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How I Fixed Severe Brain Fog

Seven simple, natural, and effective hacks

By Dr Mehmet YildizPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
How I Fixed Severe Brain Fog
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Brain fog affects many adults. Living with brain fog is not fun. It is something that prevents us from enjoying life thoroughly. Everything looks its colour and life seems to be meaningless. When I was in brain fog, all I wanted was to sleep and stay away from the excitement of life. Even small things were irritating me.

It was like a burnout for me. When I was experiencing brain fog, the common symptoms were fatigue, forgetfulness, concentration difficulty, and lack of focus even on essential tasks.

My brain fog used to start around midday and got worse afternoons. Several cups of coffee did not fix it and made it even worse by affecting my sleep quality.

After a decade of trial and errors, I found some practical ways to overcome brain fog and prevent it from happening again.

1. Quality Sleep

Sleep played the most crucial role in getting rid of brain fog. I used to have a lot of sleeping issues. Stupidly, I thought that 4 to 5 hours sleep would be sufficient to survive. I was wrong.

After addressing my sleep issues and getting high-quality deep sleep, most of my health and mental problems were resolved. Symptoms disappeared quickly.

I shared my sleep hacks in these articles.

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Stress was of course a big killer. My cortisol level were at extreme end.

My Elevated Cortisol Was About To Destroy Me When I Knocked It With 5 Punches.

2. Nutrition

When I was on fad diets to lose weight, I lacked essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and high-quality protein.

Changing my diet to a more sustainable one helped me recover from several symptoms.

Ketogenic diet helped a lot but transforming to a well-balanced carnivore lifestyle made the most significant impact. Removing sugar, fibre, and plants were the best choices for my genetic makeup.

I shared my journey in these articles on News Break.

My body found sugar toxic. I had no carb tolerance.

Sugar Was Killing Me But I Found Smart Ways to Beat It

High-quality animal protein and fat was what my body needed.

Meat And Fat Helped Me Heal

The carnivore lifestyle helped to get rid of my chronic inflammation and treat my debilitating pain.

My Debilitating Arthritis Vanished. I became a new person.

3. Ketosis

Changing the energy source of the body and brain made a considerable impact.

Ketones are magical ingredients my brain loved to use as an energy source.

Being fat adapted and staying ketosis provided many benefits. The most important one was getting rid of inflammation.

Starting ketogenic diet opened new opportunities. Keto helped me to get rid of carbs and to become fat-adapted.

I shared my views on How To Switch From Ketogenic To Carnivore Diet.

4. Removing toxins and heavy metals

I felt toxins were causing me irritation and discomfort. My gut was affected the most, as I was experiencing a lot of digestive issues. Bloating and stomach discomfort was unbearable.

I shared my experience in three articles.

The first one is using activated charcoal to trap heavy metals.

How I Trapped Toxins In My Gut And Stopped Bloating Naturally.

The second one is improving my gut health using gelatine from bone broth.

I Fixed My Leaky Gut With 2 Powerful Hacks.

The third one was using the dry sauna, which helped to remove toxins via sweat.

Wonders of Dry Sauna.

5. Joyful exercise

Exercise is essential for body and brain. Workouts are not just for fitness. By exercising, we remove toxins naturally and effectively.

I used to overstress my body by running and excessive cardio. Switching to more resistance and weight training were excellent choices.

I shared my fitness and workout regimes in several articles.

Here are two useful ones that can give insights.

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Trampoline made a remarkable impact on my fitness and getting rid of toxins from my body.

How I Got Fitter, Stronger, and Healthier.

6. Cold showers

Cold showers not only boost my mood but also provided many more benefits.

Taking cold showers every morning and before going to bed improved my sleep quality. I replace coffee with cold showers. Coffee used to affect my sleep badly.

I shared other benefits of cold showers in this story.

Instant Mental Boost With Many Health Benefits for Everyone.

7. Effective supplements

I tried several supplements. The most effective ones were fish oil, n-acetyl tyrosine, citicoline, n-acetyl cysteine, and acetyl L-carnitine.


Brain fog is common and affects many of us. From my experience, it curable unless the underlying factors are complicated. Discussing with health care professionals is essential. I had many consultation and conversations with my physician and specialists. They all contributed to the pieces of the puzzle.

A combination of these seven practical points made the compound effect in resolving my brain fog issue. These good habits also helped to prevent brain fog.

I feel energetic and motivated. Energy is essential for feeling good.

How I Increased My Energy Naturally And Performed Like A Boss.

Living without brain fog is a remarkable experience.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.


Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks

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