Heart and Brain

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Heart and Brain
Heart and brain balance

Follow your heart but bring your brain along with you. I’m sure all of us have heard that term one time or another in our lives. People say that but when you really think about it, that’s not how most of us were taught in the west.(western hemisphere)

In the east they learn about the world of their mind through their heart, where in the west we are conditioned to learn about the heart through the world of our mind. I’m not saying if one is right or wrong because as you will see in this article it is the balance of the both that is needed.

Chakra chart- Colors and purposes

The problem:

-We aren’t taught enough about the benefits of what happens when we connect our brains and our hearts

-Lack of acknowledgement and belief about the chakras and it’s functions and purposes

-Feelings of grief, clinginess, loneliness, isolation, distress and most overall a general lack of self love can cause your heart and crown chakras to be blocked or weakened.

-Childhood issues that unknowingly still affect us to this day

-I think we are subconsciously taught to view life as less than because Darwin’s survival of the fittest “theory” (heavy emphasis on theory) of evolution.

-Modern day science has proven that theory of evolution is obsolete when it comes to humans. Some people still have the mentality so they operate from that type of energy.

-If you couple this with bad eating habits, never even being taught this information and the stresses of everyday life. It’s no mystery why most peoples connection between their heart and brain are severely compromised.

The heart and the brain are two organs that support a single common neural network. The vagus nerve helps to regulate many critical aspects of human physiology which include: the heart rate, blood pressure, sweating, digestion, and even speaking.

This is where the thickest nerve bundle is to support that conversation. It’s a conversation between the brain and the heart but most of the conversation is coming from the heart to the brain. The brain releases the chemistry to tell our heart what to do but it is our heart that is giving a lot of the instructions. We create these instructions through our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Our heart has an extended neural network with over 40,000 concentrated neurons. This means that our heart can feel, think and operate independently from the brain. If you look at religion or ancient cultures you can always see an emphasis on the heart. Especially with the KMTs (Egyptians) they believed the heart rather than the brain is the source of human wisdom. As well as emotions, memory, the soul and even the personality itself. They believed the heart linked all the channels, chakra flow can be interchangeable with channels.

The judgement scene..Your heart is placed on the scales on ma’at to see if your heart is lighter than a feather (balance)


-Meditation can clear up those voices

-Discernment between when your brain(subconscious) is talking to you and

when it’s your heart.

-Your heart will not justify it’s answer, it’s short, straight to the point in a word or a phrase, it’s concise

-Your brain will go through the fears, the issues, self doubt, self esteem and all the logic loops.

-I’m well aware of spontaneity but your heart knows what’s right and wrong for you instinctually. Your brain will give you a story, reasons and justifications. (Everyone is different)

-The abilities to decide whether someone is wrong or right or wrong for you

-Women specifically have this power greater than men. Studies have shown that some woman know if somebody is right for them within the first three minutes. Whether we listen to our brains over our hearts in that scenario is completely up to the person. I say that to say there are woman and men that knew within the first three minutes that their partner was not right for them but still spent years with them because they were not listening to their heart.(everyone is different and circumstances)

-The most prevalent benefit to me is the brain state, the gamma state! To truly appreciate this you must understand that it was not that long ago that the gamma state of mind wasn’t even on the charts for brain states. It took modern day technology to measure an ancient technique that the Tibetan Buddhist monks use.(Meditation)

-Tibetan Buddhist monks in the gamma state: healing, intuition, awareness, they are able to regulate their body functions, temperature, their immune system response and their anti-aging hormones all on demand. All of these “powers” come from the union of the heart and the brain

Brain wave chart

-obviously practice makes perfect and most people aren’t interested in sitting in a monastery in the mountains meditating to achieve enlightenment that they barely ever share with anybody. So let’s wrap it up by discussing techniques you can use in real time to build a stronger connection between your heart and brain.

Always an emphasis in the heart area

Meditation, plant based eating and lifestyle choices are obvious factors.

When the heart and brain are coherent they create powerful healing chemistry.

Powerful immune response - anti aging hormones and a general good feeling through our bodies that creates happiness.

.1 hertz is on the threshold of feeling and hearing it’s a universal frequency, the optimal signal to harmonize your heart and brain.

.1 hertz is an easy sound to recreate

The institute of HeartMath refined these techniques too simple applicable steps. (no matter your environment)

Techniques to harmonize the heart/brain:

1. Shift your awareness from your brain to your heart..(easier said than done) Gently touch your heart center in a way that’s comfortable for you.The sensation of you doing that will automatically shift your awareness

2. Slow your breathing (it makes you feel safe)

3. Let the tip of your tongue touch the bridge of your mouth as you take a longer exhale(4-6 seconds) in and out at the same pace. Even though you should be breathing from your diaphragm, visualize the breath coming from your heart.

4. Feel the feeling of what harmonizes the brain and the heart! And what’s that you may ask? There are literally 4 key words that work: Appreciation, Gratitude, care and compassion.

Peace love and light to you!

This is the top of the iceberg with this information about the heart and brain connection. I hope this information and techniques were able to help. If you liked this article please message me about it, share it on social media. If you’d like there’s a place to leave tips, any amount will be greatly appreciated.

As I appreciate you taking time to read this.

Sources of information:

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The institute of HeartMath

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