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Visceral fat? How to fix the fat switch?

by ROBINSON JAMES HERBERT about a year ago in fitness
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Do you have a big belly that you just can't get rid of? Then you will want to read this material to the end. Because your main enemy is visceral fat.

Visceral fat? How to fix the fat switch?
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The average woman knows that if she doesn't eat at night for several days in a row, the results in centimeters appear very quickly. She rejoices: “I have lost weight!”, And after a couple of dinners everything returns to its place again.

What happens in this situation?

You lose weight due to the "drained" excess water from the body. Your subcutaneous and visceral fats have not gone anywhere, your belly has remained in place. This is especially offensive if you were not just on a diet, but also actively engaged in fitness. There is effort, but no result.

As a former fitness instructor, the most prevalent theory in this industry is the "cardio weight loss" theory. We are encouraged to exercise for at least 40 minutes per workout to burn calories and activate the fat burning response.

This theory only works in a healthy body. If your fat switch is already broken, if your body is already running on glucose and insulin resistance has begun, you cannot burn fat with exercise. And you can't diet until you fix the fat switch. But more on that later.

So, you starve a little, the water is gone, and the body begins to urgently accumulate everything that it did not receive during the previous (3-5-7) days of the diet. You are gaining too much again, and even beyond that. The circle is closed. And after a couple of years, even fasting and low-calorie diets stop working. "I am getting fat, although I eat almost nothing!"

I suggest that you stop torturing yourself. First, figure out how our body works, how to fix the "fat switch", then weigh whether you are ready for such feats, and only then embark on a battle for a slender and healthy body.

The most common scheme for determining "normal weight" is the Body Mass Index, which is calculated from the indicators of height, weight and age of a person. And it is believed that if you have a normal BMI, then you are safe. It turns out that this is not the case. This index does not calculate and does not show the presence of the most dangerous - visceral fat.

Scientists in the United States have found that visceral fat is not only unattractive, but also dangerous. Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 2.75 times. Interestingly, people with a normal BMI but an increased percentage of visceral fat are at increased risk.

“Adipose tissue is no longer viewed simply as a largely passive energy storage organ, but is now also considered an active endocrine tissue, which, by producing various cytokines, hormones and other proteins, affects many physiological and pathophysiological processes in the human body.” The

state of visceral obesity is constant, incessant inflammatory process in the body. The immune system begins to actively fight the stored fat, as a result it is depleted, and you remain defenseless against various viruses, parasites, and even oncology. Links to research can be found at the end of the material.

Visceral obesity is a constant, ongoing inflammatory process in the body.

How to check your body fat percentage?

There are several ways. First, measure your waist (just above the navel, the narrowest part of your torso) and your hips (the widest part, about the middle of your buttocks).

Then divide: waist / hip

If my waist is 67 cm and my hips are 98 cm, I get 0.68.

Normally, for women, the indicator is 0.85 and below. For men 0.90 and below.

Anything above these indicators will signal the danger of internal obesity.

An even easier way is to simply measure your waist. Norm for women: 80.1-87.88 cm. For men: 93.98 - 101.6 cm.

You do not need a scale to control your condition. They will tell you how much muscles weigh in you, how much water and fat, so weighing is an ineffective way of self-control.

There are also devices that measure the ratio of the mass of bones, muscles, fat, water in the body. Not all specialists trust their data (even an ultrasound machine is sometimes very mistaken), but it's up to you to decide what to use.

Urea is not removed from the blood. A person becomes lethargic, there is no strength, depression develops, and at the level of the body - puffiness, urolithiasis, high blood pressure. And the stomach grows, because glucose is deposited around the internal organs!

How does visceral fat appear?

This is your pancreas's response to sugar overdose. You can say that you hardly eat any candy or buns. But the truth is, almost all food on store shelves today contains some form of sugar. The most dangerous of these is hidden sugar, which you don't recognize.

We were well brainwashed about high and low calorie content, and when we read the formulations we pay attention to the ratio of CBFU. Think about it, sugar is added to the bread. Sugar in pickled peas. There is sugar in the sausage. There is also sugar in baby food (which I consider to be a crime against humanity). Sugar - aka fructose, sucrose, desctrose, malt, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, corn syrup, and 60 other names that you may not have heard before.

When sugar enters the body (I will call that all that is sugar in fact, even if it is not called that), it forces the pancreas to produce insulin. It is a hormone that helps glucose get into the cell. From the blood in this way, glucose, processed by insulin, enters the muscles, body tissues and serves as energy. Gives strength, and so on.

When you eat a lot of sugar (more than 30 grams per day), you force your pancreas to bombard your cells with insulin.

Let's imagine a situation. A girl is dating a guy. She likes him. When he looks after and achieves her, everything is fine, there is a prospect of a relationship. And if they begin to invade her life manic? And she realizes that he is apparently not healthy, what is he doing? He stops reacting and even begins to defend himself.

It's the same in the body. The cells, noticing the unhealthy activity of the pancreas, first stop responding to insulin - insulin resistance begins. They do not need so much energy, they have just received it, they have not yet had time to assimilate it. And if everything continues with the same intensity, then they "call the police" - the immune system.

Glucose (sugar) from the blood that has not entered the cell begins to penetrate directly into the organs. For example, in the kidneys, which instantly inhibits their function. Urea is not removed from the blood. A person becomes lethargic, there is no strength, depression develops, and at the level of the body - puffiness, urolithiasis, high blood pressure. And the stomach grows, because glucose is deposited around the internal organs!

Because the liver blocks hormone receptor lipase (the process of breaking down fats) and reduces the use of fat as energy. In other words, you stop using stored fat, literally "live on glucose." And even training does not include the process of burning fat, but only uses glucose.

