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Get Grounded For Sound Sleep

How To Use The Earths Energy To Sleep Better, Naturally

By DeeDeePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - January 2022
Get Grounded For Sound Sleep
Photo by Ariel Pilotto on Unsplash

How much time do you spend in nature? Have you ever noticed how relaxed you feel after spending a day chilling at the beach? Have you ever wondered why you feel calmer after spending a couple of hours walking in the bush or forest?

Have you noticed that you sleep really well when you have spent time amongst flora and fauna?

This is not a coincidence.

Grounding (also known as “Earthing”) is the practice where our cells reconnect electrically with the earth. Whilst there are very few scientific studies around this topic, research is showing that we can enjoy numerous health benefits when we connect with the earth.

Sadly, most of us don’t take full advantage of the earth we walk on. We wear footwear all day, we live in homes that are carpeted and fully insulated, we are surrounded by electronics and also the radiation that they emit. Plus, many of us live in a city where there is very little green space.

The quickest way to get grounded is to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass or on the beach. Swimming in the ocean is the perfect way to get grounded, as the ocean contains necessary minerals that enhance our health.

What Are The Benefits Of Grounding?

  • improved immunity
  • improved digestion
  • improved blood circulation
  • improved sleep
  • reduced stress
  • reduced anxiety

How Can I Get Grounded?

Grounding is as simple as kicking off your shoes. Even if you live in a city, where you don't have access to beaches or forests, you can still find a way to get grounded.

Walk Barefoot

Avoid wearing shoes when you have access to grass or lawns. Kick those shoes off and enjoy sinking your toes into the cold grass. Can't find any grass? Walk barefoot in some sand or mud. Scrunch up your toes and really feel the earth. Don't be scared to get a little dirty, that's half the fun!

Photo by Екатерина Матвеева from Pexels

Swimming In Fresh Or Sea Water

Swimming in the ocean, river, creek or lake will expose you to the benefits of earthing. If you don't feel safe swimming, even paddling in the water can give you the same benefits. Splash around in the shallows, enjoy searching in the sand for seashells, or even feeding the ducks. Make sure it's safe to enter the water before doing so.

Photo by Vitor Castro from Pexels

Sit On The Ground

Instead of eating your packed lunch at your desk, take your lunch outdoors. Find a small patch of grass, sit yourself down and enjoy your lunch in nature. Why not lay down in the grass? Lay back, and relax as you feel the sun warming your face. Check for ants or other obstacles before sitting down.

Photo by Evgeniya Litovchenko from Pexels

Hug A Tree

Trees need love too. Find a living tree, wrap your arms around it, press your cheek to its bark and breathe. Be sure to check for insects before going in for the big hug. When you hug a tree, you will absorb some energy from the tree. This is good, this is grounding.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

How Soon Will I See The Benefits Of Grounding?

How soon you will see benefits will vary from person to person. This can depend on your current health status, your sleeping habits, and even how much stress you deal with each day.

Ideally, you need to spend a bare minimum of 30 minutes each day enjoying the outdoors. If you can spend 90 minutes outdoors, then do so. You will enjoy the benefits faster, the more time you are in nature.

You'll start to feel less stressed, you'll be more relaxed, and the more you are enjoying the outdoors, the faster you'll see these benefits.

So, next time you are outdoors, kick off your shoes and sink your toes into the grass, get your hands and feet dirty in some mud. Walk barefoot whenever possible to reconnect with the earth and enjoy the benefits of grounding.


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  • Justine Crowley7 months ago

    Earthing is the best. I prefer it on the sand at the beach, on the far end of the water. Earthing is great at parks too. It is easy to wear thongs, so that you can slip them off. If you are busy, even just five minutes doing this at your local park feels so nourishing. Hugging trees is a good idea. They give us Oxygen, and absorb our Carbon Dioxide. Therefore they need more love. Thank you.

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