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How to Stay Fit When You're Lacking Motivation

by Marisa Batista 3 years ago in fitness

Working Out Is Hard

I've been playing sports for as long as I can remember. I started soccer when I was five years old, and have been active since. Fast forward to playing Field Hockey at a Division 1 level in college, and it's pretty safe to say I thought I had working out down to a T.

While being part of a collegiate team, they control when and how you work out, and what you're eating. So, not to say that it was easy, (I still have nightmares about our run tests and practices at six AM), but when you're forced to do it, you just do it.

Now that I have graduated college, I thought it would be easy to continue the active lifestyle that was ingrained in me the past three years. But, when there's no coach yelling in your ear to make you do another sprint, it's really difficult to motivate yourself to work out at that same level.

So, for those of you struggling like me, I've compiled a list of things I do to keep myself motivated and stay fit.

1. Create a calendar.

I am somewhat of a forgetful person, so for me, writing down my schedule of work, and then incorporating allocated time to work out helps me remember to do it, and stick to it. I keep my calendar next to my bed, so that I look at it every morning and remember to take gym clothes with me.

2. Switch it up.

As someone who doesn't love just going out for a run, I need to do things that keep me interested. I've attended yoga classes, barre classes, gone for runs with friends, biked, lifted weights, you name it. But doing the same thing every single day makes me dread working out. So switching it up is imperative for me.

3. Celebrate all of your accomplishments (yes, even the small ones).

Sometimes, life is unpredictable. On the days when you are so run down from work, school, family, or any other stressors in your life, if all you can manage to do is an ab circuit and some bodyweight squats, then be proud of yourself. You did something, and that's better than nothing. You should also be celebrating the days when you pushed yourself to run that fifth mile, or when you maxed more than you ever have, but if something small is all you can manage, be proud of yourself for that.

4. Don't compare yourself to anyone else.

This might be the most important one that everyone needs to hear. I heard someone say that Instagram is just a highlight reel, yet we treat it as reality and that is the truth. The models you consistently compare yourself to aren't posting the pictures where they're slouched over with rolls on their stomach, they're posting the posed, edited, perfected image of themselves that probably took 200 photos to get. If you take nothing else from this article, I want you to know that social media isn't reality, and you are just as beautiful and deserving as the people you see.

5. Find a friend to hold you accountable

Lastly, most of us don't have a coach to yell at us to finish our set of sprints or to run one more set of stairs. But we all have friends. Whether you ask one of your close friends or join a workout group, try to find someone who knows your goals and holds you accountable. Bonus points if this person will work out with you, because doing anything challenging can be made just a little bit easier with someone there, cheering you on.

These are just some tips that helped me stay motivated while working out. Life is hard. Staying active while living a busy life is hard. Don't beat yourself up over the small things, and if you're doing your best, then that's all anyone could ask of you.

Comment under this post if any of these tips helped you, or if you have your own motivational tips to share!


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