Fighting Against Obesity

We all Must Take This Quest

Fighting Against Obesity
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When it comes to diet and exercise, each of us faced a dilemma. Not only including our sex, gender, race, etc. but our ethnicity plays an important role in our determination of life. And ultimately whether we diet or exercise. Science has proven that diet and exercise can add years to your life and help you age gracefully but finding out the right formula for each person has never been easy. People need motivation because motivation gives them the will that overcomes present doubt. Present doubt is situations or people who prolonged and prohibit the growth process of finding a diet and exercise. Losing weight guarantees prevention of health crises and we all heard that from our doctors because obesity leads to so many diseases including strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, etc. If we are going to fight something real in our lives then we must fight obesity, the leading cause for most deadly diseases. The main way to fight illness is to debunk the myths about diet and exercise.

Diet can be fun. You can learn a lot about your consumption and what food does to you. You can discover yourself in a new way. You can find out why you lack energy or why you can't sleep at night? Your diet affects your overall being. You were made to eat and be satisfied turning that fat into energy. Food can be your friend and first-line of defense if you eat the proper vitamins and minerals. You want to get them from food and natural drink than anywhere else because your body can break them down naturally and the breakdown benefits health more effectively. For example, olive oil is highly beneficial since it is the purest oils with the most health benefits, a superfood. Diet must be gradual. If you try to put too much on your plate at once then you're headed for failure. Try a few changes and see if you can adjust to those changes first with the help of trained professionals. Moderate is the state of mind when coming to diet. You have to balance your off days with your on days. When you cheated on your diet, you have to have a plan to regain control of your diet. If you cheat too often and too much then you should consider changing your diet. Water and substance like water should be considered the main drink because it is a necessary mineral. Alcohol has to be taken in moderation because too much can cause health issues in both men and women. Caffeine can make your sleep irregular if taken passed noon, so watch chocolate, tea, and coffee. Spreading out your meals and snacks can help reduce over appetite, it is important to set time for eating and plan on what you eat before the time. Many people eat off their diet because they do not plan.

Exercise can be simple. You don't have to run a marathon unless you want to. You don't have to climb mountains unless you are into that. You don't have to lift 2500 pounds unless you're trained to. It took me two years of trained exercising with my school's football team to lift 2500 pounds in high school. The key to exercising is that you love the workout and it is easy to repeat every day like brisk walking. For instance, you can walk first then try to walk faster, then as fast as you can then run as fast as you can and walk at every turn. Walking for 30 minutes a day can significantly reduce heart attacks and strokes besides other diseases. You should not start an exercise that is too hard because your body has to build to that workout. You have to consistently and constantly train your body to do more but also you must remember that the body must rest. I cannot stress this enough, one or few days of rest can greatly help your performance and for you to see the weight-loss. Our body is an amazing gift in itself. We can design them the way we want them to be, not only through surgery but naturally. Our parents are the first teachers, they taught us how to train our bodies and when we become adults, we are responsible for ourselves after learning basic sports in gym class. We have to make the conscious decision to use the body we were given to make us happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before.

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