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Gynecological Inflammation Persisting May Be Due to Poor Choice of Underwear: How Should Women Correctly Choose Underwear?

How should women choose underwear correctly?

By Jane SmithPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Gynecological Inflammation Persisting May Be Due to Poor Choice of Underwear: How Should Women Correctly Choose Underwear?
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The appearance of secretions on women's underwear is a very normal physiological phenomenon. Generally, these secretions are transparent or light yellow and odorless. However, neglecting personal hygiene and wearing inappropriate underwear can easily lead to gynecological inflammations. The worst part is that these gynecological inflammations tend to recur repeatedly and are difficult to cure completely. Therefore, choosing suitable underwear is an important factor in preventing gynecological inflammations.

Avoid three types of underwear:

1. Synthetic material underwear

Underwear made of synthetic materials has poor breathability and moisture absorption. It cannot effectively dissipate sweat and other secretions, making it a breeding ground for bacteria, thus triggering or exacerbating vaginitis. Data shows that patients with vaginitis, especially those wearing nylon underwear, due to its poor breathability, will cause the private parts to become moist and warm, promoting the growth of pathogens, significantly lowering the cure rate of vaginitis, and prolonging the treatment time.

2. Tight underwear

Thongs and bikini-style underwear are usually tight-fitting, causing a lack of breathability in the vulva, thus easily breeding bacteria. The vagina, urethra, and anus of women are relatively close to each other, and frequent friction may lead to cross-infection of bacteria, causing infections of the reproductive and urinary systems.

3. Mixed washing underwear

Mixing laundry in the washing machine poses some health risks. Washing underwear with other people's clothing, even socks, can easily lead to the transmission of bacteria among different individuals. For example, pathogens from someone else's underwear may infect you, causing private part infections.

Choose good underwear based on these three points:

1. Material: Underwear made of pure cotton is softer and more skin-friendly. Its main advantage is better breathability, which is less likely to breed bacteria.

2. Style: Underwear that fits the curve of the buttocks and has a certain elasticity is more comfortable to wear and won't constrict the body.

3. Color: It is recommended to choose light-colored underwear to more clearly reflect changes in the secretions of the private parts, to detect any signs of illness early.

To prevent gynecological inflammations, pay attention to these four aspects:

1. Do not over-clean the private parts

Many women use gynecological cleansers daily to clean their private areas for cleanliness, but over-cleaning is actually one of the important causes of vaginitis. The vagina has a weakly acidic environment where different microbial communities coexist and restrain each other, forming a natural defense mechanism. Excessive use of gynecological cleansers can disrupt the vaginal environment, allowing pathogens to invade and cause inflammation.

2. Properly wash and dry underwear

In addition to selecting suitable underwear, proper washing and drying are also crucial. Underwear should be washed separately, not mixed with other clothes. It should be scrubbed and rinsed repeatedly to ensure thorough cleaning. When drying underwear, ensure it is placed in direct sunlight for thorough sterilization.

3. Pay attention to public hygiene

When choosing swimming venues, opt for formal ones with qualified hygiene credentials. Also, observe whether the water is clean and free of odors or debris. After swimming, it's best to use shower gel to clean the body, especially the private parts, and avoid using public items to prevent cross-infection.

4. Abstain from sexual activity during illness

Women should strictly abstain from sexual activity during the treatment period of an illness. Sexual activity can further worsen and spread infections if the vaginal epithelium is damaged; various inflammations such as pelvic inflammation, endometritis, and salpingitis may follow, and the infection can also be transmitted to the sexual partner. Therefore, if suffering from gynecological inflammation, it is crucial to actively take traditional Chinese medicine such as Fuyan Pill to treat the disease and improve the condition.

As intimate apparel, underwear not only serves the purpose of modesty but also plays a role in protecting the health of private parts. However, incorrect usage methods can turn underwear into a "minefield" for health, increasing the risk of gynecological inflammations for women. Every woman should be aware of the importance of choosing the right underwear!


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