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How to Get Yourself into Sports

by Eugenia Moreno about a year ago in fitness

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How to Get Yourself into Sports

We've all been there. "Yeah, I'll go to the gym tomorrow" or "it's just that I hate exercise and I eat healthy enough so I'm fine". We give excuses at the thought of sweating or running short of breath. The thing is while eating healthy makes up 80 percent of a good lifestyle, sports and fitness is still 20 percent. Now of course, when we think of "getting fit" we tend to envision ourselves running on some cold Saturday morning, while it's pouring rain outside. But, if there's one thing I've learned from seven years of fitness and finding my way into sports is that running is not the sole thing that can give us that missing 20 percent of health. In fact, when I started exercising I too began jogging. I quickly found how much I hated it. Of course, there will always be those people who adore it and have always loved the idea of a little run to get distressed and others end up liking it after doing it for some time. Still, some of you, just like me, simply can't stand it, even if it becomes a daily thing. It's like working in an office, there will always be people who like it and find a monotone routine exciting in some ways, but others, while like the idea of earning an income from a nine to five job, don't really like spending their time in front of a screen, sitting down for hours.

That's why I believe that the best way to get into something that will last long term is to do something one enjoys. Fitness is not just the gym or a morning jog it can be dancing at home, in your room. Find tutorials on Youtube of some cool dance routines and there you have it, a fun fitness workout that can barely be felt as being exercise. It can be a simple trek every day through exciting trails in a park, while music is playing through your ears and you're going at a set, rapid and consistent pace to make it a bit more intense. It may be on a pair of rollerblades or a skateboard or perhaps taking swimming lessons. There are just so many options and some don't require anything but a pair of sports shoes.

For me, it was rollerblading that got me into fitness and has now become a hobby. As I said, I hate running nothing in the world was more arduous and boring than jogging (Again, that's my opinion). Even music, which always helps me through things just wasn't doing it. So, I took out an old pair of skates I had from when I was younger and gave it a go. Fast forward seven years later, I have a really good pair I've spent some savings on, I can do so many tricks, and I'm passionate on becoming good enough for some competition out there. Of course, not everyone will enjoy it, so here's another thing. Music is my second passion. I love singing, creating music, and obviously dancing. I started freestyling after a while of playing JustDance and now it's also another one of my favorite cardio moves. I just let go, and whether it's a simple pop and lock it breaks some sweat. The thing is, you don't need to do what everyone else does just because you see it's working for them. There are so many options out there for you, and if sports are meant to release endorphins, I would work on finding what is right for you and gives you the most happiness.

Now, onto my other point, there is, of course, the gym. When some people hear that word is like their whole body shuts down. "Torture" is probably the first word that comes to mind. Just as I said with other sports, I also think that you have to find a good circuit that's ideal for you to do. There is the option of trainers, of course, but some people (myself included) don't find this enjoyable since they like their freedom and to experiment things. Fair enough, for those individuals I'd recommend putting on some gym gear and on the way there for the first time think of what you'd like to achieve initially. Is it weightloss? Fatloss? Getting healthier? More athletic? Whatever your goal is, there's plenty for you to do in there. Many go for those apps that give you a set workout but to me, the thrill just ends up fading and I get bored after a week of following routines. I love to try new things, getting to use the equipment in many different ways, and so, every day for me is a different workout. I started doing some cardio to increase my resistance when I rollerblade. I quickly started getting bored of it. I began looking through Youtube for off skating training and a lot of it included weightlifting which, due to my social background, I didn't view it appropriate for me at first. One day, however, I stumbled across a fitness beauty Natacha Océane and she gave me many ideas. I didn't want to copy her moves because they seemed awfully hard but bit by bit I started creating, for instance, a set of ab exercises which were super hard and yet very different and exciting. Some months after I decided to try weightlifting which was very intimidating at first because of all these guys at the gym, while I was an 18-year-old female. I felt observed as if I was invading their manly territory. I also had no idea how to use anything or if my weight was ridiculous. It took a little bit of time, but I assure you stepping into the weight room has been my best decision ever in my fitness journey. I started to not care and began creating endless routines which were amazingly fun. I have become leaner and more toned, but not bulky. I targeted the areas I wanted and increased my leg resistance with a routine that worked for me. I'm generally a very active and excited person so I need a lot of jumping and tiring routines to tire my body out and sleep. All I can say is that I love going to the gym now every morning and can't wait to skate in the evening. My life has gone from a lazy teenager too worried about banal celeb news to a person who enjoys sports, a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced life. Of course, I've matured since then and being at uni I've taken a larger interest in politics and more interesting topics, but thanks to this new lifestyle my confidence has been boosted a lot and I've discovered that the human body has only those limits you set yourself, it can do so much. So, ladies especially (but also guys), find something you love and do it, without caring if it's a bit outside society's perspective.

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