Don't Notice People's Disability

by Iria Vasquez-Paez 2 years ago in health

Unless They Tell You

Don't Notice People's Disability

I tell people to shut up if they notice my disability in any way. If I’m checking my blood sugar, butt out. Don’t stare. I caught somebody at Pantheacon staring at me at a workshop once and I stared at her back with a dirty look she took amusement with until she turned away. I’m very discrete about doing what must be done. Don’t give me shit for treating lows, unless you want me to die. Don’t give me shit about the way I need to check my blood sugar. Apparently, some people would like to endanger my health if they complain to me about treating low blood sugar. You, sociopaths, are bullies who do not apologize.

Also, I’m lactose intolerant and I’m trying to integrate Target brand Lactaid into my diet so it becomes less of a problem. So don’t go asking me if I’m pregnant since that’s ridiculous for a child-free person to answer. I’m wearing a rib cage brace because of my left knee’s healing process with its realignment in mind. Don’t go commenting on my brace unless you want to hear about why I’m wearing one. I try to cover that up or make it not noticeable but with spring coming, this is harder. Really, I spend my life being discrete.

There is also a problem with my left breast swelling up because it might have a benign something or other. I want to take a knife to it if I can because I want symmetrical breasts I can wear tank tops with. Don’t comment about that and I try to wear t-shirts instead of tank tops. I desperately need to buy clothing as well as to lose enough weight to squeeze into my shorts again or at least buy new shorts. This is why I wear skirts. I consider myself androgynous, gender-neutral, and gender nonconforming. It means I have “masculine” interest such as math, and rough sports. But since I make my living as a writer, I cannot necessarily play rough sports because of my knee injury as well as the fact that I could break a finger. I almost want to get my fingers insured because I need them for my livelihood. It would be odd for me to work another job. My fingers are quite valuable to me as is, and I type around 80 WPM.

I’m still looking for a job, but I have my copywriting to fall back on if I need extra income. My money came in this morning but I had to pay PG&E. I also bought more strips. From then on, I do not look at my income. I’m trying to stay home and save strips by not doing much except writing the next four days or so. Yes, this is my life. Strips will come in the mail soon. I managed to sleep in until seven AM. today as I’m still trying to beat the nightly war on sleeping well or not. So remember, never bring up a disabled person’s disability unless they volunteer.

Even if they volunteer, which is unlikely, don’t bring it up. If you see a medical device, don’t blather about how you see it. Don’t run into an insulin pump or infusion set in my yoga class years ago because that will piss me off. Don’t tell people with real psychic talent who take medication not to take their meds, you abelist pig. That would destroy their lives. Who are you to say anything about their need for medication? Keep your dumb new ager mouth shut. Insulin is necessary for my existence, as necessary. So keep your mouth shut about that too, because there is no substituted. A type one needs the substance infused or injected. Type two's can quit insulin. They actually have that option give or take if they lose weight and are not dependent on pills. But they will still have diabetes when they choose to do nothing. I have specific routines that keep me alive, I do not need to hear criticism or be asked: “are you pregnant?” When you know I’m not. That’s plain rude.

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