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Five Symptoms of Mental Exhaustion and Effective Remedies

by Ganesh Kuduva 2 years ago in mental health ยท updated 11 months ago
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Recognizing mental exhaustion and what could be the effective remedies to address the same.

Five Symptoms of Mental Exhaustion and Effective Remedies
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Mental Exhaustion, Stress, and many other mental related issues are concerning topics of the last decade. Causes are mostly lifestyle issues with people being workaholic, stressed, unable to give time to close ones, unable to focus on the right goals, unhealthy eating & sleeping patterns, and we can go on with the list.

In this article, let's look at some of the indications that can help you determine if you are going through Mental Exhaustion. I also went through stressed life once. Running came and stayed (and it is still) as a savior for more than a decade.

Early identification of these symptoms can help one recognize the lifestyle changes that one could make to improve the situation.

We will look into five signs or symptoms of mental exhaustion and some of the possible remedies.

Stopped Enjoying

You may all of a sudden stop enjoying what you used to enjoy. It could be anything starting with reading a book, listening to good music, playing a sport, playing with children and such things.

It would possibly start with the drain of energy that you may go through. Only when you feel energized and enthusiastic, You can engage well with anything and naturally enjoy.

Losing Interest in People

You may start to lose interest in the people around you. Be it spending time with family/friends and connecting with social connections. You may not find enough motivation to talk to people and connect with people as you used to.

As you become mentally preoccupied, you would run out of topics that you may otherwise have discussed by engaging with friends and relatives.

Sleep Disorders

You may not get enough hours of sleep. You may either get sleep very late in the night despite hitting bed on time or may wake up in the night for a bio break but may not get sleep again for hours together. Majorly, the mind may just be running all the time without calming down and resting.

Sleep disorder is easy to recognize, and when not addressed, they bring lots of physio imbalances in your body. You may lose your metabolism over days and may feel the drainage of energy and unable to be physically active.

Losing Calmness and Getting Anger

You may get irritated more often than usual without noticing what's happening to you. Often, getting angry can be seen along with tolerance levels going down.

Regular occurrences of these symptoms cause issues such as hypertension to you if left unnoticed.

Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks are physical symptoms such as giddiness as you climb staircases, suddenly sweating more or sudden increase in heart rate during physical activity and many more.

These are pretty dangerous because if they happen to people during critical activities (driving a car, operating machinery), it could lead to harmful accidents.

What Could Be The Remedy?

One of the reasons for mentally exhausting conditions is that the expectations don't match with reality. Being ambitious is not wrong, but assessing self with reality and the outer world is very important.

For example, as a runner, I can aspire to run a sub-4 or a sub-3:30 marathon (running a marathon distance within 4 hours or 3 hours 30 minutes). I need to understand how much I should train to get those results by considering my life's other priorities. Without that understanding, if I expect only the outcome and start worrying about why it is not happening, I might most probably go through a certain amount of stress.

If you see the above signs for yourself, some of the following could help with the overall situation.

- Have someone to talk to about everything that is happening in your life. It may ease yourself a bit to remove the anxiety and bring more clarity in the thought process to take the right actions.

- Bring more discipline into your life such as good sleeping hours, certain mild exercise routines, and good order in diet

- Always try to step back and look at the priority of things as they stand in front of you and accordingly allocate time and work on them

- Consulting a physician is very important as a first step when you see symptoms to get the right help.

- Screen time is also one of the causes of energy deprivation. It also causes less creativity in people along with adding more stress. So, reducing screen time may come a long way.

- Meditation and Yoga practices can help make you calm and mindful of what's happening around you.

When we see these symptoms with our close friends, relatives, and colleagues, we all can play a role in talking to them to help recognize the problems.

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Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice. The intention is to share this for informational purposes only. This article should never be a substitute for professional medical practitioner's treatment, analysis, or prescriptions. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment.

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