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Get More Out of Your Workouts

by Kevin Gardner 2 years ago in fitness

How to make your workouts more effective

Get Greater Results from Your Workouts

Getting results shouldn't be the driving factor behind your workout, but it is definitely an incentive to keep you motivated. If you may become discouraged with your fitness plan due to slow results, then you might need to consider an upgrade to your workout regimen. Essentially, everyone's results will appear differently, but the following advice will help you to obtain great results with effective alternatives.

Add Weights

Adding some weights or some kind of resistance to your workouts is a great way to tone the body and also make your results much more visible. A 5 to 15 pound dumbbell is a good weight to start off with if you are new to using weights. Resistance bands are also a good choice to tone up muscles. Some people focus a lot of their workout routines on cardio and often neglect weights. Due to the fact that muscle burns more calories than fat, you will find that weight training accelerates the results greatly. If you do not have weights, you can utilize your own body weight through using strength based exercises such as pushups and squats. Some other common weight training exercises include deadlifts, bench presses, overhead press, lunges, bicep curls, lying triceps extensions, and bent-over rows.

Increase Intensity

Walking and jogging are good forms of moderate exercise. However, incorporating a much more high-paced routine will prove to be beneficial when it comes to seeing your body transform. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is an alternation between intense physical activity and a short period of slow pace recovery. It's very effective if you have stubborn fat around your thighs, back, or midsection. Overall, HIIT boosts your metabolic rate and allows the body to continue burning fat even after the workout is complete. Results tend to slow down when you are losing your last 5 to 15 pounds. This isn't an incentive not to burn it. It is simply a sign to increase the intensity of your cardio and burn that last layer of fat.

Proper Supplementation

There is no miracle or magic pill that will make you shed pounds or build abs. The fitness and weight loss supplement industry is worth billions of dollars. Some of these products can help give you an energy boost as well as provide nourishment to fuel your body post workout. Omega-3s can improve your athletic performance as it is supplementation for muscle strength and better function. If you are weight training or play an impact sport, omega-3s can minimize damage, inflammation, and soreness. Another good supplement to use for overall health and fitness is chlorella growth factor. Chlorella is a type of algae that is an abundant source of nutrients and vitamins such as iron, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, copper, B vitamins, omega-3s, calcium, folic acid, potassium, and much more. Chlorella does promote weight loss by reducing overall body fat percentage and fasting blood glucose levels. These supplements will promote better physical function and promotes quicker recovery periods post workout routine.

Stay Hydrated and Reduce Sodium Intake

If you consume a lot of processed foods, it is highly likely that you are consuming a significant amount of sodium. Processed foods typically have an unhealthy amount of salt and other preservatives. If you are not consuming enough water to detox this out, you might notice your body is retaining a lot more fluid. Fluid retention is just one symptom of a diet with a high sodium intake which often can present itself as bloating in the body around the stomach area. So, if you are not seeing results from your exercises, it may just mean your body is holding onto water weight. Restore your sodium levels back to a healthy level by using fresh foods instead of packaged, rinse canned foods, and reduce salt added to your recipes.

Getting in shape shouldn't be a frustrating process. You can still reach a healthier level of fitness with the right techniques and some additional help through proper supplementation. Integrating these methods will show to be quite beneficial as they will amplify your results.


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Kevin Gardner
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