This is visceral fat, which is so difficult to remove.

And the "police" - the immune system makes it so that "the pot does not boil" - affects the section of the pancreas where insulin is produced. These are the “islets of Langerhans”. They literally die off, which means type 1 diabetes.

Plus, the fat itself becomes toxic to the entire body. He should not be there, the immune system begins to "fight" with him.

I think (this is not proven, hypothesis) that this is why people with increased levels of visceral fat are more likely to get a cancer diagnosis. Because the immune system throws all its forces on the "enemy" who is here and now. And she misses cancer cells, she has no time.

And now the harmless fat on the belly becomes deadly. And the goal of “removing the belly” is not a vain one, but a goal of survival.

As you can imagine, not only the pancreas will suffer in this situation. After all, the organs in the abdominal cavity make up the system, and it either all works normally, or everything fails. Moreover, the internal organs affect the muscles. There is even a special term for this: "viscero-muscle connections." Your muscles will be toned if your internal organs are in good shape.

For example, the rectus abdominis muscle, which you are trying to pump to reduce the abdomen, does not work if your small intestine is "junk". You seem to be pumping the press, but at this moment your back, neck hurts, even the jaw is straining.

Because the rectus abdominis muscle is not included in the movement process. By the way, it shows well whether you have prolapse of internal organs. When the abdomen hangs, the rectus muscle is atonic (relaxed), and no matter what you do, until you clean up your small intestine, it will not work normally.

And in the situation described above, the small intestine suffers first after the pancreas, since it is directly connected to the gland. Since the small intestine has suffered, then, among other things, you also do not have enough nutrition. He "prepares food" from the food that we ingest. It distributes all nutrients throughout the body. And he cannot do it efficiently if he is not supplied with properly processed raw materials (with all juices in a normal composition), and if he does not stand still.

Then the large intestine also loses its super-strength - to suck up the remaining water from the food lump, and carry it out through the anus. That is, in order to return "everything as it was" (if you do not have type 1 diabetes yet, it is possible), you also need to work with the internal organs.

The correct vector:

- Control the sugar content in food - no more than 30 grams per day, and it is better to apply the principle of wave sugar consumption. In general, it is good to switch to "Wave nutrition", which is most likely to give you a result, and at the same time does not limit and does not make you suffer without food;

- In no case try to lose weight on low-calorie diets. This will finish off your body! Very often, diet authors advise not to eat fatty foods, more "good carbohydrates" and protein. In the situation described above, when your "fat switch" is broken, the body "converts" carbohydrates into visceral fat, because that is also glucose!

- Stop grueling cardio workouts. They don't work the way they are taught in the mainstream of fitness. And it can be harmful to you if there are also blocks in the body at the level of the abdominal diaphragm .

- To deal with the issue is not one-sided, but complex! Yes, you need to adjust your diet. And work with internal organs must be carried out simultaneously, because the adhesive processes formed by years of "sinful" life will not go away by themselves. They can also inhibit the recovery process, especially if there is a prolapse of internal organs.

What to do?

1. Ask yourself the most important question: "Why do you need to live a healthy person?" It seems absurd, but up to 60% of my students cannot answer this very question. “So that it doesn't hurt” is not that! When your motivation comes from fear of illness or pain, you engage in the process for exactly the time until the pain subsides.

This motivation is the reason for breakdowns and "laziness", because your brain is not clear why you need all this at all. He will not give you any strength or energy to engage in health. He will find very urgent and important things to do. He will count your money and declare that there is no money for such programs now. Sit up straight and consider how your life will change when you are healthy. How will you communicate with others? How will you work / rest? What in general can you do for the world and people when you have a lot of strength and energy?

2. If you have the opportunity, do not waste time, go directly to the Belly Healihg program . There we learn to work with internal organs, and with the psycho-emotional sphere, and we even make birth corrections in order to fully and irrevocably improve your condition.

My students live without pills, quit hormone replacement therapy even in menopause, remove their abdomens in a natural way, and all this without training up to 7 sweats and without violence against themselves. I sincerely believe that this program should be taught in high school. Therefore, once again, if possible, do not waste precious time! What can be solved today in six months of practice, tomorrow may require two or three years, and the day after tomorrow - surgical intervention.

3. If right now for some reason you cannot go to the main course, go to the "Wave Power" program... This is the foundation of your health. Especially if you have an overweight issue and need to fix the "fat switch", you will start on "Wave Power". The program is available to you for a whole year, during which you will have 12 live webinars with me to receive live answers to your questions.

4. If you “have no money at all,” think about what you are spending on. I have students who save up for my programs for several months or take an installment plan. And this is perhaps the only case when I agree to an installment plan. After all, you invest in the most profitable business: in your health and well-being, and even begin to seriously save!

On doctors, on medicines, on masseurs and assistance specialists, on products even! You stop “flushing money down the toilet” because you understand where the harm is and where the benefit is. Where you can help yourself and your loved ones, and where you need a specialist (surgeon, dentist, midwife). According to a 2019 survey, most Russian residents spend about 3,000 rubles a month on medicines.

This is 36,000 rubles a year. I think that with the beginning of the pandemic, the figure has grown significantly. If you add here the procedures of a massage therapist, psychologist, osteopath, appointments with paid doctors, tests, you get a tidy sum. One student of mine calculated that she spends about 160,000 rubles a year on all these needs.

Here's how much you save when you go to my programs. And if we assume that you purchase one program for life, it turns out that in the future for 5 years, even if you do not use the services of massage therapists and psychologists, you will save 180,000 rubles. Because the tools that I give you on the programs serve your whole life.


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