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January Workout

by Christina Walsh 2 years ago in fitness

The Start of It All

January Workout

I can't really remember the last time I worked out or even was very physically active. Because of that, the plan I have for this month is SUPER super simple. I found it on Pinterest. The goal of this month's workout out plan is to get me back into gear to start working out on a regular basis and with increasing intensity. Since we are already nearly done with the month, this post will double as my update post. (My first update and workout post got deleted by accident. It's a long story.)

January Workout

Day 1: 20 jumping jacks/10 crunches

Day 2: 35 jumping jacks/15 crunches

Day 3: 40 jumping jacks/20 crunches

Day 4: 45 jumping jacks/10 sit ups

Day 5: BREAK

Day 6: 50 jumping jacks/15 sit ups

Day 7: 30 crunches/10 leg lifts

Day 8: 55 jumping jacks/10 leg lifts

Day 9: 60 jumping jacks

Day 10: 10 lunges (each leg)

Day 11: BREAK

Day 12: 15 crunches/10 leg lifts

Day 13: 20 leg lifts/20 sit ups

Day 14: 15 mins jogging

Day 15: 10 lunges (each leg)/60 jumping jacks

Day 16: BREAK

Day 17: 20 leg lifts/10 toe touches

Day 18: 5 minute jog/5 toe touchers/10 lunges

Day 19: 20 lunges/10 toe touches

Day 20: 10 lunges/10 sit ups/20 jumping jacks

Day 21: BREAK

Day 22: day 1

Day 23: day 2

Day 24: day 3

Day 25: day 4

Day 26: day 5

Day 27: day 6

Day 28: day 7

Day 29: day 8

Day 30: day 9

Day 31: BREAK

My Progress So Far

A lot of these exercises I remember doing in gym class as warm-ups. Even so, I still found I had to look a lot of them up to jog my memory on how to do them. Needing to look up simple exercises really showed me how long it has been since I've done anything to take care of my body.

My goal was to make it to the gym at my apartment complex every day so I could hop on the treadmill before the workout. That did not happen. The only day I actually did make it to the gym was Day 14 where the whole workout was running. That day kicked my ass. I haven't done any running at all since freshman year of high school. Even then, it was very minimal. I broke that in half and only did seven minutes on the treadmill and I did the rest on an elliptical. Other than the running, the hardest exercise for me has been leg lifts. The hardest part about them is keeping the right form (legs straight). I actually have been really trying to work on form with all of them. Lunges and sit-ups are hard too. The hardest thing with the sit-ups is keeping my feet on the ground and not going all over the place. I had my boyfriend stand on my feet one of the days and it made it 10x easier. I noticed the most burn the day after with lunges.

I will admit I have missed a few days since starting. I am only up to day 15 right now on the plan (the day I am writing this is the 21st). Since some of these are repeat days I will just adjust it to fit in the rest of the month.

January Healthy Tidbit

My healthy bit for January is to cut out fast food. Honestly, I only made it to the 6th before cracking and making a stop at McDonald's. Even just one week without it though I could tell a huge difference. My stomach hurt the rest of the night after eating it and I was super tired. That was my only cheat day though. In my efforts to cut fast food out, I have tried to be better about bringing something to work to eat. Even if I just grab a granola bar to eat later while I'm running out the door it really helps me with not wanting to go out at lunch.

Warning: Unflattering Images Ahead

There it is. Now it's all out there. This is my post-pregnancy body and this is what I have to work with. I'm starting out here, but I'm so excited to see where I end.

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