Get On-the-Go Pain Relief with Quell Wearable Tech

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Sharp pains? Sore lower back? Quell it, already.

Get On-the-Go Pain Relief with Quell Wearable Tech

Humanity has never had a period of time where people lived as long as they do now. We are no longer being mauled by wolves, dying of tuberculosis, or pulling an Oregon Trail and dying via dysentery. This is a wonderful thing.

Our lifespans and overall quality of life have undoubtedly improved. Despite all the advances we've made, there's still a very pervasive issue of chronic pain among people of all ages.

Whether it's from cancer, arthritis, or just being a bit older in age, people end up suffering from chronic pain. There's no cure for chronic pain in many situations, but there is some good news. Quell's wearable tech is offering serious treatment, and people are swearing by it.

Living with chronic pain can be unbearable—and at times, unavoidable.

Chronic pain is a pervasive problem in today's society, and there's not always a very easy fix for it. Currently, around 17 percent of the population suffers from it.

Things that are as simple, and seemingly minor, as sitting in a chair too long, or even being genetically predisposed to it, can cause you to suffer from chronic pain. Unfortunately true too, you can end up with it in any part of your body.

The most common treatment for chronic pain has always been painkillers, with more severe pain being managed by opioids. This leads to a very serious problem that is making it difficult for people to live healthy, happy lives: addiction.

Due to the risk of addiction to painkillers, doctors are increasingly nervous about prescribing medication to manage chronic pain. It's really not a solution that should be taken lightly.

Medical side effects can also be devastating.

Sometimes, it's not the risk of getting addicted that's the most worrisome thing out there. It's often the risk of side effects. Most painkillers come with side effects that can affect your brain, kidneys, and liver.

People often struggle with having to choose between chronic pain and having serious issues with their stomach—or similar problems. At times, it can feel like you have to choose the better of two evils.

Quell has created a new alternative to painkillers that has been proven to work: A wearable that uses cutting-edge science to reduce pain naturally. This easy to use wearable uses prescription-strength nerve stimulation to end pain throughout your body.

What's amazing about this is that it really works. 80 percent of all people who entered a clinical study for chronic pain noticed a serious decline in pain levels after using Quell 2.0.

Using it is simple enough for a child to understand.

Quell 2.0 is worn around your knee, and uses hydrogel sensors to course electrical currents through your nervous system. The currents stimulate your body's nerves in a way that blocks pain sensors from activating within your body.

The pads are designed to offer precise, targeted stimulation, relieving pain without the need for medication. This cuts down on medical costs, while also avoiding the need for regular medicines.

You can use Quell's app to start stimulation whenever you need it.

Quell is used in conjunction with an app that controls when stimulation starts, ends, and how powerful the stimulation is. Before you use Quell's stimulation, you will need to calibrate your Quell device to your body's needs through the app.

The app also offers up weather insights, pain relief data, as well as information on sleep quality. To do a therapy session, just click "Start" on the therapy tab.

As long as you use it 30 days in a row, you'll see improvement.

When using Quell, consistency is key. The longer and more regularly you use it, the better your effects will be. Most people will see a very noticeable improvement with three therapy sessions per day.

You can also Quell pain during practice, training, and games.

If you're a person who loves to play sports, but regularly experiences pain, you're going to love Quell. Quell offers two different kinds of electrodes: sports electrodes and standard electrodes.

The sports electrodes are designed to be breathable, waterproof, and sweat-resistant. In other words, they made a patch that turns Quell into a comfortable sports accessory, too.

You would think that a wearable that is only placed around your knee would only work for joint pain, right? With Quell, things are a little bit different.

This device is FDA-cleared for a wide range of pain relief. Quell works well with arthritic pain, back pain, sprained muscles, and more. If you have a form of chronic pain, you probably should look into Quell before you load up on medicines.

You can Quell your pain, no medication needed.

Let's face it: Pills can only do so much, and their side effects are often just as bad as the affliction. Technology has given us a new way to reduce pain significantly through Quell—and this can change the way that you live your life with chronic pain.

So, don't just mute your pain. Quell it instead.

product review
Rowan Marley
Rowan Marley
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