Eating healthy benefits aging men

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You are what you eat and it can extend or shorten your life.

Eating healthy benefits aging men
Men should make healthy eating choices

As men age, there are subtle changes within our bodies that we may not be aware of. This is why it is necesssry that we pay attention to what we eat. Proper Nutrition plays a larger role in our health than we may realize. Healthline reveals that aging is linked to a number of different changes in the male body, which include less stomach acid, muscle loss, and thinner skin. It’s easy to see changes in muscle mass and skin but you won’t realize your body is producing less stomach acid, until you have symptoms of indigestion or acid reflux. My wife recently asked if there were something in the water because so many people complained of acid indigestion. Now we know that decreasing stomach acid is normal for older adults.

Exercis and using hand weights or going to the gym will help with muscle loss. Making sure to moisturize skinny daily can keep it healthier than ignoring aging skin. Many of the changes we experience will cause the possibility of nutritional deficiencies. Others will affect out senses as well as the quality of life. Research suggests that 20% of older adults deal with atrophic gastritis. This is a condition that is caused when chronic inflammation damages the cells that produce stomach acid. Decreased stomach acid can reduce absorption of nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and iron. Growing older causes a reduced metabolism which causes the elderly to need less calories. Unfortunately we still need the same amount of nutrients and in some cases more. This situation can be overcome by consuming a variety of healthy whole foods as well as taking nutritional supplements. Some older adults also deal with a loss of the ability to recognize when they are hungry and thirsty. An unintended consequence is that you may begin to lose weight. Perhaps some of the senior citizens we see who have shrunk in height and weight may be dealing with this issue.

Women, naturally seem to be more in tune with keeping up with their health than men, so here are suggestions that may help aging males to do better. The first thing is to be aware of changes. Keep up with your height and weight and count your daily calories, This will alert you if you are losing or gaining unnecessary pounds, or shrinking in height. Talk over the changes with your personal care physician and be mindful of any changes he or she suggests that you make. If you have a wife or significant other, please listen to their advise. If she asks if you missed a meal? took your meds, or did your daily walk it is only out of concern. Read all the information you can about any illnesses you may have been diagnosed with. Find out what foods may help you heal naturally.

It’s also important for men to train themselves to do the simple things we already know are beneficial. Eat less salt and sugar, and more vegetable and fruits. Walk for at least 30 minutes most days. Try to get enough sleep at night but if you are retired, don’t lay in the bed all day or become a couch potato. Find out what vitamins and minerals supplements you can take that will not interfere with any medications you are on. Be sure to read possible side effects to medicine and if your prescription indicates you should eat food with it, then do it. These are things men already know subconsciously but every now and then need gentle reminders. When we do these things we know make a difference, Along with eating healthy we can improve our health. We cannot stop our chronological age from moving forward but we can and should do all we can to remain as healthy as possible. It’s difficult as we grow older to see those out age or younger passing away but we don’t have to focus on that.

Try setting your mind on someone who lived long and seemed to be relatively healthy. If you don’t know anyone personally, then think about comic book creator Stan Lee who lived to age 95. Every time you don’t feel like walking or eating healthy just process that living to 95 is possible. There is no excuse in this day and age to not be informed about hood nutrition and supplementation. Remember we are what we eat, so be sure to eat well.

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