How to Treat a Sprained Ankle

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Don't walk around on it.

How to Treat a Sprained Ankle

I messed up my right ankle two weeks straight back in January and I was rendered unable to do much except stay home and write, also being forced to drive everywhere instead of burning calories by walking. Twisting an ankle is not the same thing as spraining an ankle. Ankles that are swollen are sprained. I saw my psychiatrist one day to ask her what to do, then I went to urgent care. Repeated or severe sprains can cause joint pain. Ankle sprains come from moving your feet too fast. I imagine it happened when I walked to Target with my cart to get food. I walked home that day, and I think that’s when it might have happened.

Ankles roll outward while the foot turns inward, and this can damage the ligaments inside the ankle. Ankle sprains can be mild to severe. I think mine was medium. The ankle may be tender, swollen, and stiff. You might feel some pain walking on your ankle. Severe sprains cause more pain than mild ones. Very sprained ankles are ankles you cannot walk on because it hurts too much. Sprains cause pain in the location where it is torn. Severe sprains might make you hear an actual noise. This didn’t happen to me.

I just noted my ankle was painful. I have the tendency to walk around more than I drive. So driving to places was totally annoying to me. Sometimes sprained ankles can cause knee problems. My left knee is the one that popped out of its joint. I also fractured my left tibia two years ago. I have been using a cane that long. My knee was very stiff until I, the forever skeptic, saw a Reiki healer who helped a lot. RICE involves resting, using ice the first 24 to 72 hours until the swelling goes down, and an ACE bandage must wrap the ankle to use compression.

The final component of RICE is to elevate above the level of your heart. Pain relievers can also help, like ibuprofen. Physical therapy and its rehabilitation exercises can be helpful for sprained ankles. Taping your ankle together can be helpful if you insist on exercising. I felt I had to stay off my ankle for two weeks. Those were a boring two weeks for me since I couldn’t do much at all. I wanted to go out but I didn’t want to drive everywhere.

Surgery might eventually be necessary to repair the torn ligaments if there are any. Surgery is not something I want to do since few want to cut open a type 1 diabetic. Pain levels can determine how many “range of motion” exercises you can do. I just put my ankle up for two weeks. Then I went to urgent care when they said I could walk on it now. I waited some time for me to be able to drive to urgent care since using my gas pedal did hurt. Then it healed up and ever since then I have been able to walk again but it does swell up from time to time. Mostly it was my left ankle that did this because of my knee but now my right ankle is random with this.

Sprained ankles only happened to me because I forced my ankle out of its range of motion. I was probably pushing myself when it happened to begin with. My ankle was tender, swollen, and bruised. I wasn’t totally restricted in terms of moving it around, but it hurt. I had to stay off of it for a while. I didn’t necessarily fall but I was walking and pulling my cart, so that’s probably what sprained my ankle in the first place.

Iria Vasquez-Paez
Iria Vasquez-Paez
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