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Health Benefits of Kola Nut

by Chukwuemeka Azubuike 5 years ago in health / diet
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How kola can help boost your health.

Kola nut in its raw, edible but unprocessed form.

Cola is a word that is familiar with so many people around the world but in actual sense, the source of that name is derived from the name Cola genus. Under this species, one has the kola tree which is where the kola nut comes from. It is known to contain caffeine, making it a good source of food and for alternate and herbal medicine in different parts of the world. The tree, however, is seen mostly in the tropical rainforests of Africa.

With various applications and usage, kola nuts are processed to flavoring agents and this can be found in various soda drinks like cola. It is also used in cultural ceremonies, especially in Africa, where it is eaten and chewed. Kola, also, can be found in energy drinks, supplements for diets, and also used as performance enhancers.

Kola nut is scientifically known as Cola Acuminate. Another unique thing about being a stimulant and enhancer is that kola nut is not addictive and therefore does not cause any form of depression.

It is contains 1.5 to 2 percent of caffeine and this is greater than the quantity found in coffee. Caffeine which is used mostly for the Central Nervous System is for muscle stimulation includes cardiac muscles, overcoming fatigue and also increasing mental alertness.

Kola nut is also rich in theobromine, an alkaloid compound which is a potent but less strong stimulant than caffeine. It is mostly used in chocolates, promoting attentiveness by cerebral blood circulation.

To the Benefits of Kola Nuts

A Powerful Stimulant: This is regarded as the major benefit of kola nut in the body. It is a highly effective stimulant with the advantage of not being addictive or causing any form of depression.

Freshness and Energy to the Body: Besides being a body stimulant, kola nut is known to contain a huge amount of glucose and starch and these two are known to generate lots of body energy. The combination of the caffeine and theobromine in the nut is activated more by the energy generated and oftentimes this causes euphoria in the body temporarily. Kola nut also induces more oxygen to the blood stream which helps to clear any congestion in blood flow. The high level glucose and starch content, in fact, helps in boosting our bodies both physically and mentally.

Increase in Body Metabolism: Based on a report that was published by the African Journal of Biotechnology, the content extracted from kola nut are powerful in increasing body metabolism to a percentage rate of 118. On the other hand, the energy that is produced helps one to stay filled for a very long time; therefore, one is guaranteed excellent body metabolic rate with no hunger frequency.

A Remedy for Gastrointestinal Issues: It is equally beneficial in helping in our gastrointestinal system. It does this by stimulating the gastric muscles thereby promoting the production of more and essential gastric acids. This ultimately helps in digestion and any other digestive issues like constipation.

Weight Loss: For those who desire to shed some extra weight and fat, kola nut can be really helpful in this regard. It helps in eliminating undesired fat from the body without inducing any negative effects. Weight loss can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Due to its metabolic rate increase in the body which helps better digestion, it can reduce the storage of food in the body as fat cells.
  • It helps in suppressing hunger in the body and equally produces huge amount of energy while increasing one’s urge to drink more water.

A Cure for Prostate Cancer: Few researches have come out positive with the result that kola nut can be used in curing prostate cancer. Some of these extracts from it contain these plant compounds (phytoestrogens and phytoandrogens), which are known to be non-steroidal and also help to generate a chain of consecutive reactions. These chain/series of reactions are what help to alter and impede any growth or development of cancerous cells in the prostate and also destroy them completely.

A Remedy for Impotence: Kola nut is also known to cure impotence in men. By chewing the seed alone, it can amplify blood circulation in the genital area and this will help in making hard arteries softer and help normal genital functions in the body.

Takes care of Osteoarthritis in Knees: Osteoarthritis is a body discomforting ailment that is peculiar to joints, especially the knee, and it can be healed to a very large extent using kola nut. A constant intake of kola nut helps to diminish pain, inflammation and swelling in the knee joints. It also helps knee movement considerably.

Improved Immune System: Kola is a well known and reliable ingredient for the improvement and strengthening of the body’s immune system. It contains good antioxidants that help to protect our internal body system from extreme damages and also make us healthier. Kola nut also contains antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that go a long way in boosting the immune system and keeping one from diseases.

A Treatment for Respiratory Disorders: The treatment of respiratory disorders is possible because of the high caffeine content of kola nut. Caffeine is a well-known bronchodilator and has the capability in opening up constricted bronchial tubes and helps expansion in them. This is essential in curing ailments like asthma and whooping cough.

Helps in Treating Cold: It is also beneficial in treating cold in a powerful way: it clears any form of nasal congestion, helps in coagulation of phlegm, to the treatment of sore throat and much more.

A Relief for Migraine Headaches: The two major stimulants found in kola nut, i.e. caffeine and theobromine, can together serve as cerebral vasodilators. They help in dilating cerebral blood vessels and add to the blood that flows through the head and this helps in reducing migraine headaches significantly.


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