel. First, from the first dose, it gives energy: understanding that you are not alone; the opportunity to pour out the soul or suffer along with the hero of the novel, involvement; the opportunity to suffer with a girlfriend for the thirteenth vocal of wine in a bar under the slogan "all men are good ...", etc. You don't even notice how you are drawn in, and you already begin to vibrate at the frequency of this funnel.

You suffer, and in return you receive “support” and “compassion” from your loved ones. And so it can go on for years, while the funnel pumps out all the free energy. Paying off a loan can be quick and fun, or slow and painful. I am for the first option. You yourself are able to determine which funnels you feed the most.

Take time for this work and write down 3 main ones. And right from this second start doing, thinking, paying attention to everything that is the other way around. That is, if it was about unrequited love, start watching movies about happy families in principle (I know there are few of them, but they exist), listen to songs about happy ones, find and post stories about happy couples on social networks, etc. In order for the darkness to go away, it is enough to turn on the light.

3. Disassemble the trash. Not material. This point is a continuation of the previous one. There are funnels that clearly harm your life, and there are those that simply distract from your true goals and objectives. To some extent, social networks can also apply to them, if you do not sit in them to do work, TV, if you do not follow the news on duty, in general everything that you "stick to" is "while away the weekend." Have you given birth, fed, raised and brought up so that you, in adulthood and with a sober mind, wasted time in anticipation of something, a mythical "sweat"? Junk is something that does not bring a state of joy, love and gratitude. Junk is something in your life that confuses you (from your Path). Trash is what only you are able to make out, the main thing is to understand WHY.

Most of my students told me that they littered their lives, filling the voids. Someone without a break ate for hours on end in front of the TV, hiding from loneliness; someone "stuck" in the network, in an attempt to escape from their unloved work ... Of course, you have your own answer to the question WHY you allowed to clutter up your life. Find it. Choose from 100% of your daily activities the ones that really work for you. It is for you, not for the boss, not for humanity, not for the husband or the child. How much did it turn out?

4. Respond to the request. Not material. And now we will talk about WHY we need all this. This is not a motivational point, but only a reminder for those who are especially forgetful. We know from the physics course that everything is energy. That is, we are all drops of a common, infinite whole. And the quality of the whole depends on the quality of each droplet. So we all want to live in an ideal world where there is no rubbish, no rudeness, no wars, no boredom and loneliness. And sometimes we ourselves are donors of funnels feeding all these destructive things in the material world.

A being living from Friday to Friday, sick in the body, not understanding its own potential, cannot, cannot be highly vibrational! After all, many of us consider health simply the absence of disease. And what is real health when, waking up, you are happy to start realizing your creative talents, when you want to run, not walk (not to be confused with chasing time from the subway to the minibus), when in your free time you are happy to go for a walk, when you smile not at something definite, but simply because all this IS, when your whole body not only does not hurt, but glows with health ... This is how you can also live if you get rid of trash. Everything is in your hands, regardless of the starting point.

5. Declare amnesty. Release grievances, claims, misunderstandings, rejection of yourself from the prison in the first place. I know how ridiculous they usually sound like "just forgive and accept yourself as you are." And I can’t help myself, this is what needs to be done when starting a new life in order to cleanse oneself of old, stagnant energies. Only I will try to help you with practical advice. After all, you have (it cannot be that this is read by a saint!) A person whom you, to put it mildly, condemn for this or that in your address.

Returning to physics and remembering that there are no others, you can easily guess that you are not offended and condemning Vasya. You judge yourself. And Vasya just helps you understand this. I don’t know how long it will take for you to complete the full amnesty. Day, week, year - everyone has their own rhythm. To help you, as usual, paper and a pen. The most notorious "criminals" can be discharged and amnestied first.

6. Make a plan. Now that you have a lot of liberated energy (and you yourself will feel it for health reasons, at the desire to live and wake up), you can proceed to the standard procedure - planning. Only we will plan a little differently from what we were taught earlier. Someone calls this process magic, someone mysticism and witchcraft. It is important to do this exercise for at least a month. So, we take 4 areas of our life: Self-realization and money, love and family, travel and communication with the outside world, health and body composition. For each area, you probably have your own desires. We write out no more than 3 wishes in each area.

It turns out 12 points. Wishes are written in the present tense, as if they have already been realized. Every day in the morning for a month, you will rewrite these points with the feeling that everything has already happened. You seem to look behind the screen of time and see yourself in new, favorable circumstances. But do not just look, but unite with yourself “the future”, as if pulling it (yourself) into the present. And that's all.

7. Give your loved ones extraordinary gifts. I'm not talking now about flying to the moon or a star with the name of my beloved. No, I'm talking about unexpected pleasant surprises, like a note with tenderness in your pocket; sprigs of a Christmas tree laid out under the windows “Mom, I love you! Son Seryozha ”, and similar inexpensive (or rather free) surprises, which will be an excellent addition to material gifts. And believe me, this is never forgotten, and really shows your true attitude towards a person. As they say, do not expect a miracle. Wonder yourself!


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